My Siblings Hate Me

Hello Aunty Eya, 
Thank you, your readers  and God almighty for all that I have learned from your blog. There is still something I know I can learn from you.
This may sound
conceited Aunty Eya, but it's true. I do better than all my siblings and as such they hate me. I am the second child in a family of four Children, in my second year in Uni. I have never failed an examination. Even when I refuse to read or work hard, I still perform excellently well. I won various awards in the School and my siblings always felt jealous. They are all very hardworking, more hard working than I am but I still excel. I don't know why but I give God the praise.

Physically, everyone one thinks I am better looking. Sometimes I make an effort to reduce my good points so that they shine too, yet it doesn't always work. I help them make up and go plain to hide myself yet, when we go to parties with my no make up face and simple look, people still get attracted to me first. Please Aunty don't get me wrong, I am not bragging in any way, I'm trying to cite instances so bloggers can understand what I mean by my siblings hate me.

I am worried right now, I want them to like me and treat me well too. My parents keep talking to us but the very next minute they are back to being unkind and mean to me. I feel lonely right now.
Please I need advise. Am I supposed to like fail an examination  or do something bad to myself to make them feel better and treat me nicely?


  1. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Firstly, if u want to be honest with yourself den answer these questions.
    R u most certain that dey react badly to you only because of ur looks and educational intelligence?
    Sounds to me that der is more to this story. I know that the story will be different if we asked ur siblings there side. Are you sure your attitude towards them isn't poor or something gets to your head becos you are more beautiful? I have a feeling der are other characteristics u have besides the ones you have mentioned that contribute to dis problem with ur siblings. So I advice you to check yourself very well.

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  3. Hello dear!

    In the first place, not every1 will ever
    like you... This time I won't quote
    Fela, I'll remind you of the bible.

    If you are a Christian, you would have
    come across the story of Joseph,
    yours is not farfetched and today it
    happens in many families but with
    time it will fade away.

    Try to be much more liberal, be open
    and less conceited but never
    downplay your self or ur abilities bcos
    of others!

    Time is a healer! #blv

  4. Pray for them, show them you love them always!!!. Lemme cite a little example using the kardashians. Kim is the one alwayz in the spot light, for good or bad. Gets a whole lot of attention more than the rest and she's even their mum's favorite and they know it. But in watching their shows, you see she doesnt rub it in in their faces, tries to be really sweet to everybody, carries them along etc. Point is, love them, help them when u can, dont distance urself frm them in the house, be clingy to them, dont ever make them feel like ure sitting on a high horse and they are below you. Alwyz acknowledge them even when you guys go out together,and probably the attention turns to you, introduce them to whoever you are talking with. Like this is my very wonderful sister etc. People really love it when you acknowledge them and lastly,on a goodday, when y'all are in a good mood, tel them how u feel. Tell them u feel left out. One thing is sure, they dont hate you :). Goodluck

  5. Hhmmmmnn this is deep! Am sure it started when you where much younger and your parents unknowingly started it! Either by comparisim or so. Don't let it get to u! The bible says in proverbs that there are friends that are closer than sisters! I tell u I have met true friends that have sacrificed what no sister can! So cheer up, continue to be good okay.

  6. Johnson4/30/2013

    How is your relationship with other persons?
    Seek advice from people that can tell you the truth (people that know you). If you can’t figure out who these people are, then you have a real problem! Everyone should have real confidants that can tell him/her the truth…
    However, it is important to know that ‘well-meaning family members can be your worst enemies (Matt 10:36). The good news is that ‘when GOD approves of your life, even your enemies will end up shaking your hand (Prov 16:7).

  7. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Wat da Fuck?

    1. Anonymous4/30/2013

      *In reply to anon 12.03

  8. Anonymous4/30/2013

    It must hurt not to be shown love by one's siblings. Its common in middle children.
    there shld be one u are a little bit close to. why dont call that one aside and bare u mind.
    u can even call a mini meeting, jst kids pls dnt involve ur parents, tell ur siblings how u r hurting and that u feel unloved by them. they are u blood, they wld change.
    if that doesnt work u cld call an aunty or uncle whom all ur siblings respect to come into d matter.
    dont be antagosnistic when u confront them.
    u cld even tell them u had to come to this blog to seek advice.
    i dont know who won't be touched.

    all d best.


    1. Anonymous5/01/2013

      Best advice 4 me n I hope u take it.


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