Nigerian Palm Oil Rice And Beans With Fish


palm oil rice and beans with fish
Palm oil rice and beans is one dish I really enjoyed growing up. I never left it. Once in a while I prepare it. This dish is very filling. I recommend it to
those who say that rice doesn't fill them up. This keeps you drinking water again and again. I think it's very healthy too. Cooking this is not expensive cos we don't need meat or chicken. Smoked fish and crayfish is just fine. I didn't remember crayfish here yet it tastes great.


I allowed beans to continue boiling for 15 minutes berfore adding rice. This is because I cooked small grain Mama Africa Rice. For those who cook Cap Gold, I'll suggest that you add the rice earlier. Cap Rice takes longer to cook. 
a large serving of rice and beans
frying pepper sauce in palm oil: ground pepper, onion and sesoning cubes frying in unbleached oil
pepper sauce is ready for water
add water and washed beans
beans pot is covered and left to boil for 15 minutes for Mama Africa small grain rice
washed rice is added at 15 minutes of boiling, for parboiled rice, add a bit later
fish is added, taste for salt and add
fish is covered and left to boil
pot dries up too fast, more water, salt and seasoning are added to taste
Ingredients For This Palm Oil Rice And Beans:

  1. Rice 1 and 1/2 cups
  2. Brown Beans 11/2 cups
  3. Smoked catfish 4
  4. Grilled Titus Fish 1
  5. Crayfish (No crayfish here, pls add to yours)
  6. pepper sauce or pepper, seasoning, onion blended together
  7. Palm oil
  8. water
looking at the step by step pics from up right down, you already know how this was cooked. I fried onions, fresh pepper, seasoning  first in palm oil. Then added water and washed beans, beans is allowed to boil for about 15 minutes or more (depending on how soft you want your beans) before before adding washed rice and smoked fish. Check for salt, satisfied with the taste, I covered and left to cook. Pot dried up before rice is cooked so, I added some more water and salt and seasoning to taste again before leaving to cook soft. 
That's all.
Enjoy your meal.
rice and beans are tender enough for eating
check for salt again before turning off the heat
Beans and rice cooked and ready to be served
scooping out cooked rice and beans
a child's small portion of palmo rice and beans
soft and tasty rice and beans
A small serving of palm oil rice with beans
Rice and beans can also be cooked with vegetable oil, soya or even olive oil. I like the color of palm oil in  rice when it's cooked.?

Another method is to cook beans porridge and mix with boiled rice, then leave to simmer, check for salt and serve.
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  1. Jeanette3/20/2013

    Oh lala, Eya, pls help with directions and ingredients.

  2. This looks great. It is hard to find this smoked fish over here, my mum loves cooking with it. It gives a wonderful taste to meals.

    Romance Meets Life

  3. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Eya plsssssss , directions oooooo. This looks so nice

  4. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Aunty eya pls enlighten us on hw to make this oo! I think I'd love to try this out asap! Tnx. Mrs baby

  5. Fish and palm oil definitely work in rice and beans. I have tried this in a while. That's my dinner for tomoro.

  6. Whenever I see this kind of recipe from you, I remember growing up days and how much we enjoyed oil rice. The fish is a plus!

  7. Oh my!I remember how we used to enjoy this meal while growing up. I will so make this.

  8. Elisoft3/20/2013

    My favourite meal. Absolutely delicious!

  9. Anonymous3/20/2013

    I love this. I cook my beans separately and now do the sauce add the beans then the rice and all oda stuff. Eya, well done

  10. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Wow! Making this for lunch tomorrow! Thanks Eya, your blog keeps inspiring me.I'm learning a lot as regards cooking and taking care of my hubby and home. Weldone & God bless! Anita

  11. Gbam! Dis is it,though I don't get to eat it often,but I prefer d red oil jollof rice to the normal one.
    Won't forget how like manna,it sustained me during ma NYSC days at leaking food basket of the nation benue state.
    With smoked/dry fish and enough crayfish. U're there.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous3/20/2013

      Bona I love u. The 2 major ingredients in cooking palm oil rice r 'crayfish' and 'dry fish'! I know Eya didn't add dem but wen u readers r cooking it pls add dem 2 and u will lick ur plate. I guarantee you.

    2. slimmy3/21/2013

      Dis i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅ my favorite.learnt it in uni days,stil brot †ђξ style home buh mi dad did not lyk it.tot mi lil sis how 2cook it Α̲̅πϑ she D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ enjoy A̶̲̥̅♏ die wit stockfish.........

  12. URGENT!!! Pls wat if its Mama Gold Rice. When should I add d rice to d beans??

    1. 15 minutes after beans starts boiling should be OK.

  13. Anonymous10/26/2013

    Please where can i get Mama gold rice to buy in London? Anyone with good info pls

  14. Pls do you have recipes for starting infants with food. I would appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Follow this link to see those recipes:


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