How To Cook Isiewu Without Goat Brain

Isiewu with orange juice
I cooked this isi ewu without the brain. Each time
I cook, my girls refuse to touch  because of the goat brain they see being pounded. They promised they'll eat only if the brain is not added. I found a way of making it without the brain. It gave another great taste.

Uziza or mint leaves can be added. I didn't add here because, there were no green vegetables at home.
Palm oil was very little with the heat reduced.
Adding pepper sauce to Isi ewu (goat head)

  1. Butchered Goat head without the brain
  2. Water
  3. Salt
  4. Seasoning
  5. Onion
  6. Palm oil
  7. Pepper sauce

Boiled goat head cooks in palm oil

  1. Boil washed goat head with salt, onion and seasoning until tender
  2. Remove from stock and add to a little palm oil in a pot or fry pan
  3. Add roughly ground pepper or pepper sauce and check for salt
  4. Stir until meat cooks well in palm oil
  5. Serve with some juice.
The absence of the goat brain encouraged even the kids to eat.

Isi ewu with a glass of orange juice
Butchered goat head cooked in palm oil and served with fruit juice
This goat head can be served with rice. 


  1. I want some, OMG, looks so yummy :)

    1. Thanks Myne, thanks Simply Mee. Make it soupy to eat with rice.
      Wish I knew how to cook nkwobi

    2. ****Mufasa Said4/10/2013

      Beta without d goat brain o! Before someone will start thinking like a goat!

      ****Mufasa Said

    3. Chei aunty Eya u and juice and all sorts of sweet drinks.No offence but try and be taking more natural stuff.I always make smoothies at home with fruits,its good and healthy for u and d children.u can use watermelon,bananas,pineapples,oranges,even do a mixture sef.mebbe one day I wud post a recipe.but to make a smoothie just put say bananas into ur blender,add youghurt,or milk,add some ice cubes,sm spice if u want like nutmeg,ginger,blend and u av a smoothie. Even my granny takes it and its good for her.d childre hate d banana sha bt dey love my pineapple and watermelon.try stuff like dat,its better dan all dis artificial juice.

  2. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Oh! Glad to hear no brain! ...ahahaha...I don't like the head of any animal, hence, I cook only Nkwobi, but this looks delicious :D It taste good on rice shebi?

    1. Thank you Simply Mee, can you teach a sistah how to cook nkwobi?

  3. Anonymous4/08/2013

    It's incomplete! No utazi n it's 2 dry

    1. Sorry, no utazi at home. I'll add some water for sauce.

    2. Sorry, no Utazi at home. I will add water to make sauce.

  4. Anonymous4/08/2013

    Thank God, no brain was added!! I can finally try out this recipe. Lol.

  5. I feel ur girls jare! Eat goat brain?! Me I can't even eat head of any animal! Pls Eya, can u post recipe for Nkwobi? Thanks

    1. Hi Funke, I'm interested too, wish someone will take pity and help us out.

    2. Hi Eya,

      going through your blog and came across this.

      you can visit the blog below, dobby has a pictorial explanation and she's a very great chef. my dovey chic.
      How to make Nkwobi:

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Incredible... I love Africa, the food, culture and life is rich! What we do for money is the only bane.

    Great meal, hopefully my girl friend will try this someday!

    1. Thanks Ace, you'll like it.

  8. Pls could u post d recipe 4 d one wit brains? I luv hed of animals 4 d yummy grey matter.

    1. For complete isi ewu with brain and uziza, search Here:

  9. chubby ELLA4/08/2013

    Recipe 4 nkwobi....
    Ingredients are...
    Cow head or cow tail or any part of cow @ all.
    Salt 2 taste
    Put d potash in water 2 melt(preferably warm water). Spice ur cow meat wit salt,onions,pepper,maggi till soft enof 2 b chewed,get a pot or bowl in wch u intend 2 use 2 mix ur nkwobi,pour out a little quantity of d potash water,pour in a little quantity of palmoil(d quantity of potash water n palmoil depends on d quantity of nkwobi u r making) n stir,d end result shud b a thick yellowish mixture,if u get dat,u can start adding other ingredients lyk ur pepper,onions maggi,ehuru(I dnt knw d english name 4 ehuru bt u can ask any1 dat sells peppersoup spice 4 it,dey shud knw it),salt 2 taste. If d taste is ok,u pour in ur drained cow parts n stir until it is evenly mixed den u spread ur utazi leaf on it....dats all.

    1. Young Awesome Mum4/08/2013

      I usually sieve d potash mixture before adding palm oil

    2. Anonymous4/08/2013

      @chubby ELLA please what is Ehuru?

    3. Ella I thought nkwobi is cowleg or tail not head or any other meaty part of d cow. I guess I'm wrong then. Tnx 4 d recipe. What is potash, ehuru and ugba? Plz post d ingredients when u cook it so we know what dey look like. Tnx

  10. chubby ELLA4/08/2013

    Eya d procedure 4 d nkwobi is also d procedure 2 b used 2 prepare ur isi-ewu bt urs was dry cos u dint use d potash n palmoil mixture. Wish I was making it anytym soon so u see wat it shud look lyk.
    NOTE:U can also add ugba(4gotn d english name ooooo,pls 4give me)2 ur nkwobi. I hope I helped.

    1. Thanks Ella, yes you helped.

  11. cherry4/09/2013

    Lol @dats all. Ehuru is calabash nutmeg

  12. If d cow leg is too hard, place a fork at d bottom of d pot. It makes it boil and soften faster. Nkwobi is just like isi ewu.

    1. Galaxy babe4/09/2013

      @Ruthy! where have you been? I missed your tips. They help.

  13. @galaxy babe, ma dear I dey oh! aww... Tnx a lot.

  14. chubby ELLA4/09/2013

    @Young awesome mum...its ok if u sieve,bt if u leave d potash in d water a wyl by d tym u r ready 2 use it,it wud hv settled 2 d bottom of d bowl so u can easily pour out d water witout pouring out particules of d potash,all d same it works.
    @Lizzy...yes nkwobi is mostly made wit cowleg or tail bt cos I'm nt a bone lover,i lyk 2 add some fleshy parts 4 easy chewing n no much struggles. Lyk I said,I dnt knw d english names 4 ehuru n ugba bt if u go 2 d market n ask,u shud/must find dem(ehuru is mainly used 4 peppersoup so peppersoup spice sellers shud have dem)...potash is also known as akawun(if dats d name u knw).


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