Jim Iyke Unscripted Is Fun To Watch

Actor Jim Iyke.
Watching the Intro of Jim Iyke's show this evening was fun. I like the way Jim Iyke reasons. The way he talks about love.He made me realize that
actually, many people get disappointed in love because they go into it with the idea (idealism) of love and not the realism of it. According to him, the realism is the pain, the aches, the romance and other things that are true and happen in love. The idealism is what people have in their heads as a result of the character they see in a movie, the books or romance novels they read and so on. That idealism is not realistic. I quite agree with Jim Iyke.

I like when he refuses to say the cost of his pair of shoe (Gucci) cos he feels it's outrageous and not good to say. We see his small bed and then I wished he was married, that would have been  more fun to watch. I'd have loved to see Jim Iyke wake up in the morning, kiss his family goodmorning, pray with them, take his little boy with him to the gym, get mad at the boy's stubbornness and so on. I would have also loved to see family drama like disagreements, to see him and wifey argue and  make up. I don't know why but I kind of enjoy family  reality shows more.

I love watching the drama, sibling rivalry, fights, misunderstandings and so on. These are some of the reasons I watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians'' and ''The Family." When I watch the family, there is something to talk about.Like I remember how after watching the 15 year old Ola's inability to clear the table and clean up properly after eating, I remember the shock on the face of my five year old and how she won't stop telling everybody that cared to listen how she is five and can wash her dishes whereas Ola is fifteen and cannot wash.   

When we watch family reality shows, there are many people to talk about, to like and to dislike. Every memeber of my family picks his/her favourite character in the show and sometimes we discuss why we like or dislike someone. Even though I don't allow my kids to watch the Kardashians, I get really entertained watching them and their anyhow lifestyle. At the end of every episode, there is some drama to laugh and talk about.

 Although I enjoyed watching the intro of Jim Iyke unscripted, I still feel like it may not really be that fun because it will be like a one man show. Today's episode was more of an interview.  My idea of a reality show is viewers having to see you live a normal life in your house, like getting to see your daily routine unscripted. 

When the real show begins, I think those who did not enjoy "Omotola The Real Me," will get to love the Jim Iyke's craziness and I hope that it will show us him, living like Jim Iyke lives on a normal day and not just trips and manicures and pedicures. Jim Iyke, being who he is, this is going to be fun and crazy. I'm sure it would be produced in such a way that we don't get bored seeing Jim Iyke alone all the time.

If I may compare a little, What makes the Kardashians stand out for me is the fact that they show everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Viewers want to see the real thing and not the edited thing.  We want to see celebrities do things that we don't get to see outside, do things that are common to our families too, do things that will make us say 'oh,  so we are not the only ones that gossip and argue?" do things like sit on the floor and eat rice with their fingers and then wow us. If it is not a movie, then let it be truely real. Let viewers be allowed to see it ALL. 

He reveals that he is interested in his child, and that he would like a DNA carried out. I think Jim Iyke wants to meet this child of his. From the way he spoke, we may get to watch him go in search of this child


  1. Anonymous4/14/2013

    Inscripted or unscripted?

    1. Thank you, it's unscripted.

  2. Anonymous4/14/2013

    I so much love Keeping up with the Kardashian. Kim is my favourite. (I don't care wat pple say about her) I love Kourtney, Khloe, Rob and their Mum, Kris. Hmmn, Mason is wonderful and so also Scott. They are very entertaining. Oh! How can I forget little cute Penelope, Kourtney's little baby girl. And yes! I just finished watching 'Kourtney and Kim takes Miami' *winks

    1. Anonymous4/15/2013

      Beat this! I'm so into watchin d kardashian family,that I download episodes ahead of what E shows. Can't even wait for d weekly new episodes. kourtney, Scott n their kids r my favourite. Can't wait for them to get married,start their own show....

  3. A very close friend of mine actually told me that jim iyke is married n hs wife lives in d US, I did not even enjoy omotola's show , and I doubt I will even watch ths.

  4. Well, the first episode of Omosexy's reality show wasn't much either but I heard it ended up good.

    Can't wait to see Jim's though

  5. I like reality shows too.. They're my guilty pleasure, however all these shows, or at least a good number of them, are scripted.
    They actually choose what to air and what not to air. So in actual fact, there's no true reality show.
    I watch them for the laughs and lessons though, you can still learn from them.

  6. Yeah, I was one of those that slated Omotola's show when it first started airing but I warmed up to her especially towards the end when the episode of Christmas at her house aired. That is what I was expecting to see as the "real Omotola" not just the glamorous high flying life that was first portrayed. I would like to watch Jim's show to see what the hype is really all about and if he really comes off as "crazy" and "angry" as he appears to be portrayed by gossip blogs.


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