Pictorials Part 2: More! Banana And Vanilla Ice Cream By Ahdaisy Jayde

A bowl of vanilla ice cream.
This is also my first attempt but I did not have the patience to test with a little. I went all out!
So my husband
totally loved the chocolate and strawberry icecream. He even complained that I did not do enough, that I should make a bucket of ice cream for him. Odiegwu! :-)

Warning! If you are trying to watch your weight, do not go near this. The smell alone will make you add 10 pounds! lol
Banana Ice-cream with peanut topping.


1 cup of Yogurt
I tin of condensed milk
3 cups of full cream milk
2 eggs (Egg whites, forgot to indicate that in the other one)
1 cup of Icing sugar
Peanuts (Don't buy a bottle, if you do not want to be tempted to finish all)


Same as above except in this case;

No banana
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
1 tin of evaporated milk (instead of yogurt)

Mix and freeze. Also remember to bring it out of the freezer and mix every 1-2 hours till you can't mix it again. You don't need to do this for the chocolate and strawberry because it was very thick. The Hollandia milk and yogurt in this one, increased the volume but reduced the thickness)

From my research, I realized that ice-cream is basically Frozen Milk and sugar. You can add or remove whatever you like.

To make the topping,

Put the peanut in the dry mill of your blender and using the pulse botton, blend for some seconds then remove. This is so that the peanut does not turn to powder.

Serve and enjoy (once a week O! ;-))

Use a blender to blend all ingredients including banana minus peanuts. Use the dry mill for peanuts
Ingredients for banana Ice Cream
Separating the egg white for Ice cream
Blended bananas and other ingredients
Open eggs this way with a fork for easy pouring of egg white
Blending peanuts in the dry  mill, use the pulse button so that it doesn't turn into powder

This time I used a blender because of the bananas.

Add all the ingredients minus peanuts into the blender and blend away. To separate the egg whites, look for the sharpest tip of the egg, crack it a bit and use your fingers to break away a little part of the shell then tip the egg and pour stopping intermittently to prevent the yolk from following the egg white.

Once all is blended nicely, pour into a container and put in the freezer. Leave it for 8 hours or overnight. However, every 1-2 hours, bring it out from the freezer and either blend again, or mix with a whisk. This is to make it smooth instead of it being sharp and crystallized.

Grinding peanuts
Roughly ground peanuts
Banana Ice Cream with peanut toppings
After my hubby finished this one, he was grinning from ear to ear!
Ahdaisy is the blogger behind Diary Of A Pleasant Heart


  1. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Making this today. Thanks Ahdaisy, I pray mine comes out this good.

  2. Wow! Nice one Adaeze, such is what I need on a very GOOD FRIDAY to deal with dis hot weather here.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  3. At last, i now know what the problem is, i tried mine yesterday though i opened it after an hour & also did not remix, it gave a good result this morning but was crystallised & not so fluffy. Thanks Ahdaisy, now i know better!

  4. Yum yum, give me this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I'll be a very happy bunny. Well done Ahdaisy

  5. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Wow. Lovely! I'm coming for my own next week o... Hehehehe
    So proud of my big sis :)

  6. Anonymous3/29/2013

    For the strawberry, does it need to be whisked every 1-2hrs?

  7. Anonymous3/31/2013

    Nice one I'll give it a try

  8. Anonymous4/01/2013

    thank u so much for dis recipe i have been longing for dis for long. I would like to ask , d full cream milk is it the powered milk? i get confused . I would like to know what kind of milk is used to make whipped cream.

  9. Anonymous4/02/2013

    Use liquid milk

  10. Adaure4/02/2013

    Hi Ahdiasy, I followd ur vanilla nd strawberry icecream recipe strictly bt snc friday dt I made it, it has rfused 2 freeze. Did I mak any mistake?.

    1. Mama Put4/07/2013

      Are u sure ur freezer is in gud shape? Abi Nepa no allow am freeze bcos dem dey take light anyhow?

      See to dos two things...and if no den, go back again and read n follow carefully the instructions of the steps Adhaisy gave!

  11. Anonymous4/03/2013

    Hello Ahdaisy, thanks so much for the recipe. I made the vanilla ice cream and it taste just like the UAC vanilla ice cream. I was so proud of myself. But the problem I have is that it did not freeze. I have a very good deep freezer and I made the ice cream at night hoping it will be frozen before morning cos I have constand power supply. But to my surprise it did not, even the 5liter can of water I put 2hours after the icecream was blocked but no for the icecream. Is there anything I missed out?

    1. I think the quantity of eggs may have been too much for other ingredients. Be patient pls Ahdaisy will get back to you

  12. Anonymous4/03/2013

    I just used her measurment, 1 cup of icing sugar, 1 tin liquid peak milk, 1 tin condensed peak milk, 3 eggs and vanilla flavour

    1. I copied you comment for ahdaisy and this is her reply to me...
      -Wow, I'm not sure what exactly she did wrong. U know say I be learner. Guessing, it might be that she added too much sugar and the milk is too thick.

  13. Anonymous4/06/2013

    Thanks so much Ahdaisy! I made this banana icecream & it was the best thing that happened to me today. It was just sooooooo yummyyyyy! God bless you plentyyyyyyy! -Oge


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