Please Help With This Dream Interpretation

Hello Aunty Eya,
Good morning, I have a little thing disturbing my mind and I know that if you put it up on your blog, I may get some help. I have been married for 12 years, I live
in Lagos with my husband and children. God has been good to my family, but there is this dream that doesn't want to leave me alone. It keeps coming not like daily, weekly or monthly but at least every year since I have been married this dream has come at least thrice, four times or more every year:

As a child, I lived in my father's compound in the village ( My mum and Dad separated while I was still very small and she got married to her present husband, he also got married to my step mum but the marriage didn't last long). I lost my dad while in  secondary school. After he passed, I still lived in that compound, in the room my mean uncle gave me. After secondary school, I left the village and only visited during holidays. The same year I graduated, I got married. That was 10 years ago and have only visited there about twice or thrice. 

However, despite my long absence from this compound. I dream about me still living there and doing things just like the way it used to be. I do not see my late Dad in my dreams, but it is always like me living that life there, cooking, cleaning or just gisting with neighbors like we used to. Aunty Eya, I don't like this dream. I hate the fact that instead of dreaming about my husband and kids, I keep dreaming about a compound I left long ago. Each time  I have this dream, it feels so real. It is only when I wake up that I know I've been having this dream again. 

I can't remember dreaming about my family, not even once can I remember seeing me, with my husband and kids in my dream. I would love to dream about these people who matter to me now, but no. Instead I keep seeing myself in that young body living in that compound that my uncle has made me not to like.

Please Aunty Eya, I beg you to put this up and let your blog readers see in case they can help me with the interpretation of this dream. Thank you.


  1. Ok call me spiritual, but ths is a bad dream, the enemy putting the spirit of backwardness into ur life tru ur dreams, and ths is bad, may u not go back to ur beginnig in jesus name. U need to pray oo,be prayerful, every night before u sleep pray, Mfm style prayers.

    1. You have said the truth. She does need serious prayers.
      Dreams tell us the state of our spirit man and plans for our lives - from God or the devil.
      This is a dream of backwardness that needs to be addressed thru serious prayers.
      God help His own in Jesus name.

    2. I dont think it's a bad dream, it could indicate that she is trying to get tocuh with her masculine side. The scar is there when her parents separated and it needs to be fixed.
      + i found some more interpetations for you dream :

  2. ask the Holy spirit, not blog readers...or talk to your pastor. You probably still think about the sorrow from childhood and maybe you've left the village but not grown to forget what happened.

    1. Yeah, and have you prayed about this too? Pray that you want this out of your life. and renew your mind.

    2. Anonymous4/24/2013

      OK, Fisayo, don't you think we are over burdening pastors in Nigeria? We run to the pastor for EVERYTHING. They are humans too and have their personal probs too. Soe people don't even think that pastors deserve some privacy too.

      What makes anyone think that pastors do not read this blog? How can you think that only pastors can interpret dreams. well, Joseph was not a pastors and dear sis, FYI, not all pastors can see with four eyes o.

    3. :-). Pastors are supposed to be guardians and watchers for your spiritual state. Pastors are humans but sometimes you speak to them because you need guidance for things you might not understand. I thought she could talk to her Pastor whom she relates with one on one, or someone who is a spiritual leader or mentor to her and ofcourse, pray fervently to God to ease her of this. But I get your point as well. True Pastors may be here as well...

  3. Anonymous4/24/2013

    Aunty Eya, I fell in love with your blog with the multiple recipe you do post daily, but these days it's more of those seeking for advice. Please can you give us more of food recipe's please. Thanks

    1. Eya is trying o. how many times do you cook in your house in a day? The puff puff post we saw today, is it not ok for now? na wa 4 u o. Because Eya is a blogger,should cook how many times so we get 10 recipes everyday. #InsatiableMan
      First time commenter Mabel.

  4. Anonymous4/24/2013

    pls.listen.pray aginst anything dat may take u back 2 ur father house.pray seriously against de spirit of death let it not claim ur husband young.

  5. ask the holy spirit not bloggers

  6. The holy spirit can answer you through anything my dear, can answer even thru bloggers.
    I believe she has prayed and something led her to ask in this forum. You guys please!

  7. Well, I have never been a firm believer of dreams and interpretation. Don't get me wrong, I believe God sometimes shows us things through our dreams but not the way people take it. Some people attach too much importance to a dream that they forget about what God actually says to us daily... He talks to us a lot but we don't listen but when the devil shows us pictures through dreams, we get scared and start living in fear.

