Will You Do Anything Possible To Raise Kids For Your Husband?

 Hello Aunty Eya,
Please I have a little question for you. Your answer will help me take a decision this year. I have been married for 13 years without a child. I am very fertile
and ready but my husband has some challenges. If I go into details some of your bloggers may  know me. I want to remain Anonymous please Eya.

If you had the opportunity, 
Will you sleep with your husband's brother to raise kids for your husband? Please help me out with your  reply and other bloggers. and may God will bless you
Troubled soul. 


  1. mizOsa4/15/2013

    Never. It is better for u 2 adopt kids dan 4 u 2 do dat. Thanks

  2. I think u shldnt sleep with ur brother in law, pls u pple shld go to a sperm bank, let ur brother in law donate hs sperm or DNA, its best u use the sperm of an annoymous, but if ur husband is bent on hs own flesh n blood, kindly visit the fertility hospital.

  3. Anonymous4/15/2013

    You don't have to sleep with any body when there is a fertility hospital where you can get free sperm or someone can donate sperm on his behalf....Maybe his brother except your VAAJAAy is itching for the brother you and you want to use that opportunity and sleep with his brother. MOVEMENT

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  5. The Onus is on you...

    Bringing forth a child should not be seen as an obligation but an act of God!

    You are not only conceiving how to tear a family apart you are also planing a bitter future for a child unborn.

    Plz steer clear away from the devil, don't be like Eve!

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  8. Wow, I'm really sorry to hea about ur story. Since the problem is not from you, it can be very challenging. So sorry..

    But Helllll NO! What?! Helll NO No No...for what na? You have waited this long, do you want to now add injury plus curses plus sin(adultery) to ur pain? U tink it will end with ur getting pregnant? You will definitely have issues after the child is born. What if you dnt get pregnant? There's no guarantee that you will get pregnant for him just cos you are both fertile. Pls, dnt do what you will regret for the rest of ur life. I mean, how will the father (the bro) of the child cope with seeing his child all the time?

    Why dnt you consider adoption?

    Personally, to me, in my opinion, my mindset, my thinking, MY OPINION, I do not support sperm donation. I dunno. That's just how I feel. I have not seen any biblical support for it. I haven't really checked though... I dnt think children shud be gotten through such means as childbearing is not the only aim of marriage. But since you want children badly, try adoption. You can adopt an infant if you want.

    All the best...but remember you profit nothing from gaining the whole world and losing your soul.

  9. Please DONOT sleep with your brother-inlaw the consequence is worse. Please adopt or visit a sperm bank.

  10. Anonymous4/16/2013

    Where are located, I feel ur pain.but all hope is not lost cos I knw of a herbal drug u can take to boost ur hubby sperm.just relax and reply if u are interested.

  11. funky gal4/17/2013

    I'm sorry but I can't imagine anyone still considering an option of sleeping with someone else to bear children. I think you should visit fertility doctors to give you all the available options so you can agree with your husband on the most suitable.

  12. Johnson4/17/2013

    Though this issue is directed to the ladies, pardon my contribution on subject matter. The first point I need to make is that marriage is complete without children - children are jara…
    Please don’t do anything that will bring shame/disgrace in the future. Sleeping with anyone besides your husband would be an abomination. You cannot restitute the fruit from such act.
    Though this should have been done years earlier, I would encourage you to adopt a child. Continue to seek divine intervention, while not completely giving up on viable medical solution. With God nothing shall be impossible.

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