Plantain Porridge With Turkey, Amaranth, Scent Leaves And Tomatoes By Chinazor Eze

A serving of plantain porridge
 Errrrrm,  i don't know what to call this dish, but i think "Plantain Porridge" will
do seeing that i†'s made of plantain, and well, i† looks like porridge. *Covers Face*

Ok so, here is a list of the ingredients i used....

Plantain (between ripe and unripe)
Scent/mint leaves
Green or amaranth (I'm sure i didn't spell da† right....forgive.)
Yellow pepper
Olive oil

fairly ripe plantain and mint/scent leaves 
Tomatoes and Green Amaranth

Wash turkey and spice turkey with onions, pepper, maggi and salt and s†ar† cooking.

Dice the plantain as you can see in the pics, slice up the onions, tomatoes, pepper and the leaves.

When turkey is done, bring the pieces out of the stock, pour diced plantain into the stock, add crayfish and scent/mint leaves then cook on medium heat. Watch carefully 'cos crayfish makes food stick to the bottom of the pot and burn quickly, so please stand guard.

While the plantain boils, fry some onions, tomatoes and pepper. When the wa†er is dried up from the tomatoes, pour in your green amaranth and stir.

Pour the fried tomatoes and green amaranth  into the diced plantain which would have dried up the meat stock by now. Add the turkey, stir all togerra and le† cook for like a minute.

Pu† out fire, food haff done.

Cooking †ime: like 30 minutes

Chinazor also cooked this FRIED SPAGHETTI AND CHICKEN
yellow pepper and onions
Boiling Turkey with salt, maggi, pepper and onion
cooking diced plantain in Turkey stock
adding vegetables
frying onions tomatoes and pepper in olive oil
plantain porridge is cooked
a small serving of healthy plantain porridge
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  1. I am loving this, let me send mine in :)

  2. Am tryin ds 2moro, thank God I av plantain @ home. Wld definately let u know anty if I got it right

    1. Ok Malowiski, have you tried it already?

  3. Anonymous3/27/2013


    1. Thanking you on behalf of Chinazor.

  4. The other vegetable isn't ugu, it's scent/mint leaves

  5. Nice one dear,u did a nice job.
    I prefer pumpkin leave to Amaranth. Lolz @togerra.
    Love d turkey swag,I know its there to tempt people like

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Yes oooo Bona, you can use ugu instead. The first time I made this dish, I used dried fish instead of turkey, unripe plantain instead of fairly ripe, and I have never used scent leaves for if before. So this time, I decided to change some stuff, and I must say, I like this version better, the scent leaves didn't disappoint at all. The only mistake I made was that I didn't consider the fact that turkey brings out its own oil, so the oil in the dish was a tad much, but it still tasted great!

  6. Anonymous3/27/2013

    ......And as I said earlier, all must pass my table for sampling! *don'tforgeto!* :D

  7. Looks yummy! But I dnt like turkey except it's very fried dry...:-( so I'll stick to Chicken or fish. It looks good though, well done.

  8. Chei! If I followed all the recipes I see here, I'd be so fat! Good job Chinazor. May try it when I loss my "fear" of being fat again :)

  9. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Nice one chinazor i wish i can do this but i find it difficult to experiment with food ,it looks nice though well done

  10. Shayor3/31/2013

    Chinazor, my new love...after Ahdaisy...lolz..dis looks rily cool, I av bookmarked it.. Wia av u bin hiding since,Chi?

  11. Curious C4/03/2013

    Aunty Eya,please share the recipe for the other kind of plantain porridge called "ukang ukom" by calabar peeps. I've always wanted to prep it on my own as I don tire to chop am for occasions.
    Thanks o!


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