Make A Wish For Your Sons/Daughters Compared To Your Relationship

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Your sons are grown men now, (or just imagine that they are). They have started bringing their fiancees home for family introductions. You are in your bedroom 
praying for all your children. You have great wishes for them. You want them to live happy and fulfilled lives. You wish all your children will find accomplishments in life.

It's time to make your wish for these lovely sons: Would you sincerely wish that their future wives  treat them the way you have treated their father all these years? Would you wish that they be treated better or worse than what your hubby has passed through in your gentle hands?  Do you pray that your sons relate with their wives the way their father has related with you all these long years. Do you wish that your sons will treat their  future wives better or differently?

Your daughter just told you about her fiance, you both are happy that a wedding is in view. You fix a date to meet him. Before that date, You go on your knees to pray for her and others who you are now sure will soon start bringing men for introductions. What is in your mind as you make this heartfelt prayer? The prayer is ended, you sit on the bed thinking about how time flies, how your babies have become grown women. You have an opportunity right now to make a wish for her and her younger sisters who will one day come knocking with their future husbands. 
What's your sincere wish sis? Would you wish that they find men that will treat them the exact way their father treats you? Would you wish that they find husbands who will give them the kind of life your husband is giving or has given you. Do you wish that God takes away from their direction, any man that will be like their father? Do you wish and pray that God helps them to find good/great/loving/honest/caring  men like your husband?

Do you rather wish that they never experience in their marriages what you have seen in yours? Would you rather pray that men who are exactly like their fathers will never cross your beautiful daughters' path?
OK, the men should not be left out here: Do you wish that your daughters find husbands that will treat them the way you treat/ed  their mother? Do you wish them something quite different? What of your growing sons, they'll soon become full blown men who need to start their own nuclear families. Make a wish for them. Do you wish that they find wives who will be to them what their mother has been to you?

Now, make a wish for your sons or daughters as compared to your marriage/ Relationship...*Lets do it here*


  1. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I wish that my son will marry a wife that is more respectful, prayerful, caring than I am to his father. I also wish that my daughter will marry a man who will love her as Christ loves the church regardless of her shortcoming more than the father loves me now..... My relationship with my husband is not the worst on earth but it can be better if choose to be more respectful and he chooses to love me regardless of...

  2. May my daughter never meet a man like her father. After so many years together, I am now convinced that he married me for obvious reasons. Never truly loved me. If you love your woman, saying sorry shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. I wish that my daughter will find a man who'll marry her because he has feelings for her and truly loves her.
    Mrs D.

  3. Best Husband3/12/2013

    Sorry ladies, I am a man, but forced to comment.Though my two sons are below 10 right now, I wish that they will find wives who talk a bit less than their mother. I wish that their wives obey and respect them all the time, acknowledging and recognizing the fact that the MAN is the head of the family.
    Mr Best Husband

  4. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I pray my sons finds a woman that is as virtous as my mother and my daughter finds a man that would love her every step regardless of her flaws. May my enemies daughter not see a man like my fiance#RME# Did I forget to say my daughter inlaw must be preety *winks*

  5. It'd be unfair on hubby if I keep quiet. I wish my pretty girls will find men like their father. He treats me right, cares a lot about me. Ready to provide all my needs and wants if possible. I couldn't have asked for any berra. Hope he continues that way when we finally relocate to Nigeria.

  6. Though still far from it,but I'll always pray for my daughter to av a boyfriend like her dad(me) then a husband like my dad,that man is a living saint.
    Ehen to my son I wish him a wife as pious as my mum and a caring wife like ma aunty(ma uncle's wife) finally I wish maself d best wife there is,and above all a good cook like aunty Ojay.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  7. I pray my daughter marries a man like my husband. Except I wish he did not go through the kind of childhood he did...but maybe his childhood contributed in making him the great man he is today. I pray my son marries a woman like me but one who is more pretty, patient and hardworking than I am...:-)

    Overall, I pray my kids marry people who are 100 times more amazing than my husband and I. To this end, I promise to bring my children up in the way of the Lord to the best of my abilities. To provide them with the best, to pray for them always and may God make them the answer to the cries of many. Great men and women of substance, world-shakers, billionaire philanthropists....

    If I continue eh, this blog no go reach me for my prayers o...:-D

    1. Anonymous7/16/2013

      you are there i love this

  8. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I pray my son marries a god fearing woman and a woman who has a good heart like me.And I pray my daughter marries a good man like her father nd I pray she won't have a moda inlaw dt is domineering nd dictates wot and how yu should I sincerely pray she won't encounter that.

  9. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I pray my son marries a wife like me and my mum with very nice qualities. And I pray that my daughter marries a man like my husband and my father. My mum prayed for me and I got a God fearing, loving ,caring husband.may my sons in law be like them.(My hubby nd my dad).Mrs Chioma Osondu.

  10. olivia3/12/2013

    Dis actually my first time to comment...ok am not married buh am not far from it...i pray my daughters marry a man like my super bf *shines teeth.....n my sons marry a woman like all i pray d best for my kids...God's guidiance in all dey do.....btw aunty Eya thumbs up

  11. Can we eat what we are dishing out? I'm not married yet but for when I am I pray that God grants me the fortitude to treat my husband in a way that I'd want my son's wife to treat him

    1. Anonymous3/12/2013

      hahahahaa can't stop laughing, the food is getting cold. lol

  12. Anonymous3/12/2013

    I pray that my sons marry a woman like but more religious and out spoken,I pray my daughters marry a husband like my bf but wit beta tlc


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