    However, I won't totally disregard your dream but I'll look at it from a psychological angle. I think you harbor so much resentment and hatred towards your past. Subconsciously you're trying too hard to forget about that place that it somehow causes the opposite effect.

    I'll advice you to forgive whatever or whoever has hurt you in that place and try to enjoy the present without trying too hard. Ask God to help you move forward without so much ill-feelings. It's not easy to forgive but you must try. Remove every fear from your mind. Leave the past behind and try not to feel bad when you remember there. Think of the good things that happened to you there and hold on to them.

    Another thing I do is that once I have a bad dream, I wake up and cancel it. I don't bother with the meaning. I make declarations and cancel whatever bad that dream represents. I also start confessing what I want to see. For instance if I dream about death or sickness in any form, I start declaring that I shall not die but live to declare the glory of the lord in the land of the living. I have a covenant of life with God therefore there is no death around me; in my family, in my job, in my business, with my friends, neighbours. I chase it far away from my catchment area.

    I also start confessing life in every area of my life. I also confess that I dream good dreams and I sleep peacefully. I refuse to be disturbed as I know that God gives his children sleep. Do you know I sometimes control what I dream about? But that's a story for another day.

    So please, it you don't like the dream, cancel it and it will stop! Don't negotiate with the devil or try to know the meaning. But if you must know the meaning, ask the Holy Spirit. I keep saying He alone knows us personally even to the thoughts we don't even know we have.

    About dreaming about your family, before you sleep, tell yourself (out loud or under your breath) "I dream about my family, I dream about my family". You can call their names if you like. Continue till you doze off. Let it be ur own form of sheep counting. Whenever you wake up at night, before going back to bed, repeat this process. It might work for you.

    Make I stop here. Have a goodnight sleep!

    1. I agree. Some things are just psychological. You have authority as a believer (if you are a Christian) and you can speak and renounce every dream you do not want. Dont let the devil scare you or steal your joy unnecessarily. But if you feel there's more, speak to your spiritual leader or mentor, or perhaps someone led by God on this blog may reach out to you. First things first, talk to the HolySpirit

  8. I don't know why,but am not disturbed by dreams don't really take them serious,maybe coz of my type of dream *wink*
    But I always say a lil prayer and then go on with my sleep. Dear pray and don't panic.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  9. Ahdaizy has said it all ...As a believer, when u have a bad dream, u wake up and cancel it!. if its a good dream, u wake up and claim it! I also had incessant dreams of getting kidnapped. Once i understood that whatever i allow on earth is allowed in heaven and whatever i disallow on earth is disallowed in heaven.i disallowed the dreams and it stopped. The bible says you shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass. Dont give d devil attention. Cancel it,declare what u want to see, move on, enjoy your life :)

  10. In as much as dreams can be psychological and all, pls,don't take this particular dream for granted. That it keeps recurring shows that it has a purpose.and its not a good one. First of all its connotes Backwardness, which is really bad.

    Pray against backwardness in every area of your life, Also pray against any power/entity that keeps using your dreams against you, before u sleep. When you begin to pray actively like this against this dream and whatever keeps make it to reoccur frequently,it will stop.

    You can also get "Dream Interpretations" from Mountain of Fire ministry. It has different prayer points against different type of dreams.I'm sure it will help.

    God bless you.

  11. A lot of typos in my post above. I beg ur pardon! :)
    "Whatever makes it reoccur frequently will stop."

  12. Like ahdaisy already said, there are probably issues you haven't dealt with in your past and until you resolve them the dreams will keep recurring.

    The mind is a powerful thing. There might be things buried in there that you can't even remember consciously but when asleep your subconscious mind takes over.

    Look for patterns over the past years and see if any specific events trigger these dreams.

    Above all ask for the help of the Holy Spirit (if you're a Christian). He is the best teacher.

  13. Woooow, Adhaisy, am always so I pressed abt the comments you give, may the Wisdom God has given you not stop burning. Adhaisy has said it all, if you still feel uncomfortable, I know MFM does deliverance and they specialize in this area as well, maybe you should try to do that and if you are not a Christian, just fast and prayer, in your quiet moments, talk to God abt it, tell him how you feel, he's our father, he won't let us be uncomfortable.

