How To Cook Walkie Talkie Pepper soup

a serving of walkie talkie pepper soup
 Walkie Talkie Pepper soup is cooked with the walking and talking parts of birds. In the past,
I left chicken heads and legs with the sellers. These days, I use them for my walkie talkie soup. Walkie talkie is sold by mallams who roast and sell peppered chicken legs stuck in the heads. I like it, but they moved to God knows where.
Seeing peppered walkie talkie looking yummy while hanging  there waiting for buyers is what made me think of making my own walkie talkie at home in pepper soup form. Not many people like chicken heads or legs. The cooked legs help a lot when you need to keep that crying child busy and quiet.

I am a fish person. I don't really like meat, especially beef. Even when I eat meat, I don'tn like eating fleshy parts, this is the best for me because there is no flesh in there. I eat without going near the eyes though.
The chicken legs are stuck in through the open neck, they come out through the mouth. This opens up the mouth and throat making for easy washing.

washed chicken legs, heads, gizzard and neck in a pot with onion, salt and seasoning

walkie talkie soup boils
adding vegetables,pepper to chicken soup

  1. Chicken legs
  2. chicken heads
  3. gizzard
  4. Chicken neck
  5. chicken wings
  6. mint leaves/uziza/washed bitterleaf
  7. seasoning cubes
  8. powdered pepper soup spices
  9. pepper
  10. salt
  11. onion
  12. water
I love that there is no fleshy/meaty part in there. 

adding more water, soup spices  and salt to soup
chicken walkie talkie pepper soup simmers in low heat for 8 minutes or more  depending on the type of chicken used.
soup is  ready for serving
a plate of hot and spicy walkie talkie soup
a plate of walkie talkie pepper soup
This soup can be enjoyed with a spoon while our fingers deal with the parts. It can also be served with boiled rice. Very good for those who are bored with the normal rice and tomato stew. It can be served as a side for jollof rice or fried rice, to be enjoyed after eating the rice. It is best enjoyed when cooked in the evening and left to stand till the following day. That way the stock seeps into the chicken parts and make them more tasty. Enjoying this soup as a no carb breakfast can be very good and   yummy.
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  1. Eya, you and watery soup. Issorait. I'll try it with boiled rice.

    1. Watery soups are very easy to swallow. You'll like it with boiled rice.

  2. @Tina dear, it is not supposed to be thick, it is called "soup" and not "sauce". Pls always appreciate what she does, cooking alone takes time not to talk of her snapping all the steps in order to make us all learn. Mrs Eya, well done jare!

    1. Thank you dear, don't mind sister Tina.

  3. seriously laughing at the name, walkie talkie pepper soup, kids will love this one, trying to imagine hubbys face when i say have made walkie talkie pepper soup, ahhhhhhhh, anty eya you wont kill me oooo

    1. Hubby and kids will laugh and then have fun enjoying the spicy walkie talkie soup.

  4. young awesome mum3/22/2013

    Lol @ walkie-talkie pepper soup. Really funny name

  5. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Eya, which one be walkie-talkie pepper soup again? Chicken legs nd wat? I've never heard of it b4. I tire for u jor. Pls be serious O!

    1. Chicken legs for walkie,
      chicken mouth for talkie.
      Sorry about the name.

  6. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Aunty Eya, u are simply the best. I love cooking and experimenting, am just hooked to your blog and i must confess i have learnt a lot. God bless u for me.

    1. We give God the glory dear, thanks for reading this blog. May he bless you too abundantly.

  7. No matter how well prepared and garnished chicken feet are, I can't eat it.
    But i guess i'd taste yours

    1. Hahaha, I wash them very well. Welcome back Soki. You'll sure enjoy these.

  8. I can actually make this minus the chicken head,I can't eat head of any animal,but I love feet and wings.Lol. Like u said Eya,I give my baby chicken leg minus d toes and she chews on it for so long dt we even fight when I want to take it from her. First time of seeing walkie-talkie pepper soup. Well done Eya.

  9. Madam, U will not kill me. The name alone got me reelin'. Sorry, I hv been away for a wyl, work things. I rmbr I still owe U tho, should get it by this weekend hopefully. Have a fantastic one sis.

