My Neighbour Likes Me, Should I Tell My Husband?

Hi Aunty Eya,
Pls, I have a little problem and I need advise from other experienced women. I have been married for 4 years now. My husband and I just moved into this new neighbourhood this
year. I love this new place but, there is one little problem. Ever since I started my annual leave, there is a good looking neighbour who apparently does not leave for work early and has been making advances at me. 
 It's a semi detached block of flats and he is like our next door neighbour. He is married too but his family is abroad.

Aunty please help me,I'm beginning to feel something for this man I don't know why. I have never cheated on my husband even though  he did it twice and apologized. Not that I want to pay him back. I want to be able to overcome this problem without causing problems for my neighbour. I feel I should tell my husband but I don't know how he is gonna react.

Should I tell my neighbour that I like him too but can't have anything with him or should I rather tell my husband. The reason I want to handle it myself is because I know  if this was about him and a babe toasting him, he will chose to handle it without involving me.

Should I suggest to my husband that we move out of here? Pls help me with advice.


  1. mizOsa4/14/2013

    Pls dnt tell ur neighbour u lik him, what of it ur husband is testing u tru him? Ignore him pls. U are a married woman u shuld respect dat fact. Dnt give room 2 d devil 2 destroy u and ur marriage.

  2. Lame question. No go and fuck him and keep it to yourself. Married woman!!! For your information, for even admiring and wishing to have something with that neighbour in your mind, u have already cheated.

  3. Anonymous4/14/2013

    A married woman? U shd tell ur hubby and then warn d guy to stay away.

  4. Hmmm u r alrdy nestin funny ideas in ur mind O! Dats vry bad. Pls resist him n if ur husband is som1 dt won't blow it out of proportions, den confide bt if nt, swallow it. If ur neighbour comes out n tels u point blank dt he wnts u, den warn him n tel him ur husby is aware so he beta kip off. Dt ought 2 wrk.

  5. The way some pple give advice is appalling,Veev! Will u advice sme1 u know the way u just adviced ths lady? Sme one is in need of a friendly advice and u just talked like an express road.
    Its normal to have feelings but the ability to curb such feelings is important, u must learn self discipline, pls find new reasons to love ur husband, don't eva think of hs past mistakes n pls pray for strength n there are some secrets or events u take to d grave n ths is one of them, if u tell ur husband , he won't trust u eva again, u know the time ur neighbor goes to work, avoid the stairs, just pray for strength n God will see u tru

    1. Anonymous4/15/2013

      u dont understand sarcasm.

    2. Anonymous4/15/2013

      Abegi lamz, park well!!! Veev didt say anything wrong! The question from d op is even lame sef! She is asking us whether or not to sleep with her neighbour???? Go ahead my dear, man meets woman, woman meets man, they like each other, get down to business! Aunty Eya, pls stop posting some lame things here, really???? Wat does she want us to do. Obvious she had it in mind to manifest her lust in d physical.

  6. Tell the man you dnt like him, and you stay away from him. It can't be that bad. Sounds like you want to cheat but you're trying to justify yourself as being a victim. You can leave ur hub out of it. Tell the guy off, and stay away!

    Or maybe he is just being nice to you like a normal neighbor but you have feelings for him and u re trying to pass him off as the one coming after you. Babe, tell urself the truth...

  7. The way some pple advice is soo appalling! Veev, see the way u sounded like an express road, u just talked, ths lady needs a friendly advice.
    My dear pls pray n avoid him, try as much as possible to avoid the stairs when he is going to work, don't stay to chat with him, greet him n keep walking n pls don't tell ur husband, u can take ths to d grave, cos he won't trust u around men again, pray n learn discipline, its just a feeling cos u are human, once u don't act on it with time it will go away and u will start to wonder what u saw in him.

  8. Anonymous4/14/2013

    Sis,run from every appearance of sin....swits, this one hell of a temptation i must say but you need to resist it ...mite need to pray about it...let God take captive every unruly thot that mite destroy your home...remember the devil hates happy homes and would stop @nothing to destroy it...get yourself Busy when he is around.never invite him or honour his invite. As for whether to get hubby know him;apply Wisdom.

  9. Queen Bee4/15/2013

    its not right at all and even more dangerous he's next door!!
    But with God all things are possible,I had to make a vow to God on my wedding day to help me never to be attracted to any other man after dat day (btw,if I were a man,maybe I wouldn't have been married by now cos I like beautiful pple and have roving' eyes)so I needed that vow,and God has been faithful that for the 6yrs I even get irritated when men make passes at me and I tell them off no matter how goodlooking or wealthy cos again(know that there will always be men that love dating other pple's wives heard they say its safer and for some others its for ritual purposes).
    God can help u get over the spirit of lust too.
    I also think u should tell ur husband dat the man acts funny to u,at dat point even u can't try any prank.
    Wish u the best ma'am.

