Chips And Eggs Breakfast By Ahdaisy

a serving of eggs and chips with a glass of juice
For those of you who do not have time to eat well during the day because of work or whatever reason, this is an easy very filling breakfast. It is mainly a Saturday breakfast for me, so that I can sleeeep and forget myself.

I bought the bag of
chips for NGN 1800 at a Supermarket near my house. It is not so cheap when compared to normal potatoes at the market but I love it cos it's convenient, no peeling, no cutting, no washing, just salt and fry! And if you eat little, it lasts. But if you eat 'hungry man size', maybe you should go and buy yams! lol

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 Bag of chips
They are to be fried while frozen so that they don't become soggy
 Chips In Plate
 oil in pot
I prefer using a pot to fry because of the depth.
chips frying in a pot

  1. Chips
  2. Oil
  3. eggs
  4. Tomato ketchup
  5. Hot Sauce
  6. pepper
  7. onion
  8. salt
Chips in yellow basket
Once it has browned to your desired taste, put in a sieve to remove excess oil
whisking eggs
For eggs,break eggs into a bowl and add tomatoes, pepper, onions and salt or whatever spice you want but make sure the tomatoes, pepper and onions are blended together because if you chop them, they'll make the egg disintegrate while frying. So for this effect I use my pepper that I preserved in the fridge using Aunty Eya's method. Dry ground pepper can also be used. Whisk the egg very well with a fork or whisk.
  Frying pan and oil
Put some drops of oil in a frying pan and allow to get hot. i like the fact that non-stick pans help you fry with as little oil as you want
 Egg frying in Frying Pan
Reduce the heat and add the eggs
 Flipped Egg in Frying pan
leave it for a while for one side to brown a bit, then flip
picture of hot chips, eggs, hot sauce and ketchup
when the egg is ready, put in a flat plate and roll it. Add the chips and some ketchup if you want. I usually mix my ketchup with hot sauce. I love the 'garlicky' and 'pepperish' taste
 Making the juice with Nutri C
For the orange juice, Nutri-C is my friend. I feel it's a healthier option than normal packaged orange juice. The worst are all those "big for nothing" juices where you have to dilute one spoon of it with a bucket of water. hehehe...So, I stay away from such. Sometimes, I juice fresh oranges and still add Nutri-C for more volume and flavour. one sachet is enough for one glass and it contains 100% of your daily requirements for Vitamin-C
Enjoying the fries with a fork and knife 
 Eating the chips and eggs while a glass of juice waits patiently at the corner
Forget all the effizy O, I actually sat down on the floor in my living room and ate with my hands...:)


Thank you readers for the opportunity. 


  1. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Nutri C and packed potatoes for breakfast? With all the sugar and priservatives; its a total no no for me. U can boil the eggs and cook proper potatos with tomato sauce

  2. Brenda3/20/2013

    You are so damn lucky girl. Counsels well, cooks well. O girl I envy you oooo.

  3. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Even orange for beta sef. What is nutri c? Eya u fall my hand o. U for no just put this one here

    1. Nutri-C is not as bad as you think o. It's just vitamin-c and it's a way healthier substitute than all those five alive and fanta. But pls, I am in no way contesting that fresh oranges are better.

  4. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Just made up my mind about dinner TODAY. hehehehe.

    1. Hm, I think some of us will come and visit you today o. ;-)

  5. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Recipe to blow up. Encourage healthy eating. Peel ur potatoes and fry. They are way beta than packed ones anyday. And the drink is 80 Percent sugar, 10p colour and the oda is preservatives

    1. Galaxy babe3/20/2013

      You blow up when you eat like SUPER MAMA. little portions won't blow anyone up Pls. Even diet experts say not to avoid any food but eat smaller portions of everything. Ask Quincy Ayodele if you don't agree...

    2. Nutri-C is not that bad o. Do your research well. Except you dnt take vitamin-c supplements.

      All this advocacy I'm doing for Nutricima, abeg make them come give me money. I fit model for una ads sha.

  6. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Eya, give me African food. I like ur blog maam.

  7. Paw Paw Strawberry3/20/2013

    Y'all talking as anonymous, why can't u pick a name OR nickname at least. Take a lecture:
    When you finish writing a comment. Click and pick NAME/URL. Fill in your name and skip URL, then click continue and publish your comment. QED. I learnt from this blog anyway. Watch me pick a nickname:)

    1. Anonymous3/20/2013

      Naaaaaah! Its too much werk. I'll pass.

  8. Well done Ahdaisy, I fink I could have this as a very late breakfast/lunch (brunch). Defo with my hands, fork n knife 4 where lol.

