How To Makeover Nigerian Soups, Serve Re-branded Food LeftOvers

Spaghetti reheated with boiled rice and peas, served with mutton kebabs 
 Many times, the quantity of food prepared is more than what the family needs. At
such times, the leftovers end up in the refuse bag
There are also men/husbands who can't eat food leftovers, even if kept in the fridge, they just can't eat a dish they had tasted before.  I have seen Nigerian wives who cook everyday because the soup has to be fresh and new or hubby won't eat it. Considering that many Nigerian men cannot live one day without swallow, the woman goes through the daily stress of cooking fresh soups after office hours. If cooking soups is her day job, then it's Ok. But, if this woman has to go to work, stop at the market to shop and then return home to cook fresh soups everyday, then it's not funny at all.

There are a few tricks that can turn your leftovers new and fresh. No one will know it was kept in the fridge.
*I cooked this spaghetti, the leftover in the pot was more than  quantity served. It was kept it in the fridge, a few days passed. The next time I brought it out was the day I had boiled rice with no stew and had to add some of the boiled rice, pepper sauce and peas to it. To serve, I left the coated chicken it was previously served with and served with mutton kebabs instead.

Plates were cleared in one go while my secret remained with me.
Leftover Spaghetti
Reheating spaghetti with my pepper sauce, peas and seasoning
Leftover spaghetti looking fresh and different

How To Makeover  Soups And Stews:
  1. If the soup was previously cooked without vegetables, when re heating, sprinkle some freshly chopped vegetables
  2. If it was cooked with ugu vegetables, when re-heating, add some chopped green okra and do not over cook the added okra. Leave it fresh and green. It automatically gives soup a new look.
  3. For tomato stew, fry onion, fresh pepper and crayfish, pour in the old pot of stew. It gives another flavour.
  4. To make-over egusi soup, make a few small lumps, fry with some ground crayfish and add to the soup.
  5. To makeover pepper soup, chop some fresh mint leaves(scent leaves). add and do not over cook added vegetables.
  6. To make-over vegetable soup, add some fresh water leaf, crayfish, pepper sauce and seasoning. Avoid adding palm oil to leftover vegetable soups, except when you add fresh vegetables. Warming vegetable soup with fresh palm oil changes the taste to a not so good one.
How Do You Makeover  Food Leftovers? Can you share with us?


  1. BlackBerry Lady4/05/2013

    I makeover boiled white rice by pouring stew, thyme into it and turning into jollof. It becomes fresh new jollof rice.

  2. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Leave Eya alone and tell us how you fry yours,if you can't add value then keep quiet. LEARNER LIKE MYSELF.
    I add fresh ugu vegetables and palm oil to old ugu soup before warming and serving. It turns my vegetable soup fresh.

  3. You certainly are one woman any man would be glad to have in his home. I love all the dishes you post and even if I don't comment on all the posts I am certainly making use of every recipe....especially the south south dishes.

    1. Thank you Sykik, I appreciate this comment.

  4. Anonymous4/05/2013

    I like turning leftover moi-moi to be like akara by frying it,afer slicing it.
    As for white rice I do same as the anons said.
    Eba and Iyan, I cut into into bits, put it into a pot, pour water, allowed to boil, until very soft and add new flour on it and stir, until all dissolves, and it is has good as fresh.
    Boiled yams and plantain, I slice and fry them.

    1. Good tips here, thank you sistah!

    2. Anonymous4/05/2013

      ok :)

  5. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Pls off topic!
    But I desperately need an ans o
    Is mint also Efirin or scent leaf?
    Pls sum1 shld help me o.... Thanks in advance :)

    1. Young Awesome Mum4/05/2013

      Yes,mint leaf is scent leaf

    2. Anonymous4/05/2013

      Bless u awesome momma!

    3. Anonymous3/08/2014

      aunty, efirin is scent leave...
      in english: basil.
      it' differrent from mint leave

  6. Hello Eya,
    Hope all is well.
    My left over 'tricks'
    - Left over stew served with 'emergency okro' (Grated okro with crayfish, stock cube cooked with little water)
    - Left over rice made into fried rice (with mixed veg , chopped meat etc)
    - Left over yam, cooked into quick pottage (added to ground tatashe, onions, ata rodo and spinach -with tiny oil)
    - Left over pasta turned into 'pasta jollof' ( mixed with fried chopped tatashe, tomatoes, ata rodo and onions) and eaten with chicken or boiled egg
    - Left over plain beans mixed with freshly boiled rice and served with stew
    - Left over sauce (tomatoes, tatashe, onions and pepper sauce) poured into eggs for quick omelette
    - Left over sauce (as above) mixed with corned beef.....heated in a dry frying pan (no oil) and served with bolied yam or dodo

    Phew...I don tire
    have a blessed weekend

    1. Hi N.I.L, I'm doing great by God's grace. You try wella.
      Thanks for sharing your tips with us.

  7. Anonymous4/05/2013

    Aunty Eya, pls this is urgent. I'm yoruba and I want to make a very simple and delicious pepper soup, what are d ingredients and the procedure. ( I'm using fresh fish) Please, its very urgent!!!

    1. Ok, you need to read this post (The recipe for fresh fish pepper soup)

  8. Anonymous4/05/2013

    so what happened to my comment Eya?

    1. Just found it in the spam box after reading your query. Sorry it's published now.

  9. Nice tips! Like anon I turn white rice to jollof,basically the only leftover I add any new spin to. Thanks for this post Eya.


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