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Hi Aunty Eya,
Thank u for the recipes on your blog. It helps me try out new dishes and improve on the ones I already have an idea of. Also, thank you for your blog I recently fell in Love with it n feel very at home with everyone especially Adhaisy,Ace n Bentley. I follow the stories and learn a thing or two as well.
Anyways, today, I am going to b an anonymous solution seeker on your blog. I have something that has been bothering me fo a while nw and have decided to share and get opinions from others.

I got married in December 2012 after dating my hubby fo about 8months. While we were dating, I never

got pregnant mistakenly for him though I always used the morning after pill. When I finally moved to lagos to after the wedding in january 2013, we were both excited to start a family and started trying immediately. Prior to this time, I stopped seeing my cervical mucus (Forgive the TMI)which used to be regular until august 2012.

 I started having slight pains at both ends of my tummy which wasn't due to ovulation which I also used to experience before my period was due every month. So I had to do a scan and discovered I had stapyloccocus infection. Ciprofloaxin Drugs were prescribed which I took religiously n I think the infection was cleared tho still no sign of the mucus.

However, hubby went for a test too n discovered he had staph n low sperm count. The doc we meet @ the time prescribed both hormonal n antibiotics fo him. He took them religiously as well n went fo another scan in march n discovered there was a downward depression in the lowsperm count meaning the hormonal drugs suppressed the infection and made it worse. Long story short, we have been taking meds since january till nw. Mine infection goes n comes n I don't know if we both reinfecting eachother and still no sign of pregnancy.

 I have taken all the ciproflaxins in the pharmacies but to no avail. We have followed all the guidelines to improve low sperm count, but no show. If its not me fEeling pain in my left or right side, its hubby. I can say he's 90% faithful n has never cheated. I kno am fertile cus I got pregnant @ 20 when I was disvirgined n he's told me abt some ladies who got pregnant fo him as well.

Right now I don't know if we are not seeing the right doctors or doing the right thing bt one thing m sure of is that we r both fed up. Hubby is even most worried and cries smtimes cus he feels bad like its his fault and I only have to b strong fo him. I kno God will answer us one day cus we firm believers and we pray very well as well bt If there's any other suggestion or tips that can help us, pls readers, kindly help me.

One more thing, most times when I dream, I see myself in my former secondary school where I did not finish from. I have a faint idea it could be setback n retrogression but I dunno again and lately hubby and I have been having similar dreams of seeing children I don't know if its cus we both want them badly or..... Forgive my lengthy email. Pls I want to remain anonymous and no cusses @ us pls

Thank you as I await prompt "lengthy" replies. God bless you all
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  1. Hello Dear,

    I am not married yet but I think I could say something about your situation. Infection and low sperm count are largely causes of infertility nowadays but I don't think that's the case here because you both are undergoing treatment. I feel, you have to put your mind off children and be happy, most times, mental stress puts strain on couples and it could affect their hormones. There are also alot of good fertility doctors, if you feel the one you see presently isn't good enough, I'll advice you to change doctors (tested and trusted ones) meet people who stayed for a while before getting pregnant and ask them who their doctors are. My uncle is a good fertility doctor but it depends on where you stay because he doesn't reside in Lagos(would love to give you his contact if you are interested). All the same, just stay calm, God is in control.

  2. Well, I dunno much about infections and infertility. But look for a good fertility specialist. Not just a gynecologist.

    Also, don't pray and worry. When you pray, believe it is done and try to remove your mind from it. Removing your mind from TTC while TTC is one of the hardest things to do but occupy yourself with activities. Enjoy your marriage. To me, you and hub have not even been together that long in total. So try and enjoy your marriage before the stress of children and ttc take over and leave you both miserable. It is both financially and emotionally tasking. And once your hub's ego takes over, hm, you might start seeing a different person from who you married.

    I'll advice you to search for ttc forums online especially the TTC thread on Nairaland forum. You'll meet enough women with experience who can help you. When you also read their stories, you'll know if what you're on the right track or are doing something wrong. However, you case cannot be exactly the same with someone there cos bodies are different but in general, you'll meet people with similar cases.

    Pls other parents here should pray for her. All the best and remember to tell us when you are preggers. :-) Sparkling baby dust to you...

  3. make sure both of you are treated for the infection at the same time. After the treatment, before any intercourse go for another test and if one of you still has any trace of the infection, let that person treat well before you start making love again. Just like Adaeze said; get your mind of making babies for now, enjoy your sex life, avoid anything that will stress you both mentally and like it's been suggested before in earlier posts, there are food that can boost sperm count. Above all tell the giver of life -God, the one who said "None shall be barren in the land" that you are ready to have your children. Surely you will testify

  4. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Hi I think Ʊ shld see another doc. Probably a change of antibiotics will do. And both of Ʊ shld get treated again. This time avoid sex through out the period of medication. Most tyms infections causes infertility. Abt ur hubby there are drugs that boost sperm count and also a change of diet will help. Cucumber,pap helps. I and my hubby were TTC 4 abt a year and few mths. We had sex like 3tyms a day,that's abt 21tyms in a week(cover face) bt nothing. Untill we discover that random sex is not the solution. Bt tyming. So understand ur body perfectly to know when Ʊ ovulate. I also was not seeing any cervical mucus too. My sis introduced me to a Drug called Clomid(Ȋt induces ovulation) tho I didn't seek a doctors advice I took it with vitamin E. I and my hubby took the vitamin E. And my dear now am pregnant. So Just relax pray and trust God. Then do what u have to do. Praying 4 Ʊ.