  14. Cyndrella4/25/2013

    My dear dreams are not there to hunt us.Things we must know about dreams.We have different types of dreams.Day Dream,Waking Dream,Concious Dream,Unconcious Dream ,Soul Travel or Bi-location,Movement of conciousness or expansion of conciousness. e.t.c.

    Not all dreams we have that can actually be exposed to the 3rd person hence ,it looses it actualization,there are dreams we take to the Holy Spirit for more understanding if we are unable to interpretes it by our selves.Dream is a beautiful experience in our daily lives.

    There are some Dreams we have that are actually scary that when we wake up we say thank God it was a dream.Those are kind of dreams we should actually thank God for because what would have happened to us in the physical has occured in the dream states because of God's love for us.What we actually need to do after such dreams is to surrender it to the Holy Spirit to take total control of our daily lives.

    1) Dreams could show us past events that we might not do right and it will be an opportunity to amend any past mistakes.

    2) God speaks to us tru our dreams.

    3)Dream is a spiritual tools for spiritual growth.

    4)We can see our future tru our dream depending on our spiritual growth.

    There are a lot of things we need to learn about dreams after which we will appreciate life better.

    @ ur dream you can mail me

    1. I wish there is a like button... You sound like you listen to my Pastor... :-) :-) :-)

    2. Cyndrella4/25/2013

      I dont need to listen to any pastor to know things like this it is spiritual awareness which any one can develop his or her self to know,when u no a thing u have gone beyond believing that thing,it is now part of you.There is difference btw believe and knowingness.Pastors can only make u believe a thing but u have to prove it to ur sef,then u know.

  15. when you tell a dream 2 my Pastor,the 1st thing he asks is,'what were u thinking about before you slept off?'Some dreams we have relays to our thoughts and fears. My dear,hope u are not always having fears of the dream reoccurring before you sleep.

    2ndly,when you have a nightmare,declare fasting immediately and cry to God with supplication.His hands are not shortened to reach unto you.

    Be blessed.

  16. Ejodamen4/25/2013

    Fisayo and Ahdaisy, you are very right.

  17. Johnson4/25/2013

    Is this a bad dream? Maybe not… a dream that warns you of danger ahead is not a bad dream; a dream that makes you know that you have issues in the past that needs to be dealt with is not a bad dream;… Some dreams are reflection of God’s love towards us and what we do with them is of utmost importance. In your case, what can be done?
    1. Pray, pray, & pray – before going to bed, after being woken up by the dream, and first thing in the morning. Job 38:12 says “Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place”. Declare God’s word into your day.
    2. Make the required amends by taking appropriate steps. You need to release your uncle of what he did while you were leaving there. Tell someone about it (especially your husband) and ask that you pray concerning it, starting with forgiveness for all the wrongs in the past and ending with praise & thanksgiving for a glorious future.
    You do not need to dream about your family that you love so much, rather speak God’s words into their future…

  18. Anonymous4/25/2013

    d bible says anytin dat has been reveal 2 us is nt 4 us,pray nd fast ask God 2 brin his word 2 pass lik he promise,he said his word will nt return 2 him void,also pray 4 ur children dat non of dem wil go tru wat u went tru nd every1,bcos d dream might nt even be 4 is wel wit u ijn

  19. Anonymous4/29/2013

    Ur dream signifies backwardness! I use to have d same dreams! Not seeing my self in my current home. Always seeing my self in d home& street wia I grew up.even after my parents moved, I got married and moved out of dat state,still d same thing. Till the holy spirit opened my eyes To see that those dreams were not ordinary. Go To MFM. And always always remember to pray on ur own, against backwardness and stagnation. And like adhaisy said, let Go if ur bearing any grudge against ur relations back home. God help u dear. Stay blsd!

  20. Perhaps, the compound reflects your perspective on a current life situation that makes you feel limited (like a child). For most of the other symbols in the dream you might get some help using

  21. My sister, your dream is a pointer to the fact that you are still in your village spiritually and of course, that will affect some aspect of your life if its not addressed (whether now or later in life). I must tell you its not a good dream cos I'm talking from experience but I thank God Almighty who saw me through it. If you don't mind, you can call me on 08100045720. There is a prayer session organised by some men of God. I attend it every month. Prayers don't kill. So if you don't mind, call me and I will give you details. It is very well with you my sister and the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen


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