  9. Looooolz hehehehehe lmfao. Ahdaisy doesn't like troubling herself atall,she just jejely prepared an easy one.
    Even to make tea sef hard am,she just conveniently used nutri c.hehehehe.
    And av been here trying to make cole slaw for over 3weeks. Aunty Ojay imma send u a pix of d indomie I prepared.
    Ahdaisy I know u can do better,dis one is just like micro waving the food u bought at Mr biggs. Am waiting for ur real dish. Na u be course rep hereoo.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous3/20/2013

      LOL @ course rep!

    2. Loolz... If you want to find the easiest way to accomplish a task, send a lazy man to do the job..hehehe

      Ok o. I'll soon send in a 'real meal'. As I be course rep, I'll start taking attendance. So everyone pls, use a name and make sure you visit everyday, if you dnt want to fail this course. :-)

  10. Hehehehe @course rep

  11. Anonymous3/20/2013

    PortHarcourt readers please go look for Ahdaisy oooooooo,
    we need her here oooooo.

    1. I'm here now. Make dem no come look for me o. Hm, some of them are mean o, before they beat me up for this type of food. :-)

  12. I'm here now o. Bin up to my neck in work.

    My darlings, this is a very realistic meal for busy people.
    Some people dnt have time to start peeling potatoes when rushing out. This meal is not for everyone. If it is too 'junky' for you, pls just pass. Portion control is key in evry meal. Even natural fruits are high on sugar. Only veggies are safe. And like I said, it's for people who do not have time to eat during the day. After a breakfast like this, you are energized throughout the day.

    Dnt worry, U will soon see a complex meal from me! Stay tuned!

    1. Lol @ 'high on sugar'. I meant high sugar content.

  13. chikoko3/20/2013

    Dis food try sha,d combination is not bad atall

  14. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Ds packaged chips is alwz my choice nt 4anythg bt 4maintaing its 'crunchiness' aftr fryg unlike d peeled ones dt looks lyk boiled yam aftr removg from fire: shoprite has varieties of it; I can enjoy it evn wt kechup alone n am gud to go; bravo Jayde

  15. MrsAjaryee3/20/2013

    D above was by Mrs Ajaryee; was tryg to select Name/URl whn it told me it has bn publishd. Nevr intended 2post anonymously

    1. Thanks dear. Love the crunchiness too. But the times saving, no stress is just it for me

  16. mauryn3/20/2013

    Ahdaisy, I'm ur secret admirer tanks so much 4 sharing#strait to d kitchen#

    1. :-) *blush blush* U're welcome hon...

  17. I like this, sometimes we also need convenience foods because it's not all the time you have time to make things from scratch.

    1. Exactly. Times have changed. Many women now are married, with kids, working and dnt have nannies or house helps. They have to look for a way nah. However like you said, it's not every time.

    2. Cherie3/20/2013

      Nice one and for the people complaining, the most important thing to remember in food consumption is how you control your portions. I had a friend that while she was pregnant all she could stomach was fruits and she still came up with Gestational Diabetics.

      Sometimes the packed potatoes are actually better than the fresh ones, but just to give a clue on how to make the fresh ones crunchy and not come out oily, after cutting them to your desired taste, boil them till they are almost soft, put them in the fridge for a while depending on how long you have before frying them.

    3. Fruits = sugar in your body, dear. Besides, certain people are predisposed to gestational diabetes. Nothing packed is ever better than the fresh one. Don't fall for that.

    4. Cherie3/21/2013

      The point I am trying to make is too much of everything is not good. There is nothing wrong with packed food especially if one does not have spare time. I personally love fresh food, but when those particular fresh food you need is not in season, would you not go for the packed or frozen ones i.e oranges, carrots, peas etc.

  18. Shayor3/21/2013

    Everyone here criticizing packed meals...I just wonder, pls u guys shldnt even use seasonings, make ur maggi from beef stock and don't ever try goin near noodles or spagetti, dos meals aint for u (since dey r packed). Tin tomatoes, ketchup nko, abeg don't go der. Lastly, buy palm fruits and groundnuts and make ur own oils.. Abeg I taya for una!

    1. Anonymous3/21/2013

      Abi o, the chips they consume from eateries I hope they realise its also from frozen.

  19. onyxxx3/21/2013

    Right on point dear

  20. Anonymous3/21/2013

    i always love the debate in the house, for or against packaged foods.
    pls i like dis,thanks Cherie for this knowledge shared. i love potatoes n its one food my kids don't return untouched when back frm school, so dis one i will readily give to them.

  21. mauryn3/21/2013

    I made this last night it was yum yum! BTW i added a lil sardine to d eggs


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