Spaghetti Bolognese Cooked Nigerian

spaghetti bolognese served with a side of water melon, lettuce and cucumber vegetables
Spaghetti Bolognese cooked Nigerian is my way of adapting the dish to what my Nigerian Family can enjoy.
*Hello dear, before
I get scolded for eating packaged food, I didn't shop for packaged food. I prefer to buy raw and cook myself the way I want it. This spaghetti bolognese is a gift I can't reject. When I am given packaged food, I try to make-over, cook and turn them to what my family and I can enjoy. 

This spaghetti Bolognese was suppose to be popped in the microwave and eaten, but as the original African woman that I am, the taste can never be what I want, I decide to make it Nigerian and then serve with a lot of vegetable. 

Eating the water melon first kind of filled me up and helped me eat just a little. While cooking this meal, even with the kitchen door locked, everyone knocked to ask what was smelling so good from the kitchen. The girls started munching on the chicken even before I turned off the heat. It was so, so tasty. 

Re Cooking it myself and adding pepper is what I do to all packaged foods to enable me eat them.
2 packs of spaghetti Bolognese
cold spaghetti bolognese
boiling local chicken with curry, salt and onion
Adding peppered tomato stew to boiled curried chicken
chicken simmers in stew for 10 minutes
adding chopped sausages to curried chicken stew
stew boils for 3 minutes
adding spaghetti bolognese to stew
spaghetti bolognese warms and simmers in stew for 2 minutes or less
a serving of spaghetti bolognese cooked nigerian
  1. 2 packs spaghetti bolognese
  2. 1 long sausage
  3. 1/2 kilo local chicken
  4. 2 cubes knorr seasoning
  5. salt
  6. stew
  7. curry
  8. water
yummy spaghetti bolognese
empty plate of spaghetti bolognese with chicken drum stick
green vegetable salad waiting to be interviewed after spaghetti bolognese
a small portion of spaghetti bolognese with chill vegetables
The stew I used is my normal preserved stew cooked with all stew ingredients except meat, chicken or fish. Those are only added to the quantity I scoop out to use at any given time. I planned not to share this pics for fear of Anonymouses, but changed my mind after all, no one can break their screen to look for and whip me for posting pics of packaged food. At least I tried my best to re do and serve  healthy. *RME*


  1. jeanette3/18/2013

    This evening My dinner today. Where can I get the spaghetti bolognese? Is it from restaurants or fast food outlets. My longa throat won't let me rest o. It's ur fault Aunty Eya. I promise to make the exact carbon copy of this your pics.

    Where can I get bolognese oooooo?

    1. Check at good supermarkets: Park n Shop, Grand Square, Amigos and other departmental stores. When you make, can you share the pics with us?

  2. Lol @ fear of anonymoses.
    Don't mind them jare!
    The good thing abt ur recipes is d variety! And dats what good and creative cooking is about. Its so unfortunate dat work won't gimme time to try out all d recipes.
    Welldone Aunty Eya
    I love ur blog! :)

    1. Thank you Chinyere, we won't mind them lie lie. Don't worry, when you are on leave eh, the recipes will get tired of seeing you. Lol

  3. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Yummy oyibo peperempe, from a sweet anonymous.

    1. Thanks, your type of Anonymous don't scare. Very friendly. Have a great day.

  4. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Can I eat this?
    Will try ma best.

    1. Sorry if you can't eat this, I'll try my best to post your favorite. Don't force yourself to eat what you don't like. Food is not bitter medications, it's meant to be enjoyed.

  5. Lol@ Waiting to be interviewed :D

    1. @Toinlicious, *RME* for you.

  6. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Eya..wat supermarket in naija do u buy frozen meals?
    I wud luv 2 get frozen Lasagne in Lagos!
    Any help?
    Billie jean

    1. @Billie Jean, you see, if I tell you to relocate to Abuja naa, you'll scream that Abuja is too quiet and boring for Lagosians. Now see what you are missing.
      Anyway, is there Grand Square in Lagos? #JustAsking. Check your nearest Grand Square or Park n Shop dear.

