How To Make My Seasoned Cabbage Rolls At Home

Seasoned cabbage rolls.
What I love most about my seasoned cabbage rolls is the crunchiness of cabbage and onion in every bite.  Lovers of fish rolls will love this snack. It is very tasty and because
I made it myself, the sugar content is controlled.  Sometimes I add spring onion, at other times I add carrots or even sardines. Adding crushed sardines to the vegetables before rolling in the dough gives a nice fish roll flavor. It can be made with just crushed sardines, crushed boiled potatoes and carrots. For those who can make meat pie. These rolls can also be made with the ingredients used for meat pie.
Tasty, healthy cabbage onion rolls
 Stir frying cabbage and a little onion with seasoning and curry
 Ingredients For Seasoned Cabbage Rolls:
  1. Flour 4 cups
  2. Egg white from 2 eggs
  3. Margarine 1/2 teaspoon
  4. Sugar 2 dessert spoons
  5. Salt 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Milk 2 dessertspoons dissolved  in half a glass of warm water
  7. Soya oil
  8. Cabbage
  9. Onion
  10. Seasoning cube 1
  11. Curry 2 teaspoons

Stir fried vegetables ready for the dough
Brushing egg white around the corners of the dough
 Cabbage Rolls cooking procedure:

  • sautee cabbage , onion, seasoning and curry in a pot with just a little oil
  • Make your dough by:
  • Add tiny drops of margarine to the sieved flour and rub in with fingers before adding salt
  • Add milk in little drops and continue to mix until your dough is OK
  • Cut dough into little sizes like golf balls and begin to roll one after the other with a dough rolling pin
  • With a brush, rub egg white around the corners of the flat dough before spreading sauteed vegetables.
  • Fold tightly and press the ends with a fork. The egg white holds it together like glue.
  • Fry the folded vegetable rolls in hot oil until brown.
  • Serve hot and preserve excess in the fridge.

Putting stir fried seasoned cabbage, onion on the dough before folding
Folding the vegetable rolls
Heating oil to fry my seasoned vegetable rolls
Frying vegetable rolls in hot oil
Tasty onion cabbage rolls
Lovely curried vegetable rolls
A plate of stir fried cabbage rolls
Seasoned vegetable rolls
Curried vegetable rolls are so loved by children. I love them with crushed sardines, just a little sardine not much. The girls don't want sardine in theirs and I was not ready to spend even up to an hour in the kitchen making different cabbage rolls. These took just 45 minutes from when I started measuring the flour.
It takes shorter to make when I have sieved flour and sauteed  seasoned vegetables in the fridge. I keep stir fried vegetables in the fridge so that I don't have to go through the whole process when I cook.
I am thinking of making these with shawarma ingredients one day, hope it turns out great like this.


  1. Hmmmm!!!!! Looks Yummylicioussss!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. Love dis!!!

  3. They look like vegetable spring rolls that is a delicacy from India. Very nice but sis Eya u love cabbage no be small o.

    1. Thank you Sis, cabbage is easy to chop and cook or eat raw.

  4. Hey aunty Eya why now? Today that I said I'll start watching my weight. I had to even throw the flour I had away. Mehn, I feel like eating my screen. Nice one. Bookmarked for the future ;-)

    1. Oh dear, @Ahdaisy, just this last time naa.

    2. Ahdaisy stop bin selfish u can mk it 4 hubby n d

  5. Anonymous4/18/2013

    Hello Aunty Eya, how do we make the dough cook to the inside? Whenever I try to make something like this, it comes out crispy on the outside but the dough inside will be uncooked.

    1. Hello, I think you need to reduce the heat and let it cook longer.

  6. Hmmm nice one aunty Ojay,has yummy written allover. I just bookmarked it sha,will give it a try on a very gud weekend.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Pls try Bona, remember to wear an apron.

  7. ****Mufasa Said4/18/2013

    Eya my darling.

    God bless u dear. #Bookmarked.

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. Thanks darl, if you can, share the pics with us when you make, Ella too and everyone that makes it, remember to share o

  8. Love how this looks. I'll add sardines to mine. Thanks Eya!

    1. Thanks Funke, adding sardines will make yours really tasty.

  9. Eya pls could u help me Ŵi̶̲̅τ d recipe and the step for frying τ̲̅ђis snack, on the Island in Lagos where i grew up its popularly called 'MOSA ONI SUGAR'! Its different frm dat oda type of MOSA made out of Over Riped Plantain!

    This Particular type of MOSA is white in colur i think its made out of white corn after grinding, den they usually sprinkle some sugar on before eating!

    Pls help me Hλ√ƺ tried making it but i didnt get the result afta frying!


    1. Hi Joy, I wish someone can give us the recipe. I want to learn too.

    2. Hi Joy, I wish someone can give us the recipe. I want to learn too.

  10. chubby ELLA4/18/2013

    Hi Eya,I hv a youth programme cumin up in church soon n I'm tinking of making dis as my own lil contribution bt I need 2 knw if I can bake it in d oven instead of deep frying in oil cos I tink d oil is 2 much or beta stil very lil oil,nt as much as d one in ur pix.(excess oil makes me puke).

    1. Yes Ella, i think you can bake. Remember to brush egg white on the body before baking.

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    1. Sorry Baby, I don't quite understand you. Can you please send me a mail and try to explain yourself in a relaxed manner and not in a hurry OK? Will be expecting your mail:

  12. Anonymous4/19/2013

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    Thank you ma.


  13. Aunty Eya nice one. But whenever I try mixing my dough without baking powder or yeast and I fry,the outside comes out cooked but the inside is never please how do you fry your own?

  14. Hi Joyce, try to reduce the heat and cook slowly next time.


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