    1. Welcome back Arabian Princess, how is work? Yes o, I'm happy you remember. Looking forward to it, anytime.

  10. Normally i use chicken legs to keep my kids 3 of them under 7yrs busy 4 like 30 minutes, it helps wen i need a break. Lol

  11. Hahahah! Walkie-talkie! Aunty Eya, you're so funny!

    If I cook this one for my husband, he'll ask me why! He hates anything that is not simple flesh (me too but I manage atimes). He hates skin (kpomo) insides, head, feet, whateva. Just give him flesh! no bone too except chicken which you can't remove the bone except its shredded. So, I'll pass.

  12. Lolz aunty Ojay u've a way of adding swag to anything. Chicken parts like the head,feet and wing are not only for kids,ironically the head is ma mum's favourite,while my younger sis Lindiway prefers the feet.
    Love d way u prepared it,u made it so tempting and inviting.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Now I know why you call Ms Ikeji Lindiway

    2. And I (unconsciously call her that too anytime I am visiting the blog...Bonario is a clown

  13. I love the name of this soup! Lol! It's just a pity my husband and son are not likely to take this. As for me, the last time I ate chicken legs, I was kinda irritated and wondered why I used to love them so much as a kid. Kudos to you Aunt Eya, this your blog rocks big time and yes, I'm a Foodie too:)

  14. Omg! I laughed hard when I read walky talky....nice one..

    1. Jesus! i went up and saw chicken head iyama..

    2. Lmaooooo ma sista iyama ooo ! Infact inyama yama! Used to luv chicken feet as a child bt mennn I no fit again!! .. Infact d centre of d fit I dey keep am fr d last minute, bt dese days if I jst see chicken walkin by plus d shit wey dem dey match on wey fit hide for all d corner corner of d fingers abi na feet!!!! My dear I no fit! Infact cos of it I stopped eatin chicken fr yrssss, ma siblings sef follow suit no chop chicken fr our house... But now I guess fast foods av made ma start liking it again.

      Guinea fowl nko!! Hian!!! The head is a no noooo!!! Na only fish head I fit manage, goat o chicken o! Layee!!! It is well o!!

      Nice idea tho and d name makes it even more hilarious!"Mao

  15. Anonymous3/22/2013

    OMG I love chicken head esp d eyes!
    Just like I love isi-ewu!!
    D eyes being my fav obviously!..
    I love eating all d skin from d head and den crack d skull open and lick-off d brain!
    Its orgasmic!
    And I also luv chewing on d juicy feet/fingers 2!
    So crunchy!
    Oh Eya..dis is my best post!
    I shall cook dis 2moro!
    Billie jean

  16. Anonymous3/22/2013

    ahahahaha @ walkie talkie the name..who say 9jas are not creative?

    I like fowl leg well well oo..I call it my chewing stick, because that is what I munch when frying the other good for pepper soup?...wonderful..just like brokoto for nwkobi.

  17. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Hahaha..nice one. Did you name it yourself?

  18. Anonymous3/23/2013

    Lol@ walkie talkie aunty eya, I showed my little sis the pictures of your soup and she shouted PARTICULARS(pls wat was dat suppose mean?) She said it was foul head nd leg she referred to. I will cook some 2mrww

  19. Shayor3/23/2013

    Lmao! Eya won't kill me! Walkie Talkie..if I dare try dis in my house, dey wld throw away d soup and pot togeda! Wish I can try it wen everyone disppears by some magical means! Lolz! WTsoup!

    1. I swearrrr I be like ur fam members on d throwin away d pot levels..
      It totally crossed my mind as I read the post , wass gonna comment say make aunty Eya troway d pot after cos if she uploads any oda food with that pot e go just dey irritate me..
      When they cook weird stuff like goat head in ma house which I wnt nrmlly eat mennn! I no go fit use d pots utensil and cutleries dem use fr dt meal walahiii.. I fink I av actually thrown away stuff like dt be4, dats how disgusted I get ...

    2. Just gave d pot 2 my housekeeper

  20. When I use other pots that look like that, don't think it's the same pot pls. *choking cough*

  21. I love chicken head and legs jare,I eat it 4 fun,but these days I don't get 2 eat dem cuz of d dogs:(


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