Happy Women's Day

I thank God for making me a woman. I never feel jealous of the men folk at all. Why should I when
I am the one who can get my car door opened for me. I get more attention than the man when we go out together. I get pampered and treated like " an egg that can easily break" sometimes" I know there are female car mechanics, female plumbers, female trailer divers, female coal and gold  miners, female carpenters and all. 
However, the percentage is very minute compared to the man who has to most times do all the heavy, cumbersome, sometimes dirty  and stressful jobs. 
Today, I remembered Malala Yousufzai and said a short prayer for her. She should not suffer this much for believing in girl-child- Education and speaking out. 

I pray for my country Nigeria, that many more women go into politics, and that we have a Female President soon.
Today I pray for women in different parts of the world who have experienced or are going through one domestic violence or the other, and I say "NO" to Domestic Violence. I pray for families and countries that do not value the girl child, may they realize that without a woman, there can never be a man.

I like that I am a woman and have never regretted being born this way. Why should I? when there is epidural to take away  labor pains *wink*
OK, How come we tend to celebrate Valentine's Day more than we celebrate  International Women's Day? I bet some women nearly forgot this day.
Happy women's Day!!!


  1. Sweet Galaxy3/08/2013

    Happy Women's Day Fellow blog readers
    Happy Women's Day Eya
    Happy Women's Day my pretty daughter
    God bless women.

  2. Happy Women's Day to women all over the world. I'm blessed to be a woman and I know you are too! It is inspiring to see more women speak out against all forms of violence against women.

  3. I join you in all those prayers Eya,
    I don't think I have heard of women's day, I know it is mother's day this week,
    and I love being a woman. Thank you Sweet Galaxy, happy women's day to you too. Thank the Lord we don't have to shave every day eh?

  4. Happy Women's Day to us all!

  5. Happy women's day to all women worldover,especially members of Eya blog,my lovely mum,ma curie sisters, my best friend(my granny) and d mother of my children yet to be.lol
    The importance of women to our world is unquantifiable,I can't imagine a world without women. I can't thank God enough for the gift of women.
    As u celebrate today,I wish u all d best this life can offer. Ndi nne mama!!

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  6. We should not gender discriminate between Male and Female. I love my mother, sister, my friends and also respect women as they desire. International Women's Day

  7. Chichi3/09/2013

    Lord i keep on thanking you for making me a woman, am grateful Lord pls make me a virteous one whose price is far above rubbies. I pray that my future husband treats me like the virteous woman i am. Happy mothers day to all the mothers and intending mothers in the house.


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