Re: Marriage Is My Worst Nightmare, Thank You

I want to say thank you to aunty Eya and everyone of you who gave me
advice. All i wanted was to be sure that am not doing the wrong thing
if i

leave, because everyday that passes by, i fear for my life. For
those who criticize me, you make me stronger to face bigger challenges
ahead and those who understood me, you make me happy because i know am
not alone.Am going to promise you all that i will try and make my life
better and right all my wrongs. Thank you my mothers and sisters.God
bless you all.


  1. chubby ELLA3/24/2013

    Wish u all d best dear,jst b sure 2 put God 1st in evtin u do,put all ur trust n hope in HIM n I promise HE'LL never let u down.

  2. Anonymous3/24/2013

    My dear i read your previous post and couldnt reply on time. Dont mind any body who says you should not leave that man. You ar just 21 years old and too young to be put in that prison called marriage for the rest of your life. You are simply too young for that. And luckily its not like you live in Afghanistan where you cant leave your husband if you want to.
    It is up to you to make that choice, to leave him now and repair your life or continue living with him, die along the way or regret not leaving him in 20 years time when he would have sucked out the life from you. Your still young you will still easily find someone else to treat you like a queen.
    All those people that comment and quoted "God hates divorce" they did not also quote the bible where God said "husbands should love their wives like Christ loved the church"

  3. Wish you all the best dear

  4. *reaching out to give you a big hug* Know that you're not alone. I'll be praying for you and wish you well! You will have a great testimony dear!


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