A Long Distance Relationship

Morning aunty eya,
have been so blessed less than 24 hrs. With our blog. This is deepest mature blogs have ever seen. I need your help people I dent wnt 2 regret my life for a moment because hve been with GOD all thru my life. 

I live in Lagos 26yrs old but have a very big
shape. I met a guy thru my friend. D'guy is  37yrs old from Ogun state. D'guy live in Spain and planning  2 move 2 Germany any moment from Nw, he told me dat he did an arranging marriage with a white girl 2 get green card but is almost thru with the card sha

Which he invite me 2 come down 2 spain for just 3wks holiday and  after 4month if am pregnant i will come down 2 germany to deliver my baby but he said I should use my money for d'visa but  he will only buy me ticket. am ok with his attitude on phone, but my FEAR is dat if i eventually go down 2 met him there and am pregant back in nigeria
I hope he will not dump me bcos i dnt wnt 2 be mocked and be a single mother. But i talk it out with him but he alwys said if he want jst kids frm me he will get it there that he need a woman dat he will spend d'rest of his ife with him.
Please, good people advise me.
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  1. Hmm I rily dnt lyk d sound of dis @ all!

  2. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Why do people do this to themselves? Oya go ahead and get pregnant for a man you dont even know well. When yawa go bust shay na here we go hear am. Like i have said before on this blog sense is not very common. Ok anger rant over.

    Babe na wa for you sha. So you want to chain yourself to this type of man. Well no need to tell you other wise cos you will still do what you want to do. You are simply to young for this rubbish. If you are wise you will delete this mans number and FORGET him.
    If he is serious let him come and marry you properly abi you sef no like better thing.

  3. Babe, you know that this whole thing with this guy is weird and wrong but something is pushing you and God is telling you not to even consider him but you want to negotiate your way out of it. You want to see if one or two strangers can advice to do what is in your mind already so that you can convince yourself that you are doing the right thing when indeed you know you are not....

    ....Babe, you said you have always been with GOD in your life. Ask GOD. #thats all

  4. Sweetheart! Go and loose weight, your self esteem is the only problem here! Marriage first before pregnancy, and look he is married,that marriage might not end in another 6yrs, pls ehn don't go to anywhere o,the stories we hear daily, may we not be victims o, let him come n marry u and u need to know hs pple! Don't be desperate to get married o.

  5. I keep saying it people are now getting married for the wrong reason. Why being so desperate,is that the type of man u want,a man that got married to a white woman to secure green card. Av never been a fan of this my husband in diaspora. Coz I know many girls whose parents are now taking care of including the children and still hoping of joining the supposed husband someday abroad.
    I will give u the advice that I'll give any of my sisters,u deserve better,don't be so desperate,u're not that cheap. Don't be decieved by am coming to pick you.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA33!0

  6. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Aunty Eya,u dnt want t post my mail about bedbug

    1. Check your mails. I sent you a mail that you sprinkle snipper in that room and lock the door when you travel or just lock for about an hour or two before ventilating. Snipper will clear your bedbugs and any other pest or insects that are troubling your family.

  7. Please can people learn to edit their mails before sending them in? This was really "stressful" to read and to figure out some of the grammar. Please kindly use the "spell check" option next time. Biko.

    That said, this just sounds wrong. Really wrong. Going to meet a man you haven't met before in a strange place where you don't have family and friends. It's clear to you that the purpose of the meeting is for sex. Probably at his age he wants a girl in Nigeria he can trap with an offspring, not that he'll marry you oh. Ehen. Just for use and dump.

    If you like yourself, sit your ass in Nigeria and go nowhere because this is pure scam. He won't pay for Visa? Scam alert!

    Which Germany? Is he there yet? Scam alert.

    Forget whatever lies he tells you. He's just a smooth talker. Don't get your heart broken over stupidity. You ought to be wiser than that.

