Hilarious Saturday Night, Sunday Morning Switch

Enjoy Saturday Night, Rest on Sunday
image courtesy:Daniel Ezenwani
After laughing so loud, I said to myself that this must be shared with you. A friend shared with me on Facebook, and I'm wondering to myself... Where
in the world is this type of Saturday Sunday Switch common? I've thought about  all black Nations in the world, but can't come up with an answer.
What do you think?
Do you think this is we Naijarians?


  1. Anonymous3/15/2013

    ahahaha....funny as it looks, that is the reality and hypocrisy of we humans!

    A guy went to pick up his friend from a bachelor's party, he saw a gal making out with a guy seriously on the bonnet of a car. He watched them to while away time as he waited. They were both wild.The next day at the church, he saw the same gal singing and praising GOD as if nah she go church pass! He watched her with amazement throughout the wedding and thanksgiving service. Chuckling and shaking his head.

    Me think it cut across all race, not only in 9ja. A friend said, she saw a co-worker of hers, finished smoking, only for her to go and lead praise and worship in the church few minutes later. When she questioned her, she was like so what?

  2. Anonymous3/15/2013

    As funi as it seems it is very common pple go clubbing or attend partys drink smoke nd evrytin dat comes wit dat life style nd re still d first pple 2 arrive church on sunday mornin.lol

  3. Dianahills3/15/2013

    Lol. Well,on a closer look at d pictures,d pple in d 1st pic aint d same in d 2nd pic-bt all d same, stuffs like dis sure do happen in diff countries accross d world not jst in Nigeria. This kind of behaviour conforms with d adage dat says: "Duplicity is d nature of man". God help us dou.

  4. Anonymous3/15/2013

    True confession, when I wasn't married, i used to visit my boyfriend's house and do all the things married people do and from there, we both go to church the next day and you need to see me speak in tongues. I have prayed for forgiveness though but that's what is happening.

  5. Na so o! we humans like to deceive ourselves thinking we are deceiving God. Come to think of it, all His commandments are for our benefit cos if you look at it, we are the ones who suffer from disobeying them. Not God.
    And as anon 9:16 said, almost all unmarried couples do the same. After fornicating, they wud go to church and lead praise and worship or preach and ppl will be changed!

  6. Anonymous3/15/2013

    What can we say? Christ came for the sinner

  7. Anonymous3/19/2013

    Aren't we all guilty in more than one way? Been there, done that..still thanking God for His grace and mercy. I am not fit to cast any stone, not to talk of the first one.

  8. Anonymous9/15/2013

    Hello readers, pls I need your kind advice on this issue that is giving me concern. My bride price was paid some months ago and Wedding preparation is in progress but I don,t feel excited about it at all. I feel I am making a mistake by continuing with the marriage because I have found out that there are a lot we don,t have in common and we keep arguing and quarreling over a little issue and I have the feeling that it will even get worst after the wedding. My problem now is that I don,t know if it is a good idea to stop the marriage and how to even stop it because I don,t have a concrete reason except that I don,t like his behavior and we argue a lot. I am also afraid that I may not get married again if I leave him and my parents will feel so bad though they will not understand how I am feeling. Pls I need your candid advice because the whole thing is trying to drive me crazy. Thanks.


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