Please I need Advice, Should I tell?

Good morning Auty Eya, pls I have two issues I need my fellow readers and you to advice me on:

1. I have a close friend who recently started dating my husband's friend. My hub has
told me stuffs about this guy that I feel my friend might get heartbroken in the end whether it ends in marriage or not. Now my dilemma is, U know how we women love, if I tell her and she tells this guy, he'll know it's from my hub and I dnt want to cause an issue between my hub and his friend. (Before they'll use me to confirm that women are the root of all

On the other hand, It would really kill me to see my friend heartbroken when I could have done something about it. Especially since she once told me when someone went around spreading lies and rumors about me. It's not like this my hub's friend is a serial killer or something but, the info I have on him is not nice. 
Should I mind my business? (Before they'll say cos I have married my own, I dnt want someone else to be happy).

2. This is the one that is really bugging me. One day, I saw our day gateman (we have a night one) kissing a little girl. The girl is about 5,6,7 and she is not a relative. She is one of the children of people living in a batcher(wood house) close to our house. It wasn't a french kiss and he was not hiding to do it but something in me dropped when I saw them. This is a man who should be in his 50s, who lives alone, with no wife or kids. Heard they are in the village while another report says he is not married.

I have heard too much of what is happening in our society so I can't say 'there's nothing there'. Should I track down the parents of the girl and inform them? Maybe subtly tell them to watch their kid well? Or should I talk to the gateman? Or is it nothing? Cos when I told my hub, he shrugged and said, there might be nothing there.
 Or should I again, mind my business? People have warned me about associating with people who live in batchers, that they can be very mean. But what if my info will save that girl from featuring in the news for the wrong reason?


  1. brandy4/20/2013

    Concerning urfrnd dating ur husband's frnd. There r many ways of handling such issues.u can tel her u hv a terrible dream abt her r/shp n dis nt d 1st time u having such dreams. 2ndly she might b lucky wit d guy n he ll treat her well. jus tel abt d fake dream so ur mind ll b free.if she choose 2 go ahead den it nt ur problem again.

  2. Plz I do not subscribe to using a lie to pass out ur point #dream... No No, she'll not regard your dream especially when she's in love you'll end up a prophet of doom.

    To the lady, leave them alone, many married men do crazy stuff before they marry, some even after. Have you asked if ur hubby is a saint, pastors sef dey adulterate and young pastors sef they fornike... Am not sayin it's right, but time will tell.

    Reasons why am taking this position on this matter, as a guy if ladies find out all what men do they will never marry and this goes for 95% of men.

    On the night of one of my best friends wedding we the grooms men all lodged at a hotel with the groom, lo and behold the groom brought in his mistress for an all night session. I was wowed! Anoda friend of mine, this one I was his best man, went to sleep with a lady friend 2 days after his wedding and he came back bragging.

    Men are professionally promiscous! Thanks to ur hubby she never would hav noticed... It's a instinct only God knows why it's so!

  3. mizOsa4/20/2013

    Pls don't tell ur frnd anytin abt her man. As 4 ur gateman sack him.

  4. My dear stay away from ur friend and her new found love,but don't be far away. Leave her to findout herslf,u never can tell if this will be Saul's encounter with Christ. Ur advice in full measure will be handy,when she comes reporting the guy to u,then u can chip in what ur hubby told u.
    As of the small girl,plz warn her parents to take gud care of their daughter.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  5. Anonymous4/20/2013

    My dear,I think u shuld kip ur mouth shut abt ur friend,if d info gets out u dnt knw he she'll take it,ur hubby wl know its from u n may start having trust issues with you n his friend wl start beefing him and it'll all fall back on u,Igbo pple say that the palmwine tapper doesn't say evrything he sees while on top so jst let ur frind find out 4 herself.
    As per your gateman,pls do evrything u can 2 help that poor girl and if possible fire dat paedophile gateman,let ur hubby see reason wif u that if he can do it 2 somone who doesnt live in the compound with u d possibility of him doing it to someone you know is there. A woman's 3yr old daughter was raped by the gateman while her other kids watched so pls save ur family n the poor girl. Gudluck #Ugo#

  6. omotayo4/20/2013

    Firstly, I don't think its wise you keep †ђξ situation your friend is 2 Ɣ☺ΰяself.. I experienced something similar, I wasn't able 2 confront my friend since she was so much in love, this time they had been engaged, when I heard horrible stuffs abt her hubby, I confided in her elder sis and she told their Mum, luckily it wasn't too late 4 my friend 2 discover †ђξ kind of guy he is and I had 2 tell her what I knew as well.
    Secondly, God forbid, put Ɣ☺ΰяself in †ђξ shoes of the mother of that little girl, tell her infront of the gateman and ple sack him asap. What kind of man will peck a small girl with that their brown rotten dientition.
    We all hear stories everyday. No one even my brother is allowed 2 peck my daughter.. If my hubby does it too much, I go frown, I don't like it @all

  7. Good morning,
    how are you today? thank you for the mail and sorry I couldn't reply yesterday. I think you should let your friend be, I know it's not easy but you never know how things will turn out especially if she is truly in love. When and if she comes to you with complains, you can then chip in something.

    For the little girl, please find a way to tell her parents ( I pray they are not aware cos sometimes, those ppl have a way of using their girls to get pennies from men like your gateman). Pls, free your conscience by letting them know and for the gateman, if you can, fire him now to protect your kids. If you can't, you can give him a very short peppery warning.

  8. In my opinion, it depends are how bad it was. What did your husbands friend do that will leave her heartbroken? If it's something that could possibly jeopardize and affect her relationship in the future, I would send her an anonymous note letting her know. If it's something that won't affect her, then I would let it be.

    As far as the gate-man, he's probably a pedophile and I would definitely not want him around any other kids. I would let the girls parents know and then find a way to let him go. After seeing something like that, it would make me too uncomfortable. He can be doing this to many children, not just the little girl. It's sad.


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