How To Cook Ikokore With Green Vegetables, Serve With Goat Meat

Green Vegetable ikokore with a side of goat meat
This ikokore was cooked with water yam, it is an adaptation from Shayor's ikokore. I tried to add my own
twist and cooked with green vegetables.  The best way to enjoy this dish is to eat the ikokore first before settling on the goat meat, That's exactly what I did.
Green vegetable ikokore with boiled and fried goat meat
Adding crayfish to the boiling ikokore

  1. Water yam
  2. Water
  3. Pepper
  4. Seasoning cubes
  5. Palm oil
  6. Crayfish
  7. Smoked fish
  8. Goat meat

Adding washed smoked fish to ikokore
Adding ugu vegetables to cooked ikokore
Green leafy ikokore is ready for serving
Frying boiled goat meat in palm oil
Nigerian ikokore with some goat meat
This dish is so filling and is best enjoyed at lunch.
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  1. Anonymous4/19/2013

    heard this is a yoruba meal, am ibo and we make this in the village, so its a common meal in my house, although the name is different.

    1. Pls what is it called in Igbo? The meal looks so yummy. Will like to try it out

  2. Anonymous4/19/2013

    Bin ages since I had dis! We call it ator n am ibibio

  3. Anonymous4/19/2013

    Dis is simply yam porridge with vegetable. I wander why it has such a name!

    1. Ibibio's call it ator, yorubas call it ikokore and I'm sure ibo's, hausa's and other parts of naija all have different names for it.
      Sis Eya well done jare, its like I should wash my hand and help myself to that goat

    2. Anon 11:03, it is grated wateryam porridge.

  4. Anonymous4/19/2013

    Aunty u didn't grate d yam na,dis meal pass for vegetable porridge not Ikokore, but thumbs up it luks yummy

  5. Anonymous4/19/2013

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    So Aunt Eya, pls don't concentrate on advert rates for now, if you can publish adverts for free. Concentrate on the main reason you put up this blog and trust me, all other things shall follow. God bless you

    1. Thank you anonymous, r u thinking of advertising here?

    2. Anonymous4/19/2013

      My thots exactly, you should have sent Aunty eya a mail that YOU want to adv for free instead of calling our lovely blog amateurish.

  6. Anonymous4/19/2013

    Anty eya is such a gracious woman. See as she tell u thank you with wetin u talk now.Anonymous 2:51pm,with her cheap rates she should still make it free? U for com tiff the blog na! Mschew!

  7. Chai! Hilarious comment! No be small 'tiff the blog'

  8. Where do they sell water yam? This looks good but I might be tempted to eat too much yam since the yam is grated.

    Btw, I dnt think the anon had ill intentions. But eh, free advert? Mbanu.... For this naija? Her rates are even cheap enuff, it can pass for free... Aunty Eya, keep on keeping on! Great job!

    1. Ask yam sellers for water yam.

  9. teerex4/19/2013

    I'm on a diet and this recipe is simply fattening. Frying goatmeat with palmoil,haba. Pls kindly post some meals and ideas to aid with weight loss. Substituting palm oil with olive oil,oven roasting instead of frying,sweet potatoes mixed with yam. All d same, kudos to you. I'm sure ur children would av great skin and would hardly get ill,from ur blog I stand to say you must be a Virtous woman. Keep it up and may d Lord continue to bless and prosper u

  10. Anty Ojay im trying to loose sm weight too so pls can u post sm meals that can aid weight loss. Thanks n God bless u plenty...


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