Vote Counting And Result Sheet For Blog Comment Moderation

Yesterday, Ace Bentley opposed my comment moderation with a blog post, VOTE FOR FREE OR GATED COMMENTS.  He asked bloggers to vote for or against comment moderation on this blog. Well, for me, I promised to count the votes today. 

Unfortunately and fortunately, while
counting very early this morning, NEPA struck and I couldn't see very well. Anyway, I refused to let NEPA stop me from doing my job and just continued to count.

Here Is The Result guys:
Total Votes: -----103 (inclusive of those who voted on behalf of their colleagues and families)
Free Comments On wives connection: ----- 50 votes
Comment Moderation: -----53 votes
The Winning Team is The Comment Moderation Team with 53 votes: (Those who want our comments to be gated)

The Losing team ( Ace's team), Please, do not forget to congratulate the  winning team.
Thank you all. Thanks to NEPA too for making my counting job easy.

For Democracy sake o, Do you guys agree with the results?
Should Anonymous votes count?


  1. And u'll blame PDP for rigging elections. thought we voted for gated and free comments.
    anyway the good thing is dat I just commented and it was uploaded,so I'm on the winning side.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Hmmmmm dt election ws rigged O!!! PdP tinz loaded. BTW, if u wernt gonna count anonymous votes, y dint u state it clearly? kα̲̅γ̲̣̣̥ O

    2. Eya the rigging PDP chair lady..... i must come your house

  2. Monique4/25/2013

    Aunty Eya the PDP.

  3. Anonymous4/25/2013

    I disagree vehemently with this result. I no go gree lai lai. Who you wan fool? NEPA ke?
    I sue for vote recounting.
    Please readers, if you are on my side say YEAH!!!

  4. Ehn...madam Eya, sorry to disagree with your result o, but I counted as well and votes for free comments were more, not including those who voted for their whole extended family and work colleagues, lol!
    Abeg do a recount now there's daylight.

    1. Anonymous4/25/2013

      @VIrtuosity, more is not a number. Let's give her figures. She must do a re-count NEPA or no NEPA. #PDPtinz

  5. Madam Eya, this is a Democracy. You are not permitted to count alone and give us YOUR result. I sue for open counting.
    I counted 84 votes,

  6. Aunty Eya! Ah! na lie o! Shioor! This thing has to be recounted! Or we vote again!

    And aunty eya you for talk say anonymous votes no count na.*sigh* :(

  7. Barbie4/25/2013

    We no go greee oooo, we no go greee!!!!!!!!
    Fire or rain
    we no go gree!!!

  8. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Guys, let us go back to that post and continue to vote. She will most definitely count again. else...

  9. Ahhh!aunty Eya,free comments won naun...and why should we count vote that says"I and my wife wants gating"Mba,lai lai!make d wife vote by herself naun...Recount o!FREE COMMENT

  10. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Free comment won madam*rme*

  11. Aaaah shebi u ppl haff see what PDP haff cause? Aunty Eya the hope of housewives and career to share views has entered Rigging* Sad*
    Bet Y??

  12. Anonymous4/25/2013

    This one na, the more u look, the less u see. Na him Aunty Eya do us ooooh.......PDP tinz

  13. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Bia Aunty Eya, how was ur mathematics result in Sec School,
    did u carry last?

  14. Shayor4/25/2013

    Ahan! Eya! I had 2 go back 2 d post n count..64 votes for Free Commenting n just 4 votes for gating. Pls which one did u count ooo? Wia did u get 103, der r ony 85 comment and not all d comments are even votes...Oya I dey wait!

  15. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Aunty Eya, the counting has been noted to contain numerous Loopholes. In real Election, one dosen't Vote on behalf of another except on very rare cases, neither those the electoral result be influenced by any external or internal forces. Therefore, I hereby declear this your counting to be Null n Void in the sense that its lacking in authenticity since PHCN directly or Indirectly influenced d counting. I move that the a record of those who are vehamently opposing the other result should be kept here for reconsideration. Those who Oppose the result n those in support of it could say so here. It will Count. In D second case of anoymous voting, I give them the supereme RIGHT TO VOTE. The case is hereby adjourned until after the second counting. Court!!! VALENTINE

    1. GBAM!!! I feel you joor

  16. MISDEE4/25/2013

    Aunty Eya oooo, dis ur counting sef*rme* biko d judge in d house has spoken: so shall it be....

  17. misdee4/25/2013

    Btw,how can u asking if anonymous votes should be counted whereas u counted those that voted for their family members,huh??
    Aunty oooo,wetin happen?

  18. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Aunty Eya oooo, Aunty Eya oooo, Aunty Eya oooo. Pls dnt let me start wit my yoruba incantations oooo. FREE COMMENT oooooo LOL

  19. Ok, sorry i recounted this afternoon and Team Bently is the winning team.
    See what NEPA caused.
    Free comment votes are the highest.
    Gate comments got only four votes.
    Congratulations Team Free Comments.

  20. Anonymous4/25/2013


  21. Anonymous4/25/2013

    Yes we won. Who wan try us?
    You no fit.

  22. Hian aunty Eya! Maurice Iwu has nothing on you chei, ur own rigging no get part 2

  23. chiomz4/25/2013

    Oh i just love dis blog...c d love flowing..d rigging ish was so fun, made me laf all day...aunty eya ur d best...

  24. Young Awesome Mum4/25/2013

    Aunty Eya me i nor gree o! I took my time to go thru the comments on the free or gated comments post. The election has been rigged! #shikena

  25. Sigh.... What a great relief!

    Freedom of speech is fundamental, we just won our voice(s) back!

    Note: The worse twitter can do is to take off extreme and dangerous twits after they've been posted, same for facebook and same for youtube, that aunty Eya must imbibe here.

    Thanks my great Aunty... "Aunty Eya" for listening and not being arrogant like.... (You know them). And to blog bullies, thanks for making life unbearable for others I pray you don't do so to others in real life.

    And to all who voted... imela, E se, Nagode!


  26. Anonymous4/25/2013


  27. Lol...very funny indeed. Lovely family!

  28. sylviaa4/27/2013

    I'm so lovin dis.keep up d gud work.1st tym commentin.aunty Eya well done


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