Re: I Need Help With My Teenage Daughter, Appreciation


Hello Eya, 
I thank you so much for all the help. Putting my mail on your blog has changed me completely. I never knew that I was doing anything wrong to my family. I grew up not getting any attention and I had no
idea children need extra attention apart from cooking for them and keeping the home clean and comfortable. 
I married my husband early because  I wanted to be loved and appreciated by someone. 

Reading the comments on that post make me cry everytime I open your blog. I have failed my family woefully. I am trying right now to make amends. These days I pray with my children. Although My husband doesn't join us, I pray that he does in future. 
My daughter tells me that she prefers to pray on her own than to pray with me. That is no problem. I am determined to let them see the change in me. I hope that my change in behavior will rub off on them.

Eya, please help me thank every one that left a comment on that post. I am now a changed woman because of their kind words. May God bless their families abundantly. I pray God forgives me for failing initially.
God bless you for what you are doing for us Nigerian women.  
"I plan on taking my daughter out next weekend, just me and her alone. I hope we get along well."
Thank you Again.

My Reply To S......
Hello dear, I am happy that you learnt something from the comments. I can assure that since you have recognized where the problem lies, you are one step to finding the solution. By God's grace, if you change and treat your family better, they will definitely reciprocate whether consciously or unconsciously.

I am so happy for you right now. Kindly read the following posts when ever you have time OK?

We wish you success in all your endeavors. 
May your outing be a memorable one!
Have a great weekend.
To see the letter and comments, GO HERE


  1. awwww! dat was quite heart-attending.
    btw aunty Ojay no food today,tmao we going on hunger strike.looolz

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. Wow, even I learnt a lot from those comments. All the best to Madam :)

  3. Chacha3/03/2013

    Waoh, am so touched by her reply.God is alrdy on ur case. Av a great outing. Cheers!

  4. May God give u.all d wisdom u.need to make ur family work again.your story touched my life remind me of when I was a teenage girl and how I treat my mum


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