Chopped Tatashe, Vegetables, Shredded Chicken Macaroni/pasta

tatashe shredded chicken macaroni with  a side of chilled mango fruit
Shredded chicken Tatashe  Macaroni takes a very short time to cook. The only work needed is chopping the veggies. Boiling
macaroni and cooking the sauce were all done at the same time, I guess that's why cooking was fast. I love to cook very fast and leave the kitchen, that's why I go for quick cook methods.
Some Ingredients: macaroni, cabbage, tatashe (ripe green peeper), onions, seasoning sauce
  1. Macaroni
  2. soya oil
  3. salt
  4. shredded chicken
  5. tatashe
  6. seasoning
  7. onions
  8. cabbage
  9. water and of course some ripe fruits, in this case, some chilled ripe mangoes

boil washed shredded chicken  with salt and onion
add some tatashe to pot
tatashe boils in shredded chicken stock
stir fry onions, cabbage, tatashe
add curry and seasoning while stir frying
add some water and flour to shredded chicken tatashe stock
shredded chicken stock cooks while tatashe, vegetables are stir fried

add some stir fried vegetables to shredded chicken tatashe sauce,  stir  and cook for for five minutes
macaroni boils in salted water, shredded chicken sauce is cooked, excess stir fried vegetables are kept for preservation
boiled macaroni is quickly rinsed in cold water to make it non sticky
shredded chicken tatashe sauce with boiled macaroni
a serving of macaroni with shredded chicken sauce
macaroni with a side of mango
Tasty macaroni with chilled mango fruits

This sauce can be used in various ways. It can be served with boiled rice, pasta, boiled noodles or even served with jollof rice. It can even be added to the pot of macaroni to make it like jollof.


  1. Yummy Yummy!!! Tummy scrugs.... im hungry.....

    1. Thanks Tina, you can take some from the screen.

  2. Anonymous3/06/2013

    This is designer mango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!show us how you did it plz

    1. Hahaha, I am going to add a picture of how I did it. Simple; cut your mango in two halves, without cutting the seed. run a knife through the side that doesn't have a seed, cut vertically, then across, without cutting the skin. Now, bend the ends outwards and see them curve and bend towards themselves.

  3. Anonymous3/06/2013

    Eya, I think u are very gud with our nigerian dishes so pls stick to them rather than giving us all dis pasta and macaroni rubbish. Wetin concer naija pple wt coconut pasta ana apple macaroni? I beg cook wetin u know.

    1. Nigerians don't eat Foo Foo and soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner,we eat even hamburgers dear you can skip clicking on the ones you don't like. Check blog post categories for soups and garri recipes.

    2. Anonymous3/06/2013

      I totally agree with u Sis Eya, it can get really boring and unhealthy eating swallow n soup all the time. Every meal put up on this blog make me learn new ideas. Nigerians have moved on from soup, stews n stoggy carbs, variety is d sice of life jare. BTW nice pasta n shredded chicken. Lizzy

    3. I agree with you Lizzy and Eya. This Anon hating on Eya everyday on this blog eh, I am beginning to think it's one failed blogger sulking over Eya's growing blog.
      Anon, if you can't deal with it, go hug a wet transformer and leave Eya alone. She did not buy food from Mr Biggs to deceive her blog readers like you do on your blog. Eya cooked this meal herself in her kitchen. You go buy cooked food, then write fake recipes and deceive your readers. We are happy with Eya and her honesty, even if it's rubbish she cooks, we like it and our husbands enjoy all her recipes.

      If you don't stop this hate on Eya, you will soon develop HBP and go join your ancestors.

    4. I visit this blog daily but have never left a comment. Today, I am forced to comment because I think it is getting out of hand.....
      Anon 10:52am, what is wrong with you? Did Eya give you special invitation to come and leave negative comments on her blog? If I were Eya, I would just DELETE your comments as soon as they appear.

      Go write your own blog and show us how well you cook. ##Talentless being making useless noise under anonymity, You Looser.

    5. Anonymous3/06/2013

      @ anon 10:52am, its obvious you are one of those people that is against variety in cooking. Well I feel for the people you actually cook for, end of. Eya ever since I discovered your blog, I make sure I visit it as often as possible. I love to cook good food generally and it does not matter what continent the recipe originated from. As long as I know I can eat it, I usually replicate. Well done and continue to do what you know and love how to do best, there will always be hatters.

  4. Yummy...I want that mango :)

  5. I love this, Am definitely going to try it this weekend. I love varieties. Yummy yummy

  6. Watery mouth! That is what you have left me with...

  7. Hi Eya,
    this sounds lovely, and I love macaroni. The only thing is I have never heard of tatashe and don't think I could buy it here. I will have to try to think what I could put in instead, or maybe leave it out. Is there another veggie that is similar?

    1. Tatashe is same as bell pepper dearie.

  8. Hi Brenda,
    thank you, I think green pepper that has turned ripe is what we call Tatashe in Nigeria. You can add green pepper dear.

  9. Ah,
    thank you Eya,
    I like peppers, shall have a go at this soon.

  10. Aunty Ojay I just bookmarked dis one sha,imma show it to ma mum,dats d kind of stuffs she likes.
    With d way she's going about moringa now,I pray sh doesn't cook for my dad with it.lolz

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  11. Jazmyn3/06/2013

    Anon 10:52 am, why you bold enough to call food rubbish but not bold enough to show your face? Aunty Eya please delete that yeye comment from a LOOOOOOOOOOSER.

  12. eya why do always stir fry ur vegs,?


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