I Was Circumcised

Dear Aunty Eya,
I'm sending you this mail because of some comments I saw on your blog. A lady does not find pleasure in her marriage and bloggers asked if she was circumcised. I want to say that circumcision does not
stop anyone from getting pleasure with their spouses.

At ten, still in Primary School then, I was circumcised along with a few cousins. Though I can still feel that pain, it was surreal, it was gruesome. That protruding part was completely removed and left flat. The parties and fun that followed cannot justify the pain and torment. I grew up in the village and I thank God that after my batch, the Government took charge, started making arrests and that barbaric act was completely stopped. 

After all these, I went to secondary school, started having boyfriends at 16 and I don't have any problem. Ok, let me say I have a little problem which is that I never experience orgasm.

A lot of women who weren't circumcised never experienced orgasm too so I can't say that my being circumcised is the cause. I have tried a lot of things with my husband, I get very wet quickly, especially during ovulation. Even after two kids, I still have so much fun with him. I enjoy myself and get lost in oblivion so I don't know why those commenters were talking as if being circumcised has something to do with the poster's problem.


  1. I think the entire phenomenon is so sad and just... well I have no words. I can throw accusations but I guess not knowing better caused them to think it was RIGHT? Because I don't why else a mother would subject her kid to that.

    Almost saw a nollywood movie once that addresses the subject of female circumcision. Couldn't finish that movie cos I couldn't take the pain.

    But I can only imagine what it must have been like, unfortunately it's not entirely eradicated in Africa. As some female pre-adolescents are still subjected to the same barbarism.

    So do we blame it on lack of education or this perceived desire to resist 'westernization' (because of course a plea to stop female circumcision is nothing but westernization - pls note the sarcasm in this bracket)

  2. Who ever invented that sh*t must be a darn moron...

    But come to think of it, the benefit of male circumcision is to make sex much more enjoyable, cos the sheath is being cut away to expose the sensory GLANS (the sensitive bulbous structure at the top or distal end of the human penis.) This guy is what makes sex sweet & enjoyable for guys. But that of a woman is deliberately cut off... Life can be unfair!

  3. @ Ace, imagine o? Mscheeuw! Kai, I can imagine the trauma. I mean, boys are circumcised as infants so even if the act has a negative effect, they were not 'aware' enough to be traumatized by it. But imagine a 10 year old girl being.... Oh Lord! And I'm sure they dnt use any anesthetic on the person. O Chimo!!! Kedu ife madu a ya-fu n'uwa a?

    1. I have come to realize that anything God establishes is for a purpose. Every law, every command, every practice.
      When He instituted the act of circumcision on the 8th day, it was as a sort of covenant with the Jewish people.

      Studies have shown however that Jewish women have on the average less cases of cervical cancer than other people groups. This is b/c the area under the glans is easier to keep clean in circumcised males so their is no build up of stuff that can endanger the female cervix.

      Another study has shown that the 8th is the optimal time to circumcise a child as there is minimal pain and blood loss.

      God is indeed great. There is always a method to His wisdom :-)

      As the original poster has said, the only reason why females are circumcised is ostensibly, to minimise promiscuity. Utter rubbish! No proof whatsoever that it has ever achieved that. A totally devilish custom!

      Sorry for the long post.

    2. Correction
      * there is no build up
      * the 8th day

  4. The act of circumcision should be frowned at, I tell you just last week I travelled and behold a girl was circumcised in my presence, in this 21st century. What can the little girl do? Which way forward......never the govt is not putting so much effort either.
    Come to think of it I can imagine having fun without my clits choi, @ adaeze kam mechikwa onu* nice diary u have.

  5. The act of circumcision should be frowned at, I tell you just last week I travelled and behold a girl was circumcised in my presence, in this 21st century. What can the little girl do? Which way forward......never the govt is not putting so much effort either.
    Come to think of it I can imagine having fun without my clits choi, @ adaeze kam mechikwa onu* nice diary u have.

  6. Anonymous4/18/2013

    Thanks dear,

    For telling us what it feels like being circumcised.
    I have some questions,
    1. Was childbirth painful(more than it should be)
    2. Did u have tears during childbirth and were they sewn back?
    3. I hear it makes the man enjoy sex superbly, do you and your hubby believe that?

    I'm just trying to learn more. Thanks again

    1. Anonymous4/18/2013

      I doubt if it affect all dese thins o.sheby na d clitoris dem cut commot,doesn't av nythin2do with d inside.only dat,u won't cum easily cos 4women its massaging d clitoris dat makes us cum.

    2. Yes, Childbirth was painful but the normal labour pains. My first delivery was more painful than the second.

      I always have very big babies, husband and I have big body frames. The tears I get are as a result of the over 3kg babies. The painful part is when the tears are sutured by the nurses without any form of anaesthetic whatsoever. I wish they give us epidurials in Nigeria. I love painless childbirths but have no choice here in our dear Nigeria where no one tries to take the pain away.

      I doN't believe it makes for more enjoyment. The clit should make for more enjoyment I guess. I think those with their clits will enjoy more.

      Hubby doesn't think that lack of it is a problem.

    3. Anonymous4/18/2013

      tnx 4 d info dear

    4. Anonymous4/19/2013

      Yeah they do give epidurals in naija. During my ante natal In 2008 @ national hospoital abuja was when they started I think. Oge

  7. Thanks for sharing. I thought there is no form of pleasure in sex if a lady is circumcised but now I kno better. Even some non circumcised ladies don't always orgasm like myself but that can be due to things like tiredness, not in d mood but u want him 2 have his way, stress, wrong atmosphere and many more. But d clitoris is still d koko of orgasm anytime anyday. I wonder what d reasons and benefits behind female circumsition are? Any ideas?

    1. To curb promiscuity. Now you'll believe it's a man's world. YEAH!

  8. Anonymous4/18/2013

    Can anyone imagine the shock of discovering that you were circumcised after your wedding. I married as a virgin and never had a reason to check what is underneath. My shock cannot be quantified, I cried and cried but thank God for my husband he was very patient with me and told me that it has nothing to do with enjoying sex. And that is so true because I have orgasm frequently, it doesn't happen each time we make love but I still enjoy it, and that is good by me. I am still going to ask my mother someday why she did that to me because she is not an illiterate and I least expect that from her.

    1. Anonymous4/19/2013

      Some clits r mor prominent than some,(just lik d penis);might b u have small flat clit n u think it aint there, that u wer circumsized. I'd advice u go confirm from ur doctor b4 u approach ur mum.

  9. Anything that doesn't kill you can only make u stronger. I was also circumsised as a baby and I have no memory of the experience. I enjoy sex a lot, I have no problems reaching orgasm and I had my two kids via vaginal birth, 1st, 3k.g with minir tear, 2nd 3.5 k.g and no tear. Its not a bad thing, it is done to baby boys too the only issue I haveis where it is done when the child is no longer a baby.
    What I'm tryin to say is circumcision is nit the reasons for your problems, search further. Three sisters did it too and they are fine.

  10. Circumcised women may tend to be promiscuous but that is not enough to deprive them of sexual pleasure. From experience as a man, once they are aroused, anything can happen. However, I prefer uncircumcised women to those who are not because you spend less time arousing them compared to those who would just lay there like a log. It takes amount of efforts to stimulate them and if you are not careful, depending on your age, you could have a stroke. FGM should be abolished. Sexual discipline is as much psychological as it is physical.


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