Jim Iyke Unscripted: Episode two - The Big Fight

Jim iyke and keturah image courtesy: Linda Ikeji's blog
Jim Iyke is dramatic, Keturah his fiancee is a drama queen. I 
guess Jim has met his match in Keturah. Last night, I couldn't have asked for a better show.
James Ikechukwu and Keturah! is that how you guys
live? Is it like a Tom And Jerry kind of relationship or what? From the beginning to the end of episode two, it was fight, fight, fight.

The public fight shocked me the most; I guess Keturah was drunk or better still they were both drunk. She pulls him, grabs his tie and shirt, pulls, screams and cries to the watching eyes of his fans. People gather and start taking photographs and recording the fight, she doesn't seem to care. At a point, Jim reminds her that people are watching, and all she does is turn around, face the crowd and scream "I DONT CARE" Every one watching their fight was just having so much fun. I could see girls giggling and laughing while turning their phones and cameras to positions that can capture more action.

Hmmmm, Jim Iye is stubborn, Jim Iyke is radical, Jim Iyke is a no nonsense guy etc etc, I think he has met his match in Keturah, This lady's head is HOT.

After the party and public fight, they get home, he tries to catch some sleep but she won't let him. She wants him to take her shopping ( A man that hasn't slept in like 24 hours?). He satisfies her in their room according to him. This should have helped her calm down but no way, she insists on shopping that early. 
At the mall, it was fun all through. Jim calls every pair of shoe she picks "HIGH FASHION." He wants her to pick something cheaper ( This is the same Jim Iyke that won't disclose the price of his Gucci shoes cos he feels they are too expensive and his fans may bash him). 

She refuses to go for anything cheaper and Jim tries to walk off and away,just to avoid paying. I like when she tells him that she is 'independent" and can afford to pay for her items. 

But come, Keturah sha no send o. Imagine her in the presence of Jim, asking the sales person if he is as selfish as her fiance Jim. The oyibo man replies "no comment"  While still talking, she sees people ice skating and wants to go do same. Women can be selfish atimes, this is a man that hasn't slept and is asking for time to go sleep. First he takes her shopping, you could see he really wanted to sleep, only for her to ask that they go ice-skating.Trust Jim Iyke to refuse.

I felt sorry for her at the point where  she lost it and could not hide her frustration anymore. She tells him repeatedly that he is annoying and selfish, but I think they are both selfish. She complains about him not having time for her when they go out, he abandons her to herself while he spends hours taking photographs with fans. 

She is not against his spending time with fans, but feels, a situation where he takes up to an hour or more taking pictures while she is left standing and waiting is not fair. She tells him that he abandons her to herself a lot of the times.

What didn't keturah complain about? His not remembering her birthdays, his selfish selfcentred nature and all. Well, I expected Jim to cut her long talk short with an apology which he never did (I guess the lack of sleep was responsible for that behaviour.Dear Ladies, It's very important to let a man rest and feel refreshed. From party drinking to public fight, to bedroom indoors, to shopping and whinning and constant complains, what man won't react the way Jim Iyke did). 

She suggests that they go for counselling since they are never getting along well, like the proper African man that he is, Jim told her "NO" I felt so sorry for her at this point. She is worried that their retionship has been on for five years with no future plans. She wants them to take this relationship to the next level but he doesn't feel bothered.
Although Keturah talked non-stop, I still think she is a good woman and is trying her best to make this relationship work. One thing though, she doesn't know that when a man is allowed to get some rest, he feels refreshed and happier and that, is the best moment to introduce serious talks and questions like "where is this relationship heading?" How can she suggest counselling in the middle of an argument and to a Jim that is feeling tired and sleepy. #WellMyOpinion

On the whole, I enjoyed episode two. It was full of drama. However, I hope this drama is the real thingy. I hope I saw the real Jim Iyke and Keturah and not just acting for the cameras, because, the day I discover that any one is acting and calling it reality show will be the day I unsusbscribe to watching. If that is how Jim Iyke and Keturah live? then they do need some counselling. *(I hear Steph Nora says she still loves him. Is that true?)
**Just thought to share with a few of my bloggers who may have missed it last night.


  1. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Lol,I do dstv 1k5 so I don't get AfMag.Can't watch it.

    1. Anonymous4/26/2013

      Lol. So wat channels are available to you? Then I shdlnt complain abt my 3k own.

  2. Seriously? The whole 30 minutes of the show was fight, whining, arguments and every other thing that can describe misunderstanding. I so hope they are not acting too but even if they were, i think Jim Iyke unscripted is better, more entertaining and more real than Omotola the REAL me

  3. Blexin4/26/2013

    Pls Aunty Eya I want to send you a mail. What's ur mail pls?

  4. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Seriously,'Omotola the Real me'is so fake.I love the woman o but hate the show. Its so tiring. Don't know what made them think that their life is so special that people can sit down and watch them.

  5. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Jim Iyke's is d best reality show in Naija. Looks real to me. I'm pleasantly surprised.

  6. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Thank you for the update Eyah! That was so thoughtful of you to share.

  7. Anonymous4/26/2013

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