Re: Best Cooking Blog In Nigeria Is Wives Connection?

Thank You Nairaland

Who else saw this? I am  what? What Nairaland just did? With my normal habit of clicking to see  traffic
 sources. I logged on this evening to quietly come here, read our crazy funny comments, laugh and relax a little, when I noticed that wives connection is  getting traffic from Nairaland.

 I clicked, got there and saw myself standing face to face with "Best Cooking Blog In Nigeria (wives connection). Like seriously? Are you guys kidding me? Is it this our cooking that we kinda complete here on the blog by correcting ourselves?
Guys, this is to y'all reading, leaving comments and returning to reply.

What can we say? Thank You Nairaland!!!


  1. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Madam eya,may GOD bless u behold ur imagination, ur blog is d'best blog ever.thanks to ur bloggers for d'great advices.

  2. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Congrats!! Aunt Eya have you seen Solomon Akiyesi's side of the story on LIB? Can you kindly post it here so we can discuss since you posted the initial story here. It would be some sort of follow up post

  3. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Congrats !!

  4. Eya,I think you kinda underestimate what you do here o! Know this;your blog is GREAT!
    Just prepare yourself for more wonderful things that are still coming your way.

  5. Yep to God be the glory.
    "Started from the bottom now we're here.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. ****Mufasa Said4/30/2013

      Lol! @ d music!
      Eya ur determination has and will pay u Eventually. God will elevate u higher in Jesus Name, amen. Love u much darlin!
      FYI I no go form babe anytime I run in2 u oo, I'll go all crazzy eya fan for u

      ****Mufasa Said

  6. Give it up for our aunty Eya, gbosa gbosa gbosa, more grace ma'am

  7. yaaaaaaaaaaaay, dancing to started from the bottom now we here. more grace ma'am

  8. Aunty Eya, just remember what I told you a while ago, that you are moving to greater height, and very soon the money would start rolling.
    Am so happy for you, and also the good job you have been doing. God bless you muncho

  9. Aunty Eya! You really do underestimate the work you do on this blog and the contributions from all. U have been a great blessing to all of us and Nairaland is just a stepping stone because even the sky is just a starting point for the success story of this "our" blog. I have been a follower since february and I now refresh the page by the hour...lool! All the best to us all

  10. chubby ELLA4/30/2013

    Eya u hvnt seen anytin yet,u hv jst started. I rmba wen u used 2 go n LIB 2 beg her 2 visit ur blog,I guess she neva did. I lyk ur determination n dedication,u neva gave up even wit all d insults 4rm some anonymous anonymouses. Jst keep pushing n neva lose faith in God,He's d only helper u can eva depend on. I'm proud of u EYA n we'r solidly behind u.

  11. creamberry4/30/2013

    Correct!!!I knew it,God bless you ma'am

  12. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! *dancing azonto while doing the Harlem shake!*

    Aunty Eya, the lord is your strength. Saw when some people were saying they are now addicted. My own na tey tey since. The first day I clicked here, I stayed glued. I often forget we have other blogs until someone here mentions other ones. More Grace to your elbows ma.

    And pls, let's submit more recipes abeg...make we help aunty Eya. She dey try abeg!

  13. The glory of the latter will definitely be greater than that of the former, may the Alpha and Omega that started this blog, take us from step to step in Jesus name

  14. Very nice! Congrats Aunty Eya

  15. Yea Congrats Eya. For mi, Ur blog s rily addictive lyk bbm updates

  16. MrsDee5/01/2013

    Dancing azonto+etighi+alanta+gagnam style :)....Aunty Eya,u've been a blessing to many and so shal God lift u high above ur imaginations...more blessing to come!!! Just don't forget hw u started when u get there*winks*

  17. Shayor5/01/2013

    Yaaaay! We made it! Eya, dis is just d beginning. More blessings n recognition to come.

  18. Anwuli5/01/2013

    I rejoice with U Aunty Eya! Its not just a cooking blog! We learn about life's issues here.....U rock!going higher and higher.Amen

  19. Whao!!! God be praised, the sky is your starting point jare...well done Aunty Eya!

  20. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Congrats Aunty Eya!!!!!!
    D Lord is ur muscle!
    The chikoo

  21. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Awwww that's nice. GOD bless you Eya. Keep up the good work. More recipes please! *wink*

  22. To be frank, one of the ways a woman can win the heart of her husband is by cooking good food for him. so don't be surprised, every woman want to win her husband's heart. Nice job and hey!... don't stop now.

  23. Congrats Eya.. No doubt we've learnt so much from here

  24. May God continue to uplift you Eyah... We have learnt a lot from here no doubt. Thank you!


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