My Husband Is Trustworthy, How Come I get Infections?

Good afternoon Eya, pls I need some wise counsel from you and blog readers. I have been married to my husband for 8 years and have never had cause to be suspicious or anything. He stays home a lot, spends holidays with family. The only days he spends with friends are saturday evenings.

For the past three months, I have been having this recurrent infection. The first time
it happened was in January. I started itching and complained to my husband, he made arrangements for me to see a Doctor. I got treated and the itching stopped. I felt ok until a few weeks later after we made love. This time I quietly treated myself and felt fine until we made love again.
The recent one, I got angry and tired of seeing the Doctor over my pu*** I also discovered that when I use panty liners, the discharge doesn't touch my skin and I don't itch, I continued to get relief by using panty liners.

Problem now is, everytime I don't change the liner on time or too tired to have my bath at night, the next morning the itching gets so serious that I scratch until I bleed. I am worried, I am beginning to think that this infection is brought from somewhere to me. Our toilets are always flushed and very clean, how come each time I sleep with him, the itching starts again. I am so tired of this whole thin recurring. I am also tired of inserting tablets in my body.
I feel like confronting my husband, buy scared of looking for trouble.
What can I do please fellow readers help me with advise


  1. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Your husband should have been treated at the same time you were treated. However both of you need to see the doctor together for treatment, whether he has symptoms or not. Dr Omo.

  2. Yep i agree, any good doctor would have treated both of u at the same time. Guess u both need to get treated at the same time dats all. Maybe you should talk to your doctor and get ur doctor to ask your hubby to get treated too dat way ur hubby will not get offended especially if the doctor makes him understand its for the best.

  3. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Bth of u shld be treated,chng ur underwears aftr treatmnt n avoid public toilets

  4. Anonymous4/08/2013

    True talk... U ad ur hubby need 2 b treated... Jst try ad see d doctor,if it occurs again u can nw confront him,but 4 nw both of u should get treated . Bcos we can't tell were d infection is comin frm... Dr pat

  5. you may have a yeast infection which is not always a STI ..didnt your doctor describe what may be the cause ?

  6. Yea... @pearlzville, not all female infection is sexual. You need to watch out a couple of your activities.

    (1) If you put soap or disinfectants in ur vj just to stay clean, there are tendencies that you'll have an infection due to the fact that you've destroyed your normal flora bacteria that should help you fyt infections. NOTE: soaps and disinfectants harm the vJ, it's a wrong practice and it cuases fungi attack on the Vj.

    (2) Bacterias and fungi are the most abundant organisms on earth, no matter how clean a surface or place is they are there. Flushing ur toilet doesn't send dem packing, they're even in the water... Disinfecting ur toilet not ur Vj before use is the answer.

    (3) Do a test and av ur doctor explain the infection, if it's an STI then talk to ur hubby so you both can undergo treatment, if it's not an STI treat urself and follow my above advice...

    Why it's important to thread carefully is to avoid fyt's in ur marriage that is liable of destroying it. Men hate wrong accusations especially when he's not cheating and you suggested it, he'll go mad.

    Have a great day!

  7. This might just be thrush or a yeast infection that is caused by too little or too much natural bacteria in the vagina and not sexually infected. Infact it works both ways, u can pass this to him wen u make love so stay away from sex until u have d all clear. Visit a good doctor and request they take a swab from ur vg and test it as well as ur hubby, the findings from d test will determine what u've got and if ur hubby has it. U both might need antibiotics to clear d inner infection and a cream or pressery to stop d itch. In d meantime never use fragranced or perfumed soap for ur vg, buy a natural feminine wash to wash ur vg, wear only cotton pants, wen u go to bed don't wear pants so u give d vg space n time to air. If d test comes back as an STI then its from ur hubby and u'll both need to get treated fast as it can eventually lead to low sperm count for men n damage to the cervix for women.if its from him then he has a lot of explaining to do and u decide how u deal with d situation.

  8. Yea...i agree wt oda bloggers dt commented on ds post...same happened t me,though i treated it wt my husband. D infection was treated more than thrice until d doc told us t get rid of our undies n dt was d end of d matter

  9. Anonymous4/08/2013

    You are just giving your self unnecessary headache; firstly change your doctor or better still get a second opinion your doctor should have know or told you the first time that your hubby needs to be treated too as it is in the case of infection especially between "husband and wife".
    Abeg no give the man headache oh by suspecting him no go cause unnecessary wahala oh.
    just visit your doctor together, do a lab test and insist on a drug sensitivity test/report so you know which drug is most effective in mopping up the infection. most treatment take ten days.
    God luck.yu no get problem at all!

  10. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Dryness could also be the cause ie if u r not properly lubricated during sex. U most likely ve a yeast infection and there r not very good treatment for them, when u treat them, they come back readily.

  11. Anonymous4/08/2013

    It could just be thrush which is not a STD. Many women get it and use creams like Canesten with pessaries to get rid of it. You might want to change the kind of underwear you use to cotton (to allow you vagina 'breathe') and also make sure you dry the area properly after showers/baths because a moist area is what thrush likes to grow on.

  12. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Pls change your panties after treatment get new cotton panties and don't use medicated soap to wash your vj and alway clean after urinating most importantly see a doctor again.i think is yeast infection.

  13. Anonymous4/08/2013

    How about staphyloccocus? Is it sexually transmitted too. Both of you should treat yourselves and change your panties. Only use water to wash your Vagina. Instead of suspecting him,ask him to go with you for test. Just to calm your mine. Tell him its a routine test.

  14. Eeeeeh,u for just go start trust issues wahala unneccessarily now

    They have said it all.both of you need to get treated+change all your underwear please
    Besides,what kind of infections exactly are you having?

  15. I luv this blog it's for the matured minds.they have said it all

  16. I agree with other bloggers and wud also say ps try 2 bath every nite,no matter how tired u get. Rinsing your V wth ordinary water after d day's activities will help kip u clean too.

  17. 1st go to d hospital&ask for a HVS&Urine culture&analysis test to determine the exact cause of ur itchin. Also soak all ur pants&boxer nighties in hot water&dettol b4 u begin ur treatment;or beta still change all ur pants. Make sure u wear only cotton pants. Also make sure dt ur hubby runs tests&gets treated also,Else u'l kip itching. Furthermore,make sure d soap u use to wash ur vagina isn't perfumed or 1 of those harsh bleachn/toning soaps as dis cn cause infectn. Use baby soap or just water to wash ur vagina. Stay away frm fem fresh&oda vagina washes,sprays&powder. Watch ur level of sugar;b it cubes,mineral,ice cream,carbohydrate intake etc. Also check ur sugar level in d hospital(bst tym to get an accurate result is in d mornin b4 9am. Do no drink water or eat food,1ce u wake up,shower,brush&head to d hospital 4d test b4 9am). If ur sugar level is high den u'l have re-occurn infectn also.

    1. Mrs Anon3/23/2014

      Huh? I thought fem fresh was the right thing to use instead of soap???

  18. Dnt 4get to stay away from sex durin treatment. Until ur done wf ur treatment&go 4 anoda test&u r free frm infection den u cn start hvn sex. If u hv sex durn d treatment,u triple d infectn hence makn d drug ineffective! So stay away frm sex durin treatment

  19. Anonymous4/09/2013

    Thank you all for your comments. They are so Educative. Hubby and I have scheduled a Doctor visit.
    Bloggers and Doctors in the house, i pray Gods blessing on you all.

    I'm grateful.


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