Fights Over The Way I Keep My Rooms

 My parents, especially my mom and I are constantly having a fight. If it isn't about my damp bath towels, it is about dressing my bed their own way. It is my room!  why can't
I be free to dump my books where ever I like?
Why am I always being treated as a child ?  I am not allowed to put up my favorite posters, my bedroom walls must remain plain and boring like theirs. My dirty clothes must not be kept where I want and how I feel.

My friends
visit me, we hang out right inside my bedroom, they still complain about our loud music and noise. Taking my friends to my room, isn't that enough reason to be left alone to have fun without interference from parents? Why do they enjoy snooping into my bathroom? whether I flush my toilet properly or not, how is it their business? do I use their bathroom?  If there is a stench, who suffers it? "ME" Am I complaining?
I want to change the color of paint on my walls, the answer is always a “NO!!!”
I like my room the way it is, can’t I have a little space???
Precious ...


  1. Anonymous3/04/2013

    Really???? Make I no tuk wetin dey m mind.
    Precious U sound like a teenager, its a phase, 5-6yrs from now, U d totally appreciate all these NOs and 'closemarking'. I m married now but smtyms, I wish my mum were here to say put down ur phone or get up from dat bed and stop being lazy.
    M dear. U have very good parents, dont take it for grabted!
    U d b a parent tmw abd trust m, U d do sane ok.
    Ur parebts are very normal.
    And NO NO NO, U cant leave the toilet like dat, U hv to mk ur bed, u r a lady. Cheers dear! Just enjoy growung up ok.

  2. Anonymous3/04/2013

    Aww Honey, you lost lost child. It may be your room but its THEIR HOUSE until you start chipping in for food and paying bills for them, you dont get a say. If you want to do as you please, move out and get your own place.

  3. Babe, trust me, it's for your own good. You won't understand now, I dont expect you to, I did not understand then so it's OK. There are some things that if you do not learn now, you will never learn when you're married with kids.

    Funny, I was just cleaning my house (every inch) when I decided to take a break then I saw your post. Some women find it hard to keep their houses clean and if you marry a man like my hub, that's a real deal breaker. As I was mopping, I thanked God my mum did not give me any breathing space cos now, I do house chores effortlessly. Though my parents are not here,I still feel odd when things are not 'Spickle Sparkle'.

    Yes we know, your privacy, I know I know, but honey, it's their house. When you get your crib, you can cook on your bed, if you desire but for now, better clean your toilet with a toothbrush if you have to! Hope you are one of those girls who do unmentionables when they stay in hostels...?

  4. girl go get your own place.. excuse me! your parents pay the bills and are training u! I have had terrible terrible dirty roomates and I guess some of them were not well thought how to clean after themsleves.

    it is unhygienic and dirty to leave your toilet unflushed and dirty, it is not helathy to mix your dirty clothes with clean clothes ( hello skin diseases!) ...

    and it is rude to keep the noise soo loud when ur friends are over and your parents are home...

    everything your mom is teaching you is how to have manners, you will appreciate it more very very soon

  5. Anonymous3/06/2013

    U need to b ashame of urself for posting dis! Go out there and get ur crib, pay d bills, and fend for urself, then tell us if is easy to feed xtra stomach outside urs? My advice to ur parent is dat they shuld stop bothering their lifes with their training u, then wait till u settle u down wit a man whose surname is neatness, by then u may understand what ur parents were trying to impact into u


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