How To Make And Enjoy Palm Nuts (Banga) Snacks

snacking with banga.
Banga Snacks are well known by  people of The South South, South East and South Western Nigeria, where palm
trees are grown. palm nut snacks are also made and enjoyed there. For those in the cities, you may not be familiar with these snacks, unless, if you have traveled down to the village for Christmas Celebrations, New Year, Sallah, Festivals, Funerals and/ Marriage Ceremonies.

They are readily available in villages and plantations. 
These were made from the excess and remains of the palm nuts I used for the vegetable banga soup posted here. 

After cooking the soup, I "traveled down to the villa with the kids." They loved these snacks and asked for more. Whenever I buy palm nuts for banga soup, I make sure the quantity bought is more than is needed for the soup. That way we get to use the extra for our munchies.

Please o, I know that some of us do not eat oil at all because we are scared of cholesterol. However, remember that this is still natural and unprocessed, with no additives or preservatives. Also remember that the Vitamin A from these palm nuts is very essential for good eyesight ( well, ask your Doctor for more info). Who doesn't want to have bright eyes? Not me abeg. I want even more Vitamin A to make my eyes shine like Torch Light.

May he not let us eat until we belch:)  Smaller portions are what our bodies need, every time we eat food. Snacking with (palm nuts) banga is good, cos we are sure no sugar is going in there.
banga snacks
an empty plate of palm nut snacks
roasting palm nuts for snacking 


  1. palm nuts
  2. salt
  3. some drops of water

Palm nuts with kernels

Procedure for palm nut snacks:

  • Put washed palm nuts in the fry pan with some salt
  • stir until the pot is dry and the nuts begin to look oily. 20 minutes should be OK.
  • Enjoy the roasted palm nuts.
For the extracts you get after cooking banga soup, dry in the sun and let the kids break with stones and eat the coconut like nuts inside. This gives them a feel of their native village while living in the City.
When next you cook banga soup, please don't throw the chaff away, let the kids enjoy. I was taught that every part of a palm tree is useful to man, as such, no part of the palm tree should be wasted.


  1. Anonymous3/05/2013

    You did not tell us dat dis snack triggers cough , sure u will delete my comment as u av done b4

  2. Anonymous3/05/2013

    Aunty Eya.... Who U vex?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Aunty Ojay banga and palmnut for snack? I do eat it when we're preparing banga soup,but never accorded it so much respect and attention like u did.
    Palmnut with dry garri tastes great.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Yesss snack!!! Thanks for the garri and nuts tip anyway. Do you know kernel oil?
    sure you are too city bound to know, ha ha ha ha!!!

    1. I know Kernel oil o. I have neva used it cos of the smell but I heard its very good especially for kids.

    2. Yes,the smell ...I hear babies who use kernel oil never get skin rash, as in the skin remains smooth and supple. I'm not sure o.

    3. chubby ELLA3/09/2013

      Yes its very true,I used it on my daughter(mixed it wit ori),u need 2 see her skin,it glows naturally.

  5. As in ehh....I so love this. I used to eat it in the village but we roast it by putting it in hot ash while cooking with fire wood and three-legged pot. I am the only one out of my siblings who enjoys things like this. #kpako pikin :-) . I'll try this your method. We use this method to roast ube (pear). The nuts do not cause cough except you eat too much in a hurry. Alternatively, you can spit out the chaff after chewing...

  6. Ahdaisy haff kee me with laughter ooo. I roast pear (ube)this way too

  7. Anonymous3/05/2013

    You just made me remember the day I tried roasting ube with gas cooker.. I put them very close to the burner and ended up burning my fingers.. The hot ash roasted ones are still the best (ihe mere Eze jiri lachaa ntu).. Kernel oil is very medicinal for babies especially.. Well my mom and Grandma would not embark on any omugwo without a bottle of kernel oil.

    1. Lolz, Chinny, you just reminded me of my mother too. She cannot go for any omugwo without a big bottle of kernel oil.She buys and stores even while her daughter is still preggy. Whether you let her use the oil on your new baby or not, she must travel with it.

    2. Anonymous3/05/2013

      Hahahaha I guess all mothers act alike when it comes to caring for their

  8. Anonymous3/06/2013

    Does it really cos cough ,@ anonymous 1:37 u shld av been more polite ,eya u don't need 2 reply evrybody u shld av ignored or simply answered, jes saying

  9. This reminds me of `ofe akwu`. Yummy....


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