How To Cook Carrot -Rich -Noodles With Chicken Kebabs

noodles with chicken kebabs
 When noodles are lovingly prepared this way, they become a major dish not just for the kids, but for
every member of the family. The taste is so different and yummy.
add chopped carrots to noodles while  grilling or frying the chicken kebabs

stir carrots in

carrots  cook for 1 minute before adding other veggies
add peas, cabbage, sweet corn, pepper to cooking pot
cooked carrot rich  noodles. Yummy
a serving of nutritious noodles for the family
tasty and filling noodles with a side of juicy mango fruits
Don't blame me o, I have mangoes at home. The best I can do is make them a part of my menu. Lolz.
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  1. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Pls did u make d kebabs or u shopbought them? I really like kebabs but dnt know how to make it.

  2. My Husband doesn't like noodles but with this inviting and tantalizing recipe, I think he will enjoy it. Thank you Eya, you have been a blessing to my home and kitchen. May the almighty reward you with great and more advertizers cos you deserve to be encouraged. I never thought that cooking could be this easy and fun.
    Thank you from my family.

    1. Thanks dear Queeneth. Sure Hubby will love this one.

  3. True Beauty3/07/2013

    Kai kai kai Aunty Eya, I suspect your hubby must be very satisfied and fulfilled. But men?can they ever be? The day he tries to look elsewhere after enjoying all these orishi meals here, just come here and report him to us. We, your blog reders will remind him that he has one of the best cooks in Naija.

    Keep up the good work ojare!

    1. Hehehehehehehehe, you won't kee me o, thanks dear.

  4. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Come Eya, what kind of yeye oyibo food is this? eh? abegi give me correct Nigerian food. Nonesense...

    1. Anonymous3/07/2013

      You can't even spell to save ur life! Sorry!

  5. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Hia oooo! Who is ds sef? Abeg Bonario come to the rescue!
    Aunty Eya abeg jare how do I get kebabs! Gimme mango na pls.... Lol!

    1. Zee, I don't know your location dear. If you live in Abuja, buy Kebabs from Grand Square. Check Park n Shop too. Lolz

  6. Anonymous3/07/2013

    @ anon 1;48 don't b so rude u could av bin more polite ,eya u avnt answered our question on ow 2 get kebabs,nd don't reply anon 1:48,as I told u earlier learn 2 ignore comments or turn it into fun lyk oda bloggers av u eva hrd linda ikeji going after pple hu make comments

  7. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Wao, so tantalizin! Aunty Eya, i tried ur green jollof rice wt carrot nd It ws so delicious. My hubby really enjoyd it. Kip d gud work! *Angel*

  8. Anonymous3/07/2013

    Eya d eyaaaa

  9. Aunty my mum saw dis after I used her Ipad 2 check ur blog,she made it yesterday evening,but she used chiken instead!she cut it in bits,and it was yummy,I enjoyed it.I had already had dinner,but I ate it and it was nice.thanks ma'am


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