    1. You are right about clomid, it really does work wonders. I have condition called PCOS- polycystic ovaries syndrome so I hardly ever have a period and if I do I often don't ovulate and although my 1st child was only 2yrs but I know my TTC history so I decided to sort myself out . I bought clomid on d internet after researching on it 4 about 8months and followed the instructions on how to use it after it arrived- I made me ovulate coz I did an ovulation test and I fell pregnant d next month with my 2nd child.

  5. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Pls visit The Bridge Clinic lagos. They specialise in fertility issues.

  6. Anonymous4/26/2013

    My dear,I advise you to go to a teaching hospital with your husband.There you both'll be properly investigated and treated appropriately. Best of luck!

  7. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Hey there! The pain on both sides of your tummy could be caused by chlymidia (affects both male and female). I suggest you get tested for that. Although it can be treated with a course of antibiotics, if left untreated it causes infertility. Best of luck.

  8. Eat right and be happy, see a fertility doc, just enjoy each others company, and pray, prayer of thanksgiving for the children God has already given u, its only God that can make it happen. Infact don't pray cos u mite pray amiss, get plenty christain tapes for praises n worship, worship n thank God daily n see if he won't turn ur situation around.
    U both shld also get tested n treated@ the same time, u can't treat d infection in isolation ur parnter will keep giving it to u, will aslo include u in my prayers.

  9. Get a second opinion and ask that your doctor look very well at your scan. if you have pains on both sides of your abdomen it might be a cyst that is also preventing you from ovulating.

    above all pray and believe God.

    Most fertility clinic will tell you not to worry because you are declare fertile until 1year of regular intercourse and no conception.
    so relax and enjoy your husband because when the kids start rolling in.......

  10. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Its well with u n hubby, just take heart, d giver of children isn't asleep. He has seen it all- (d effort of u n ur hubby). When u least expect it, he wll perform, he's too faithful to lie. Infact, very soon, u start asking 4 which family planning method to adopt.

  11. Here is a subject I have a lot of knowledge having graduated as a medical microbiologist from uni.

    What I've noticed is that you've being seeing a quack doctor, cos I doubt if he made you a timetable. You need one to plan better.

    Firstly, change your doc and plz create a timetable. Meaning no sex or or less sex during treatments, and if you must have it use a condom until you both her certified cleared of Staphylococcus aureus. Before you begin the dosage, do a comprehensive test and after ur dosage do another comprehensive test to confirm that you are both free from the bacteria.
    If you are not totally free after 4week extend ur doSsage further 2weeks depending on the result of the test. I'll also advice a drug sensitivity test before commencement.

    I'll bullet my advise!

    (1) Avoid sex during treatment or use a condom for at least 6weeks during the treatment period.

    (2) Already ur bodies (both of you) I suspect have developed resistance for Ciprofloxacin which also has a lot of counterfeits around, discontinue the use.

    (3) I'll advice an upgrade to "Augmentin" make sure you purchase from a reliable pharmacy, buy the beecham, evans or pfizer brand. Note: Augmentin is one of the strongest antibiotics on the shelves.

    (4) You both must drink a large amount of water daily, eat healthy and rest well.

    (5) He should eat a lot of nuts, like for me I'm not married yet but there's no time you open my fridge and won't find a bottle of ground-nut or cashew-nut. Nut's are good in production of healthy spermatozoa.

    (6) If he drinks or smokes, he must discontinue the habits cos it affects reproductive health.

    (7) Stress is a major contributor to reproduction. Stop the crying, thinking and hesitation. If his job is cumbersome he should change or try to get a leave. Just work out ways to reduce stress associated to work.

    (8) You may carry out an ultrasound or a computerized tomography (CT) scan to create images of your urinary tract before and after Antibiotic, your hubby should be on Urine-Analysis before and after the dosage.

    Wish you goodluck

    1. What's your bill sir, I'll like to pay for the services rendered.. Lol. Ur school fees were worth it...:-)

    2. I agree Ahdaisy. Ace ur parents didn't waste moni @ all sending u 2 uni.

    3. Shayor4/26/2013

      Ahdaisy took it out of my mouth! You would know ppl dt actually attended classes. Nice one Ace, I picked up 1 or 2 points. Thank you.

    4. Anonymous4/26/2013


  12. Augmentin is game changer, use it ryt and the result will be awesome.

    Again I advice, as soon as you start the drug stop unprotected sex this is to avoid cross-infection, you both myt be having 2 different strains of staphylococus aureus.

    From ur story, bacterias are the culprint and nothing else. My assumption is called "clinical diagnosis" a conclusion made by what the patient says. While you also need a standard "Laboratory diagnosis" to confirm what is involved, a further sensitivity test is done to know which drug will be best to inhibit the bacteria.