  8. Young Awesome Mum4/26/2013

    Hmmmmm, young lady don't do something u'll end up having serious regrets about. It could be a scam, he's already telling u to get ur visa yourself why can't he send money for you to use for your visa. Make u no go dey stranded there o! All am saying is this's all sorts of WRONG!! Be wise

  9. Anonymous4/26/2013

    He's just playing on your intelligence because he thinks everyone will jump at the idea of spending holidays "abroad" and giving birth "abroad". Can't you see? He has something up his sleeves but is using all these abroad talk to hide what he really wants you for.

    Seek the face of God well. The heart of men is wicked. Do you know whether he'll pay your return ticket or he'll now form one story and leave you stranded then you'll now be forced by him to go into prostitution in spain? My dear things are happening. Better shine your eyes. Cos you clearly aren't.

  10. Fisayo Talabi4/26/2013

    Sweets, please don't fall for this. Don't let anything mislead you. You are 26 and will meet a better man. All dis spain uk usa arrangee tins...its not the best. Why would you contemplate risking your future? If he dumps you afterwards nko? Do you even know him that well? What kind of work is he doing? Abroad is not just to wear dogtag and durag and jeans or leather jacket o, dear. A wife is a good thing to someone who deserves one. Don't cheapen yourself. Focus on improving yourself. Don't let unecessary pressure push you. Marriage is not something you do to fulfil all righteousness please. Love.

  11. Hello babe,this whole set up sounds fishy and messy. You can see yourself,you don't even have peace about this situation. Don't let your case be "had I known" o.

    Even his antecedents sound dodgy. Marrying a white woman for card or whatever. Please this is not it at all. Listen to your instincts o which I know is telling you to be careful.

    Delete the dude's number and have nothing else to do with him. Be very careful babe.

    May God guide you.

  12. Anonymous4/26/2013

    i smell a big rat. Hey d man may want to bring u ova for modern day slavery/ prostitution. Dust ur slippers and run for ur life. U neva can tell d kind of lies and tricks dese ppl tell to get young ladies into anythin. A word is enof for d wise. Oda commenters have also made dere point either way RUN FOR UR LIFE.

  13. Anonymous4/26/2013

    I see low self esteem, dear lady r u a learner? Wats d rush? Ur just 26yrs old oo, I smell everything wrong with dis union,do u know his family? Does his family know you? How long have you been with him dt u trust him dis much to get visa for urself to go meet him in spain and germany? No matter how desperate u r for a husband u shuld still be smart enough to know wolf in sheep's clothing, hmmmmm, u aren't stupid at all so don't portray urself as one, wat if the lady he's married to refuses to leave him after he gets his green paper? Besides dt wat I know in addition to wat oda readers have said, guys in this category only need a woman to have children for dem back home that their family would approve of, don't be taken for a ride oo,don't be in a hurry to be called mrs to fall into the hands of a maga, u wuld just be duped of everything u have, both ur money and ur body...a word is enough for d wise #of which more dan a word has been said#

  14. Shayor4/26/2013

    I have just 2 things to tell you; lose ur weight and pls learn english! Biko, dos 2 are ur major problems! Hian! *rme*

  15. Anonymous4/26/2013

    Girls ehhhh....abroad tinzzz can swt una...i had a frend in SA...i no d dude wella, from my town. My family nos him n i no hs family...comes to naija all d time...upon we were counting ooo buh i refused to go visit him in SA, i told him am not from dat part of naija were gehs r freaked abt obodo oyinbo...guess wat!!!!d relationship dint work cos we were related...n i dint loose anytin..i just felt bad cos he wudav made a wonderful husby buh i no God has a my dear we all need to be careful.
    Wat if i had rushd to SA, slept wit him den all of a sudden hs my uncle, hmmmm....not only dat. After seeing d good life i wudav lived in SA and all dat, now it wudav been more hurtful.
    Hs married now unfortunetly to my friend n she tells me she just found out hs into drugs....hian wats my own in d mata, and am in a perfect relationship, and my bf is hustling in lagos ooo were i can c him wit my korokoro eyes.
    All am saying, listen to ur inner mind, cos God dos speak to us just dat we don't listen, we r so much in a hurry dat we don't hear wen he speaks to us.

