Guess There's Improvement On Recipe Images

Boiled Rice With Chicken Breast  and vegetables
 Today, is what Linda Ikeji will call a Slow News Day:
In July 2012, when I decided  to keep an online kitchen diary. I thought about my daughters. I felt like leaving something for my girls. Something like a guide kind
of. They always cook with me. The girls are going to be good in the kitchen by Gods grace.  That's notwithstanding, I wanted a situation where they'll have variety their fingertips. I wanted the girls to have an  Online Address where they can just click to get all Mummy's Recipes.

When I started writing my "online kitchen diary" I told them my aim for doing this and they were very happy. They were particularly excited that, what ever part of the world they'd settle, they'd still be able to relate to and have Nigerian Recipes with them. I wanted a situation where my girls will still be able to cook NAIJA Afang soup the way their Mommy does, cook egusi soup and enjoy foo foo without forgetting their Nigerian Roots. 

I felt like, with an online kitchen Diary, my children will be able to pass on to their children, the Nigerian Recipes that grand-ma or Great Grand ma left them, *as the case may be.*

I am so happy that in less than a year, we have been able to document even more recipes of Nigerian food than I thought possible. 

To the glory of God, this kitchen diary will serve as a Reference Book not only to my children, but to all Nigerian, African and even children from other parts of the world. #coversFace.
Mothers don't have to worry about preserving their Native foods anymore. All we have to do is post them to this blog and they are preserved.

Initially, my plan was to keep this blog private, to leave the settings on " Members Only" but, that would have been selfish. I am so thankful to God that I left my kitchen diary Public. When the workload of managing multiple blogs increased, I had to import my kitchen diary here.  I think importing it here made "wives connection" even more fun.I am happy and grateful about the comments and  encouragements from you guys. I have never regretted leaving this Diary public and by God's grace I won't regret it.
Right now, Nigerian Moms especially, can be rest assured that wherever their daughters settle in Life, they'd be able to cook Nigerian meals, by just looking at the Step By Step Cooking Pictures of  Wives Connection. In future, we will be able to gather even more Nigerian Recipes here. Courtesy; Every  Contributor who has, and is taking their  time to take step by step pictures of their cooking and share here. God bless us all.
Boiled white rice, cucumbers and chicken breast
 These Images I put here today are a reminder of where and how it all started. Initially, I started taking pictures with My Android. I didn't like the quality of the pics because, they didn't come out like real and natural. The pictures didn't go in line with my vision to be as truthful and realistic as possible. They did not really show my food relating to the average Nigerian woman the way I wanted it.  I continued taking these pics with my Android but couldn't post them, not until I got a better camera than Android's.
rice, tomatoes, egg sauce and chicken breast
 **Today, I have been very busy, the whole day. Could not even write recipes to enable me post pictures from my  Archives. Luckily for me, I went searching old images on my Android device and came across pictures of The Beginning of it all. I decided to share these pics, so that, my blog readers can have a glimpse of where "My Kitchen Diary"  started. 
Don't worry, there are still many recipes not yet posted, by God's grace, we will continue to update.
 jollof macaroni with corned beef and green vegetables
chicken breast with rice and veggies
boiled and fried chicken breast with rice and vegetables.
These pictures are here as a reminder of the quality of images and presentation when it all started. Then, I wanted to just have one type of plate I put on the blog as my "signature plate." LOL!
I guess there is bit of  improvement in my garnishing, images  and presentation.


  1. You have done exceedingly well Eya.this post reminds me of the saying 'despise not the days of little beginnings'
    You have come a long way and GOD will increase you on every side for the love you have shown through each post.making out time to bless homes and marriages.
    Remain Blessed!
    New post! Rants of a Nigerian Makeup Artiste......hilarious must read!

    1. Chei, Lahmow, so, what I do for Linda Ikeji is what you are paying me back with? Issorait.

      Thank God, here no body will say that you are advertising your blog. If it's there eh? Even when Linda says there is enough space for us all to perch, some readers will still be complaining to her.*sighs*

      Thank you for this wonderful prayer sis, Amen!