    Don't be too spiritual, face it head-on with patience. We nigerians are too spiritual with medical issues and that's why we fail at it. I'm catholic, we don't sell miracles and we believe in medicine. If the white man is as spiritual as nigerians we won't have cure for diphteria, polio and rubella these were permanent killers in the past.

    No cause for alarm dear!

    Just be patient, as soon as you get it ryt, the baby go land like container.

    1. Anonymous4/26/2013

      I am catholic too. Miracles are real because God is real. Medicine works too. Pls don't mix it up lest, someone misunderstands you. Gracias!

  13. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Hi everyone, thank you for ur msgs, suggestions, word of advice and prayers. After sending out this email today, I decided to visit a different doctor as recommended by a friend n I was relieved/amazed by the doctor's response. He saidd hubby n I have too much antibiotics in our system (january to date)which has led to the breakdown of our antibodies hence the reinfection and discharge cus I developed yeast infection few days ago. He advised we stop any further treatment with antibiotics cus staph is a common bacteria found in every part of our body n if tests are carried out, most times staph would be present in the result. He has prescribed zilcan and asked us to get the timing right fo sex because there's still a slight chance with the LSC, I can conceive and we can only start to worry after one year of trying .
    That being said I want to say thank u fo taking out time to drop aa word or two. I will surely keep u posted when "it" happens. I will make sure we find remedies to hubby's LSC and ensure we stay loving n discovering new things abt eachother till then. God bleSs u

  14. kendra4/26/2013

    Calm down dear.. U will get pregnant but before then,since u are both treating urselves,I think u should focus on the treatment... U can't get pregnant when u are under so much anti biotics... Anti biotics destroy every chances on a sperm meeting an egg and so forth...

    So my advice is

    1. You and ur hubby should go to a good hospital,where they have good doctors and get a comprehensive test to know what's going on in ur system. So that u can treat it all once and for all,both the infestion,ur hubby's sperm count and any other thing that would deal with anti biotics

    2. Then remember,treat all the infections and leave everything to God.. Relax ur mind and enjoy ur marriage, u are less than a year,no doctor will treat any fertility issues until after a year of unprotected sex without any form of conception

    3. Eat good diets,lots of water and plenty fruits.. Then relax,that's more important.. If u and ur hubby aint relax,it wouldn't help conception... Ur hormones need to be balanced and stress can scatter ones hormone.

    4. Ur hubby should take all the drugs prescribed for him religiously and he should rest too.. Don't stress him much...

    5. Have unprotected sex after treatments of the infection,and don't do it as if u just want the sperm to go in and meet ur egg,have fun.. Enjoy sex and let ur hubby do too... When u are hell bent on having sex just cos u want to raise ur legs when u done so the sperm can go in and meet ur egg,it might not happen thereby leaving u disappointed

    Lastly,pray,God is a miraculous God.... There is nothing He can't do

  15. Hahahahahhahaaa! @Ahdaisy and lizzy, thanks... I pray I can discover my own patent before I die, not necessarily medical, I'm more of a digital native now.

    We shall overcome someday!
    Thanks again...

  16. awww... i agree with what one of the "commentors" said about stress.. you need need and should try to stop stressing, I have heard stress can hinder reproduction.

    Also, maybe see a WELL QUALIFIED doctor. and stick to one

    and most importantly pray really hard, I know women who have been medically tested as infertile but God gave them children. one a set of twins and the other 2 children within 2 years. it happened in such a way that it was obvious it wasn't the medications or anything. I am close to one of them and u know what? she randomly got pregnant! soo pray I pray God grants your heart desires about this and calms your storm. amen.

  17. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Oga Ace d Bentley! I dey hail oo!

  18. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Oga Ace d Bentley! I dey hail oo!

  19. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Oga Ace d Bentley! I dey hail oo!

  20. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Oga Ace d Bentley! I dey hail oo!

  21. For those who mentioned clomid, be aware that it's been known to cause multiple pregnancy. By multiple I don't mean just twins, but upto quadruplets and above!
    So just bear that in mind and prepare for that possibility. Besides it's not meant to be an over-the-counter drug but one that should be taken under strict medical supervision.

    To the original poster I wish u all the best and may ur prayers be answered speedily.

  22. Anonymous4/28/2013

    I just saw this post now... from what u have said, it's a case of secondary infertility and the good news is, its totally treatable. Like ur new doc suggested, take a break from the antibiotics. Then, you should do a high vaginal swab MCS(microscopy, culture and sensitivity), and ur husband shd do a comprehensive seminal fluid analysis + MCS as well to enable them determine what drugs would work for the staph infection. Avoid unprotected sex for now to prevent cross infection until u both are cured completely... in the meantime, eat healthy, exercise and take a lot of fluids. Most importantly, dont sweat it, take it easy and the babies would come in due time.
    Goodluck darling and we expect to hear the good news soon!xxx

  23. You need to pray about the dream of seeing yourself in your secondary school, it has spiritual implications just as you mentioned and should not be taking lightly. I wish you the very best and pray that God takes care of all your physical, spiritual and emotional needs.


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