    1. Hahahahahahahha U funny tho.Ur bf is in lagos n u seeing him wih ur korokoro eyes lmao

  16. bride2mum4/27/2013

    You are just 26 love! What this guy is offering, is dat what you pictured for yourself? Please dont settle, marriage is not a destination, its a journey.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Hmmn...ndi abroad!!! i dnt mean to sound funny or so, but look at the place he is offering you to come to, Spain(most of this places, survival is really hard) I live in the states but did a bit of schooling in England as well, so at least i am exposed to an extent. My dear, u want to pay ur visa fee( to go see a man) nt righttttt!!!!, what do uno he does in germany??? does he have a degree @ least frm naija sef( uno u need to have a reasonable list as to what you want for ur future. Even if he doesnt av a degree yet, what r his efforts(schoolwise) or to be a better person overall. Like i said earlier, i live abroad, and even for me not all abroad men fit my category, i would still run to naija to marry if i find one who is worth it(which by the way i believe there are so many there who havent really lost it like our abroad people). a guy talks of pregnancy when he hasnt met ur pple, does he want to carry u for free or not see your parent before rightfully taking you??? Even to you as a lady, u r jumpin at the idea of abroad, do you have things that really make u stand out that, if the worse happens tomorrow, u can try to fit into spain or germany...or u want to go and get stuck too(then u start looking for who to marry)...My dear, i am your age ooh, but highly selective as to what i want(not moneywise tho)but in everyother aspect. Be wise, as evry oda person on the blog has mentioned..he doesnt sound that genuine to me

  19. Ple don't even think about it. the guy is a pure scam!!! God knows i don't want to date or marry a guy that has lived abroad. most of them are married or have serious girlfriends over there. and i'm usually very wary of guys that live in Europe especially Spain. 90% of them do drugs and fraud!!! pls just hold on a little longer and you will see that God has a nice package for you. and when that package comes, there will be sweat about that. no drama and no fishy and dodgy stories like this. All the best!

  20. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Guys, there's 90% probability she's not gonna take our advices against the plan. She actually came here to find som1 to support her n giv her reasons to go on with d plan.
    She herself knows she'll regret it.
    When I have a thot in my head n my mind tells me I'm gonna regret it,I don't need a soothsayer to tell me otherwise, if its right,its right. But wen u start thinkin it over n over n over again, then its wrong.
    Secondly, Spain or Germany isn't even worth it. Hiaan!
    Be wise.

  21. First and foremost stop deceiving yourself, you are not in a relationship. You have known God all your life so you should know that your telephone conversations and plans with this man is plain old adultery. He is married in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of God, his explanations cannot change thar. To think that you a child of God has agreed to defile another woman's bed is unacceptable, you even agreed to pay for visa to get laid! My dear, that kind of guy has no morals, part wayswith him immediately. If you go ahead, you will regret it. Listen to all we have said, age is just a number, you are big but of you work on it you can be small. I know someone who was a size 26, it runs in her family but she took matters in her own hands and today she is a size 12 two years later. You need to work on your diction, you do not speak/write correctly but that too can be changed. You may also need to change the friend who thinks you deserve that kind of man, surround yourself with positive people, you are very valuable don't sell yourself cheap cause that is exactly what you are about to do.listen, obedience is better than sacrifice. In the multitude of good counsel there is safety, prevention is better than care! what more can I tell you.

  22. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Are you drunk??

  23. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Guy you dont know, getting married to someone else for green card, claims he wants to rent ur uterus. and u need advise? if nothing else, have u ever heard of human trafficking?

    1. BumFizzle4/27/2013

      ROTFLMAO @ rent ur uterus. Hmmmmm,this blog tho. I love it. I hardly comment but the truth is I have really learnt a lot. God bless u Eya for this blog. Am proud to be a member *bigsmile*

  24. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Anuty eya may GOD bless d'work of ur hands. And 2 d'great pple am so happy, hve taking a bold step and run for my life. May d'blessing of GOD dn't depart frm u all.tank u once again.

  25. Anonymous4/27/2013

    I just really sincerely hope u do the right thing after's in ur hands!


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