  10. Hello dear,
    Please tell him off. Tell him you respect your vows to God and intend to honour them and he should stop making advances towards you.
    After that, please don't give him any opportunity to get close. Avoid him and when you can't avoid him, don't be friendly with him. Let him know you're serious about your resolve.
    I also think you should tell your husband. See, from what I read, you're kind of making excuses already for yourself and you obviously are vulnerable towards him. If you tell your husband, you're sure that you can't act on your emotions.
    Lastly, being married doesn't rid you from temptations, they'll always come in every shape and size imaginable. Its so easy to fall prey and cheat on your husband but why not take the more difficult way of not cheating? You'll stand blameless before God as far as your marriage is concerned and there's no better feeling than that.
    Hope you make the right decision for your home.
    All the very best

  11. Anonymous4/15/2013

    You have feelings for your next door neighbour.......Please flee from all manner of evil before you start looking for justification.

  12. Anonymous4/15/2013

    my dear, i dnt know about tellin ur husband, bt havin a feelin for him is wrong, d fact he is married makes it wrong rise to power two, pls ignore him, d felling will wear off. Rememba dat most time men cheat and get away with it. Bt wen women do it dese men make it look worse, or nature even brings out d worst in it. U could get pregnant, u could break ur home, ur hubby may not forgive u like u for gave him, wen yawa gas and alarm blow, d oda man will simply beg his wife and just like u, she will forgive him, but u, ur may have a broken home to fix, even if ur home dosent break ur hubby if he isnt God fearin will pay u bak by cheatin dis tym without hiding. U r human, and maybe its normal to feel dose things bt, wat matters in life isnt wat happens to us bt how we react to it. U feel for ur neighbour, it has happend. Quietly ignoring it and helpin it die off is one out of many reactions dat matters.
    If u tell ur hubby u like d guy he may not belive dat it ends dere oh and u may have to work hard to prove it to him cos he will bcome xtra vigilant.
    I do tell myself sometime dat its beta not to start wat we cant finish, neva eva start wat wnt end well. As a christian, i see it sometimes dat wen i like a someone, it maybe God's on way of putin dat person to mind for ur constant prayers for him/her, u know, these feelings sometimes shouldnt boil down to relationships. In dis case, its dangerous, channel it to God, pray for urself, for ur hubby and for d man who wants to use u as an instrument to cheat on his wife.
    He may tell u it dosent matter. Humans will say wateva just to get wat dey want. As a woman u r at d recieving and even at d loosing end, he will get away with it easily, maybe even lie dat u r d one chasing him, bt u may not. Beta dnt introduse strange kids to ur home, beta dnt let d devil use ur home to do standing fan.

  13. ****Mufasa Said4/15/2013

    The devil is living beside u and his name is ADULTERY!
    when evil happens now will u say its d work of the devil?
    No, it is d lust of the eye! u are married, happy or not, u av made a vow and u MUST stick by it.
    Please be clear on someting, even as married folks, some of us still admire the opposite sex which is a sin on its own but we r human and must constantly ask God for forgiveness that does not mean u should go all out to sleep with the person.

    this is why marriage is about maturity, self control and committment amongst other things.
    please do not bring shame to urself and family. You just might be placing a curse on ur generation by this act.
    Trust me, that man just wants a taste of u and dats coz his wife is away do u tink he loves u? My dear ur eyes will clear after he leaves u on the bed to go and wash up. Thats how bad the devil is.

    Tell ur husband about it, that way u will kw dat u do not intend to sleep wt this guy.
    I cant say this enuff, pls tell ur husband about it nad stay away from him. u sef, im sure u r doing "notice me" for the dude 4 him to constantly b on ur case. May God help u

    ****Mufasa Said

  14. Tell this man that you are uncomfortable with him making advances towards you. Let him know straight up that you are on to him. If he continues, then discuss this with your husband maybe your husband can have a man-to-man chat with him. He would probably deny that he has been making advances to you. Also, as regards you developing feelings for this handsome stranger, I will say - guard your heart with all diligence! Perhaps it is the boredom of being home on leave and maybe not receiving enough attention from your husband that is causing you to even think about this man's advances to the extent that you are worried about cheating. Remind yourself of what's important in your marriage. Also, know that marriage is a tripartite covenant between you, your husband and God. If something doesn't seem to be working and you cannot tell your husband, take it to God in prayers and ask for wisdom on how to broach the issue. I am sure that in the place of prayer, you will find the peace and strength to rebuff any wiles of the devil. Also, seek for something like a relaxing hobby that you can do to keep your mind occupied whilst on holiday. DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR HUSBAND!

  15. Anonymous4/16/2013

    I have the same issue @ hand here and I have being thinking seriously of how to handle it,bcos I also have feelings for the man,couple with the fact that my husband don't stay wit me and we only get to see once in a month.its not reali easy to handle such situation,Thank God for this blog,its healing so many disturbed mind,cos am sure am not d onli one havin similar problem.This particular neighbour of mine is everything a lady wants in a man.But God has bein helpin me to be disciplined and this blog helps a lot


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