  2. Chichi3/01/2013

    You may not be where you want to be, but definitely not where you used to be. We give God all the praise and ask that His grace will continually lead us to that height where we desire to be.

    1. Amen. Chichi,continue to pray for your sis, abeg.

  3. You have really come a long way, and I have to say you inspire me a lot, you may not know :)

    Thanks for letting us into your kitchen and sharing you love of cooking and good naija food.

    1. Myne, how many times did I call you? who is inspiring who here?
      Why have you decided to make my small head swell like a balloon naa?

  4. Anonymous3/01/2013

    I really admire your sincerity.. We all have dreams but very few people are patient enough to understand the intricacies of step by step implementation of that dream.. 'M glad yours is a success story because you've been a blessing to me.. I just wish you would help me with a food menu for my 6months old son.. I've introduced a few to him but I want varieties.. God bless you aunty Eya

    1. Thank you Chinny. A six month old should swallow amala and chew soft rice with us naa. Buy more beans, cook very soft for his sake. #LessPepper.

  5. I mentioned u in my last post. Hope u were not offended cos I meant it in a good way. You need to also work on how to send some food my way. You and Myne are just constantly harassing us with pictures of good food these days.

    1. The Great Madame Sting, You? Getting a mention from you is a privilege I honestly crave for. You who taught me how to improve on my blog layout.

      I am heading to your blog right now! How did I miss the post? Why didn't I see it on my Blog roll?
      God has a way of using you guys and all other readers of this blog to make me a better person/blogger.
      To your blog I come now.

  6. The Great Madame Sting, You? Getting a mention from you is a privilege I honestly crave for. You who taught me how to improve on my blog layout.

    I am heading to your blog right now! How did I miss the post? Why didn't I see it on my Blog roll?

  7. Your blog address is the secret i share with my married friends and they are all hooked.lines stay blessed.

    1. Thank you so much Teekay.
      ***Mufasa and all you guys advertising this blog on Linda Ikeji's and other big blogs, I SEE YOU ALL O!!!
      Thanks a million!!!

  8. keep doing wat you do Aunty Eya Never stop being who you are thats why people love you and come here..Let Nobody take your shine away from you..GOD bless you..

    1. YES MA! Thanks for all the encouragements I get from you. God bless you too.

  9. Heyy! Aunty Eya can explainiooo,so humble like my church catechist.lolz
    Remembered my first time here,u made me feel and home,and like dey say no place like home. So if u looking for Bonario,come to Eya's kitchen.
    Talk about history,posterity,records,bookmarks. I av all ur dish just at one punch of ma keypad.waiting for when God will change my 1+1=1. Ehen most importantly my children and friends can watch how I spent my 2012 xmas courtesy aunty Ojay's blog. My bday wouldn't av been complete without ur recognition,wishes and dat of ur blog readers.
    Wished I know how to say thank u in Calabar. Anyway Chukwu gozie gi.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Ehen, Bonario's own will always be different.

  10. Eya dear you have come a long way and done so well in the process. Am happy for u, looking forward to more recipies from you.

  11. eya dearie you have really come a long way...and nicely too.
    was glad when you decided to merge your blogs .
    i love your recipes...keep them coming.

  12. Anonymous3/02/2013

    Eya,U've really come a long way and we tank God! See,u can only go higher&higher,no less cos u're such a blessing 2 people ;especially me! God continue 2 bless u and ur family. Funke

  13. Anonymous3/02/2013

    Yea I must comment today if not am ingrate,I discovered your blog 2weeks ago and it has been heaven on earth for me and my family.I don't knw how to thank u enough,u ve put smiles on our faces the lord will smile on and your family.I see u going places very very soon companies like know ,royco ,glo will endorse u for putting smiles on poles on d endorsement issue and it shall come to passn.Amen

  14. Anonymous3/02/2013

    I meant am serious God will do something abt d endorsement issue

  15. Anonymous3/02/2013

    U v bn wonderful aunty Eya... God bless the work of ur hand.


  16. Anonymous3/02/2013

    Auntie thank you very much for all your recipe,I lived in America and got bored with all the food here,since I discover ur blog last week my family have started eating chicken again,when I did the chicken dip in egg and bread crumb.its was delicious.thank u


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