How To Cook Beans With Fish Head, Eat With Sweet Garri

Porridge beans with soft smoked catfish head and garri.

Beans is a softener. Some add it when they boil tough meat, to help soften the meat. The day I

discovered that beans can actually soften my smoked catfish head was the day I started keeping even more smoked catfish heads ( Remember I said here before that I do not throw away my smoked catfish heads, but dry them very well, grind into powder, sieve and use in my porridges and soups except vegetable soup). To get the smoked catfish head really soft, it has to be added at the same time with the raw beans and palm oil. It gets so soft that you won't believe it's the same head you washed. I love smoked catfish heads in my porridge beans. Another thing I like in my porridge beans is cow skin (kpomo), unfortunately I didn't have it at home. The way beans softens cat fish head is unbelieveble.

Here is another ingredient no one joins me to eat. They hate that I even add it to the pot of beans, but I enjoy the softness. It actually becomes as soft as fish itself. I like that no member of my family agrees to eat these heads with me. Sometimes after over stuffing on them, I still get left overs and thankfully, it tastes even better tha next day *rme*
I wish one person will just try and give feedback to convince y'all.
Adding palm oil to washed beans
Washing fish heads with salted warm water
Adding washed fish heads to beans

  1. Beans 3 cups
  2. Smoked catfish  heads 4 large
  3. Pepper
  4. Seasoning cubes
  5. Palm oil
  6. Salt
  7. Water

pepper, seasoning and salt are added, fish heads cook and soften in the beans
Water dries up as beans cooks
Adding more water to enable beans cook very soft
Beans porridge boils and cooks while smoked fish heads soften like meat
Beans is almost cooked and begins to thicken
Beans porridge with garri, sugar and a lil salt
Garri is served with cold water. Lol!
Cold garri with smoked fish head in beans porridge
Try it first before you complain. Stop wasting cat fish heads, they are very useful *wink* Some people actually do not like fish heads, some of us just form and throw them away *count me out* This beans can be served with boiled yam, ripe or unripe plantain and even boiled rice.

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  1. Now I know what to do with all the gigantic smoked fish heads I throw awayoooo. So they can actually be cooked soft? Lol @ ur garri and sugar Eya, u no well o.
    Thanks Eya

  2. This looks good. I have an aunt who coos her beans this way but with normal 'ice fish' head. I will definitly try this. Ehen aunty Eya, how do you wash the dried cat fish head? I usually see a lot of 'yama yama' inside.

    1. Anonymous4/04/2013

      Use salt and water to wash the head and then remove the gills. Make sure that you rinse it after removing the gills and viola.....Your fish head is ready for consumption. But if you want to "oyibonize" the washing, use slices of lemon instead of salt.

    2. Lol @ oyibonize. Not a fan of beans or dry fish head but very good tip I can pass on 2 friends and fam.

  3. Young Awesome Mum4/04/2013

    Say what! Aunty Eya so beans can act as a softner for meat throw more light on that plz :D ? This is a nice recipe but me i like to cook my beans till its almost very soft before adding palm oil nd other ingredients....I'll gv this style a try

    1. Yes, I've seen women add like a handful of beans to a large pot of meat while boiling. They Say it helps the meat get tender.

    2. Young Awesome Mum4/04/2013

      Ok, I'm definitely gonna give it a try nd see how it works

  4. Anonymous4/04/2013

    Wait o! you put palm oil on the beans before boiling? Never knew of this method...mehn, am learning everyday from here o. My beans is always cooked and soft before I fry the palmoil sauce with onions, fresh pepper and pour it into the beans.

    Beans and garri with cold water and milk, makes the best lunch after a hot day of walking in the sun...ehehehe...yummy.

    1. I fry onion and crayfish too sometimes. Cooking this way gives another great taste.

  5. Anonymous4/04/2013

    I cook my the same way as Simply mee and the taste is wonderful.

    Not a fan of beans, cooks it once in like 3 months.

  6. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Aunty Eya,so u don't parboil ur beans,I studied food science n we were taught to always parboil beans to reduce flatulence. Its d carbohydrates present in beans dat causes flatulence n serious farting wch I guess its d reason most people don't like beans. Once d beans starts boiling n water turns brown den drain n rinse wit water.add fresh water,onions,salt,palmoil,pepper n everytin u feel like adding, trust me u re gonna like d result. Note: beans is a proteinous food n its not water soluble so be sure dat after parboiling u still get ur nutrients intact.tanx. Horlah

    1. Thanks Horlah, beans is my daughters fav so I cook beans alot.
      When protein is eaten alongside sugar (carbs), d protein begins to ferment while digesting and this causes farting and flatulence.

      Thanks for sharing anyway.

  7. Anonymous4/18/2013

    Aunty do u add salt before d beans cooks soft? Cuz d first time I added salt to beans before placing it on fire, it took eternity to soften *phew*

    1. No please, wait for beans to soften before adding salt.

  8. It's nutritious. You can also use a pressure cooker to cook them.

  9. Thanks. I have read many of your posts, it really good and interesting.

  10. I like to cook, it is a long detail, I want to have a try, thanks

  11. Nice sharing, learn a new way to cook, thanks

  12. This is excellent beans food. We like beans and we cook this food quite often.

  13. Hi,
    I like to cook. I cooked beans only with pork meat. I must try beaans with fish.

  14. Generally i don't eat fish head.Now i will give a try.Its a exceptional recipe.Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great post, thanks for sharing this, keep up the good posts !

  16. fish head? would give this a try it looks delicious, thanks for sharing

  17. This is informative post. I should try to use beans to soften the meat. Beans with fish head is such "weird" combination. But it is worth trying.


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