Should I Tell My Neighbour About Their Son?

Hello Aunty Eya, please help me with advise. We live in a block of flats and last week, my driver reported to me that after dropping the kids off from school, he entered the gateman's bathroom without knocking. There he met my neighbors son who is
over 20, an undergraduate, smoking weed. The shock made my driver shiver, he rushed out without a word and came to report to me.

Eya, I want to let my neighbour know about it but I'm worried like, what if they know already? won't they see me as a busy body?
Even if they do not know, this boy is their only son with 4 daughters and we the neighbors think they have spoilt him silly. No week passes without fights, shouts from him and threats to beat up his sisters. I am worried for them, but at the same time, I don't want to be harmed because those kind of boys can do and undo. I don't want my kids to ever see him smoking that thing. I am so confused. This is a boy that does not talk to or greet any of  us the the neighbours. 

I think he is such a pain in his family, already their father has issues with High Blood Pressure and we suspect the boy's lifestyle could be the cause. Again, I feel he is already an adult and there is nothing they can do even if I tell them.
What should I do please?


  1. For every good reason, you should let the boy's parents know. If you don't, who knows who he would influence someday, maybe your own child. Sometime ago, I raised a discussion on how in the time past, neighbours lived as families and cared for one another, but that all of it had changed to the detriment of everybody since the last decade.

  2. Am sure his parents know, pls free the boy before he tells u he wants to beat u. U reap what u sow, u spoil ur kids they will give u hbp, infact its best u let ur driver do the telling since he saw him.

  3. I would always want someone to tell me if it was my child. Instead of a busybody I would be happy someone cared. And maybe he could be helped before it's too late.

  4. Anonymous4/21/2013

    I beg you to mind your business before he brings his cult guys after you.

  5. Abego ooo don't say anything! Something like dis happened and d mother insulted d lady dat went to report, den d boy n his frnds went to slash her car tyres! It turned out dat d family members knew about his bad habit. But if ur mind still tells u to go ahead, den u can

  6. Anonymous4/22/2013

    my dear, its hard especially wen d person in question is on weed, they think after dey've acted sometimes weed do d thinking. It wnt b fair for u to just not do anythin, bt u also have to b careful for ur safety and dat of ur children. So i'll suggest u find a way to tell d parents anonymously. Take ur time and think of how u'll do it, or if u can, find a way to make his parents catch him demselves without u being involved, u can use an unknown number to call dem and tell dem, or anythin dat wnt point back to u.
    Just dnt take anythin for granted. D parents may already know, they may not. U also have to bear in mind d fact dat d father has high bp like u sated so wisdom is wat u need here.
    Dnt unda estimate an igbo smoker oh, me sef i fear dem. Ask for God's guidiance and let Him direct u an d best way to help d kid without hurtin ur kids in return.

    1. Cyndrella4/22/2013

      i wonder wat brought a tribal discrimination here,y do u think he is an igbo guy,pls mind ur language and dont start a tribal war here.

    2. Anonymous4/22/2013

      Even if he an igbo guy is ur tribe an exception?go to oshodi and see all the touts collecting money from buses are dey igbos? no they are all rejected yoruba boys,dey do weed like hell.pls carefully pik ur words

    3. Anonymous4/23/2013

      I am assuming that the replies are not from Nigerians. The Igbo smoker used in the comment isn't in relation to tribe. Igbo in this context refers to weed. The difference is in the pronunciation. Ask a Nigerian around you to pronounce it for you and you will understand the error.

    4. Anonymous4/23/2013

      i dnt know y someppl will always jump into conclusions and acuse someone of tribal wars and d rest of it. Have u not heard dat weed is called 'igbo' with a diff pronounciation even u that claimes to know oshodi. Weed has various coded names. Think well b4 u talk. Smokin is everywere and i have neva heard anyone being specifically called a tribal somker igbo yoruba or housa. Except its u who wants to start d verbal war here.

  7. Johnson4/22/2013

    No bi 2day the young man begin smoke weed... I would have suggested you tell the parents if he was a good child, but with dis kind pikin, one needs to be careful. Get your driver to tell someone reasonable in his family. You can only do the talking if there's some cordial relationship between you and his mum; otherwise closeup.
    However, you need to protect your children - teach them to know what is right/wrong with real life examples. If possible, take them away from environments that would influence them negatively.

  8. Pls don't try telling anybody. Thank God ur driver has discovered it, try all u can to teach ur children good morals and they'll be good to go.
    On the other hand,u can create a picture of a friend whose child who smokes weed,the parents got to know abt it and are seeking ur advice and that u don't know what to tell dat ur friend. The answer the mum will give u will go a long way to determine what and how she will react if u tell her directly. Be Wise. Pls don't expose urself and family to this bad,weed smoking boys,sometimes they are cultist

  9. Anonymous4/23/2013

    oh my goodness, i neva meant igbo asin d tribe i meant wat weed is called here in nija, deres nothin like igbo/yoruba or housa somker. I meant weed 'igbo' unless u dnt know, just dnt acuse me okay, am an igbo woman if u must know. Simply correct my spelling if i misspelt d word. Nonsense!


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