My Husband Cannot Dress Well, How Do I Know And Get Good Clothing For A Guy?

Aunty Eya,
You are Tugbaski! Thanks so much all my people in the house. I posted what has been bothering me for years here and I got the perfect solution. 

Now, moving
to another issue bothering me.When I was still single,I had 2 choices,its either I date a very fashionable guy and get dumped or I date a less fashionable one and get hooked.what am saying in a more sensible way is,I love guys with high taste but I always end up with a player.

So, when I realized am not getting any younger and I needed a serious relationship,then I found this guy,with a good Job,and cool headed,my only problem with him is his dressing,without wasting much time,we decided on getting married but am always bothered about the way he dresses.

We are married now though, and I know I can be doing the shopping for him but my main problem now is how do I know and get good clothing for a guy?
pls guys in the house HELP. 

Am the kind of person that likes people going WOW!!! when  am passing by,it won't be nice if I look good and my hubby isn't. Thanks for being there always.


  1. Remember the cloths your super ex bf's do wear...
    Exactly! That's what you should buy for him.

    Or you can dress him like the boondocks!

    1. Anonymous4/30/2013

      Boondocks? Ace for real?, somthing's wrong today..

  2. Wen u si guys dat dress well n u go wow! Go 2 a boutique n buy 4 ur hubby wht wld made u go wow. Aldoh seein dt he's a marid man n on d conservativ syd, u hv 2 buy clothes dt r appropriate. U dhlw knw dt buyin him rugged jeans is out of d question, pencil mouth jeans, out of d question. Jst get him nice shirts in fyn colours bt u wld also hv 2 pik out his clothes 4 him so he doesn't go around wearin a checked shirt and a stripd trousers dt sorta tin. Also U hv 2 ease him in2 it. Nt jst wake up one day n giv him a complete make ova. N wen he wears wht u hv pikd out, let d compliments com rollin out frm u. Dt way he sees dt u appreciate him dressin well nd he wld evn strt buyin gud clothes himself jst 2 gt mor compliments. U shld knw dat men r suckers 4 compliments. Enjoy

  3. Lolz just like my dad,even with the best clothes he doesn't know how to match them and the one to wear for a particular event. And my mum careless when she's busy trying to dress like a lolo.
    If u know the way u want him to always appear go get the clothes for him,make sure u get it yourself coz he may go there and get the same cothes and shoes that he already has. And always be there to fashion police him.
    He's now ur baby,plz try pamper and take good care of him.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Lol...just like u I was a sucker for guys that dress well but most of them turned out to be players. My hubby wasn't a power dresser when I met him and he was willing to allow him give him a complete make-over. It was a problem knowing where to get stuffs from but I found a way to over come that. Whenever I see a well dress guy or I like what he's putting on I ask them where they got it from and I hit the store. It would help if u let us know the city u live in that way peeps will be able to direct u to stokists of good quality trendy clothes.....all the best!

  5. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Good day aunty eya,I tried to send you an email but it wouldn't deliver so I searched for you on fbk and sent it to you on fbk,pls publish my story.I need urgent advice.God bless you, arike

  6. Anonymous4/30/2013

    Thanks so much Aunty Eya for posting my comment,Thanks all my people in the house,I must confess am Loving and enjoying this,am sorry for not including the city I live,I live in Lagos,I got him some clothes but I didn't like them,they are of low quality,I wouldn't mind getting address of a good boutique for guys.

  7. MrsDee4/30/2013

    Couldn't help but laff @ first when I saw dis dear,we have d same story just not d same results... When my hubby started getting srz abt settling down with me,I just didn't like his dressing and I mean down to evn his boxers and singlets.Hez on d slim side and I dnt undastand y he prefers to go on big wears.. O well,when I asked him y he said he wants to feel free in dem..•lmao. My dear,I first got him a set of boxers his size and then singlets and tshirts...ever since den dey are no longer tight on him oo*rme* .. Did I talk abt his jeans? Dey use to be dis Fela type, and he said he doesn't like all doz pencil trousers..I also don't like dem,but dia are better straight cut jeans 4 guys not d fela type esp not in dis times...doz tins made me scared of introducing him to my friends but now....O yea,I got my man just d way I want him,evn he feels so much better dan he used too...infact now sef am tinking of buyin d fela trousers 4 him*covers face* d inyanga don dey too much ni....

    1. Anonymous4/30/2013

      sounds like my hubby too... wen we first met he didn't even have a single jean....such a young man of 30...he only liked to wear tailor sown trousers and traditional attires.... it was so frustrating...
      but with time after gaining his confidence, i took him to a boutique then at Alaba and we had a complete make over...
      Now hubby only dresses in designer clothings lol

  8. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Hmmm na wao ma own b say he s own style is Funny he likes Everything over size N u can't correct him bcos he think he is fly n wen he was in scool babes were going crazy for him nawaooo how can someone be stuck in d 80 s (sobsob)

  9. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Same Tory here o lol. Oversized clothes problem here too. Even to his boxers and inner tee. Lol make our husbands catch us here. Mrs somborri

  10. Anonymous5/01/2013

    Hey i had the same issue with my boyfriend but now he's a changed guy and he's loving his new looks. My first advise is to avoid mentioning or admiring a guy's dressing in his presence, it affects it ego. The easiest way is to take him on a shopping trip maybe buy him just 2 shirts as a gift and then he can continue buying the rest. When you guys go shopping, pick out a lot of items that you like and let him pick his choice that way he thinks he's the one picking out the clothes but it was all your choices. Also, when he wants to dress, mention what goes with what so you sort of plan his outfit. Then the next stage is compliment compliment compliment, make his head swell from this new change. I dont live in lagos but im sure you can ask people around where they get nice clothes from.


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