Is My Baby Girl Turning Bad?

U r doing a nice work here aunty Eya... Am new here and am really
enjoyn evry bit of it. Am a 23 yrs old mum wt a wndrfl husband,a baby
girl&pregnant wt my second  child . I v one of d best marriage eva so

i sometyms feel scared when i read some of d stories here.d devil
keeps telling me dt mine wl soon turn out lyk dt so i sldnt relax. So
Since ds blog is al about wives connection,i feel we sld atyms talk
about parenting skill.. I got married @21.though am d 1st in a family
of 6,i cnt really say i knw much about parenting. My baby girl  is 16
mnths now. She s always peeping between pples leg,wen Eva someone
carelessly opens his or her legs. Secondly,she s always on pampers buh
immediately its pulled off or if she finds herself naked,d next place
her finger goes is in her private part...pls i dnt knw if al ds is
normal fr a child.lyk i said bfr,i spent my primary sch days wt
househelps al around t tk care of my siblings,my sec sch in a boarding
house n university outside my home,so i v neva taken care of a baby
bfr.. Pls mums n experienced pple in d house sld pls help me out.
Ahdaisy,well done.i so much enjoy ur comments,dey r so God fearing.


  1. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Omg am laughing because my first son was like that too alway touch women breast, but as he grew older he stop it, you have to continue to cautious her she is just curious,please don't say your child is bad because of that,whatever we say with our mouth usually follow them,call her a blessed child.

    1. lwkmd...your child is not bad. its happening with my toddler boy too. kids are curious and adventurous and really thats how they learn.
      its however the duty of the parent to correct their wrong doings.As advised by anon here,correct in a stern voice for her to know mummy doesnt like it, with time she ll stop.Stop fretting and enjoy motherhood.

  2. Some children develop harmless habits which they will drop as they grow older. But you also have to keep an eye on them and make them stop it, while they are still very young. Whenever she does any of the above, tell her to stop it. Use a stern voice so that she'll know you're not joking. Also pray for her.

    She is not bad until she starts doing these thing secretly.

  3. Cyndrella4/05/2013

    My last boy is in the habbit of touching his manhood wen ever he is not on pampers but i keep scolding him,he even go as far as touching his elders when ever he is naked or his fathers.To me i think he is just been curious and will outgrow the habbit.I dont think you should worry so much just keep scolding her for correction.She will stop it.Only try and watch her closely and always talk to her about it.And please make sure you dont leave her in the company of boys.God bless our children and give them protection against all evil.

  4. Young Awesome Mum4/05/2013

    This is so funny, ur baby isn't bad, she's jst doin all that out of curiosity, wheneva i take off my 7months old boy's diaper he starts touching his privates, i caution him by taking his hands off and givin him an angry look. You just hv to correct her when she does such she'll stop pretty soon

  5. dear ur girl is good in IJN, amen. Don't panick, t's one of those things wt kids, i hv 3boys, 4, 2yrs... d first recently took interest in looking @ my nakedness, saying, mummy see ur bum bum occassionally, had to retrace my steps my staying covered up to d barest minimum even in ds heat period, while d second is usually playing wt hs penis by robbing any cloths his hand lays on b4 he goes to sleep. He always finds excuse of removing his pant/trouser b4 sleepg esp wen having siesta. Despite d strict measures of making hm wear hs pants. Takia n remain focus on her she wl surely outgrow t n most importantly pray 4ur kids includg d one in tommy. God bless.

  6. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Awwww my daughter is same age and does same thing so relax she's a gud kid. God will help us all

  7. In as much as some children do these out of pure childhood curiosity, some could be as a result of what their caretakers are exposing them to. You need to monitor the people that are helping you to take care of the baby- especially if you have domestic help, to be sure that your baby is not being sexually molested, because, children usually copy what they see happening around them.

    @Eya, thanks for checking up on me. I have been busy with the preparation for my up coming book presentation and haven't written anything on my blog in a while. How you dey?

    1. I'm fine @Ivy, thanks for coming. The lord will see you through. Very sure this book presentation will be great.

  8. Your baby is not turning bad. Its just a normal phase for most kids,she'll get over it. Just continue to correct her,pray for her and confess only positive things about her. May God help us all.

  9. My dota is exact same age as urs nd does d same tin. I was so worried nd scared too dat I complained 2 her paediatrician nd she said its ok dat she jst discovered dat part of her body nd gets rlly curious especially since its always covered wiv diapers. She also asked me dat wen her hands were always goin 2 her mouth did I panick? Its a passing phase dear but stilll correct her ALWAYS. She wld outgrow it.

  10. My son is 2 and as soon as his diaper comes off he pulls at his genitals but he is gradually stoping it. It use to be so bad that his grandmother will sream and say "don't kill our generation oooo!" And his aunty will say "don't spoil your industry" I think your daughter will stop it soon

  11. Anonymous4/06/2013

    i hate to drop this but i got to let u know that some of this habits are as a result of what they experience. a girl of 2 plus was seen puttin small battery in her vj. as in inside inside. when asked who taugt or did it her before and she said aunty xxxx. after examination the small girl has been dis virgined by her mum's friend daughter who usually takes care of the small child. so sad, i dont mean to scare u, but i want you to activate your sixth sense to see beyond the normal. on the other hand, previous honourable commenters said it could be a passing phase.


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