  7. Anonymous3/18/2013

    Eya, frm noodles to packaged food? I tire for u jor. I tink u have lost it o! I beg go and learn how to cook proper food cos all dis u are doing na camouflage cooking.

    1. Anonymous3/18/2013

      Lol, so all you want is eba and soup, amala and soup, pounded yam and soup, dodo and beans. Hahahahahaha, proper onye local. Carry go.

    2. Anonymous3/18/2013

      Which cave are you from? If you can handle it here try the next place. Eya well done variety is the spice of life

    3. What I dnt understand is that the name of this blog is “wives connection", why do people keep yarning bash about her cooking? I mean, 'Nigerian food recipes' is even the last thing she wrote as description for her blog. Pls, anon, there is, foodnetwork, and so many other recipe sites. If she cooks what you dnt like, just enter a bus to Google and search for something you will like.

  8. So they sell frozen packaged food in naija now, my dream, lol...It looks yummy too, and you did it justice by adding your own style, plus the fruits and vegetables.

  9. Testimony time!!!
    Aunty Eya no thanks to you bcos these days my meals dnt last, also I have increased my portions and my spending bcos of the longer throats in my haus.
    I made the coconut rice with cripsy chicken, chineke u need to have tasted it yourself *kisses to you eya*
    Again I prepared shredded chicken gravy with rice,I reserve my comments.
    In addition I tried ekpangkwukwor that was the bomb, everyone asked for extra soup to lick.....RME as If dem give me money cook am sef.
    God bless you Eya.
    Eeeeeeh but with all these recipes one would get so fat gaaan!

  10. Hm. Just yesterday I googled the hell out of "how to make Spaghetti bolognese! Loolz. I was so glad to see it here but this is not the type I want o. Anyway, I like the way you adapted the meal to suit ur taste. I totally love your fruit and vegetable arrangement. Keep it up!

  11. Anonymous3/18/2013

    I made that ekpan nkukor my husband didn't like it, neither did I. Just figured maybe I didn't cook it well. Will try again.

    1. Oh no, did u follow the step by step procedure? Was it too thick? Not well seasoned? turned into something like clay?

  12. Eya haba na! U r no longer teaching us how to cook from d scratch. Package food naaaa! Its so not healthy. I know ts not easy to think of what to post. Buut since its a general blog not strictly cooking blog, u can always post something that is not food.

    For instance, how do i remove cobwebs from my house, without plastering d cobwebs all over my ceilings. *smile*

  13. vicky dazzle3/19/2013

    Where can I get Ȋ̊†̥ here in lagos o!!!. Healthy or not I want t̲̣̣̥O̶̲̥̅̊ eat.

    1. Hi Vicky, Check at Grand Square or other big supermarkets.

  14. Anonymous3/19/2013

    Sis Eya this looks nice but I can assure u it'll taste a lot better if u cooked it from scratch with beef or lamb mince and raw spaghetti. Cooking time is a lot quicker as well, my kids favourite meal. I'll send pix n recipe when next I cook this. Lizzy

    1. Thanks Sis Lizzy. I think you are right. Waiting for the pics and recipe!!!

  15. sorry am late to this thread aunty eya please avoid findus for now except you love horsemeat stores here have taken them off their shelves here in the UK if you can use another brand pls do..

    And this is not to spoil ur shine or anyfin because it seems my comments havent been well received lately..

    1. Hahaha Shallie dear, Where have you been? u r one of those whose comments make me smile every time the Anonymous floggy comments are getting too much. Forget about any bitter anonymous comment dear, as bloggers we only have to grow tough skins o. Say your own and stand by it. Welcome back!

    2. Thank you dear, I told someone a few weeks back that, if I live Abroad, I'd just forget about meat and eat fish and chicken until this beef/horsemeat wahala is over.
      The remaining two packs won't see my pot again.


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