Basmati Fried Rice And Chicken By Lizzy Obaze

mixed veg of carrots, peas and sweetcorn, king prawns and sliced onion and pepper.  
 I cooked this today and thought
I should share.  Have a good evening Sisters.

Lizzy shared some of her recipes here before; EDIKANG IKONG SOUP

 boiled basmati rice
ready fried rice after frying 
  cooked chicken drumstick in oven.
 a plate of basmati fried rice n chicken
I want to try this in mu kitchen. Where can one find Basmati Rice? Is it in a sachet, sack or measured in mudus?


  1. Anonymous3/20/2013

    Best one is Tilda basmati rice, in a blue pack. No it is not measured in mudus. Its like buying uncle ben's rice. You can find Tilda basmati rice only in supermarkets and not at the open market. thou they have other types of Basmatic Rice u can buy at the open Market.

  2. Cherie3/20/2013

    Nice, always prefer Basmatic rice to most normal long grain rice. Some people do find the smell a bit too strong though. You can get it in every big supermarket, Exclusive stores etc in Abuja. Remember when cooking it add little water from time to time else you end up with rice pudding, lol.

  3. Hmmm!!!!!! looks really yummmmm. I like the taste of Basmati rice.

  4. This looks so yum. I kinda dnt like the smell of basmati rice. But I'll try it again. Pls is Basmati a kind of rice grain or it is processed from normal rice? I like the fact that it is light but I dnt like the smell. Love the shrimps added. With all these ideas, I dnt have to crack my brain when looking for what to cook for my house parties. Thanks lizzy.

  5. I just don't like basmati rice,maybe the smell sha. Guess I'm bush Lol. But I so love fresh shrimp in fried rice.Nice one Lizzy.

  6. woooow, please is it basmati rice that is used to make chinese friend rice? this is nice, have got something to make this weekend.

    1. Cherie3/21/2013

      Most Chinese restaurants use Tai rice not Basmatic rice, well at least here in the UK, don't know about Nigeria. It does not have such a strong smell like the Basmatic rice.

  7. Nice one looking yummy,ehmn Lizzy u didn't tell us how u prepared it,details plz for learners like me. Above all u did a nice job here.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  8. I love basmati rice n use it to cook jellof rice n rice n stew, dats all I buy so kids n hubby have gotten use to it now. I have idea where u can get it in Naija but it should be is well known supermarkets.If d smell of basmati is too strong 4 u try thai rice its got small grains with less smell compared to basmati. If u are cooking basmati rice plz bear in mind u only need water to cover d rice slightly n once it starts to boil turn d heat down to d lowest n ut d lid on for it 2 steam, it only takes 10-15mins tops.
    I cooked d fried rice just like how most Nigerians cook fried rice, fry ur onion, pepper, prawn n mix veg in olive oil then season (for my seasoning I used knorr cubes, curry powder, dry thyme, flavour enhancer n a tiny bit of garlic). Once all d above is well fried I add cooked basmati rice in bits n stir, I then taste to ensure its seasoned well n turn d heat down for 5mins. That's it.

  9. Y all dis torture nau Aunty Eya!! Its not fair ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) pls post d recipe&procedure plssss

  10. candylips3/21/2013

    aunty Eya pls recipe for simple chinese rice + stir fry

  11. Looks Good!

    Eya, you can get basmati rice at Sahad or Spar and they sell them in 5kg bags ranging from 1800naira to abt 3000. I use it to make coconut rice... Its amazing!

  12. This is lavishly rich! Thanks for encouraging me to use so much sweet corn.

  13. Anonymous7/10/2013

    @UmmiBee, I bought it today at Everyday Supermarket in Phc for N850 (2kg). Me love the spicy aroma that comes with Basmati rice.

  14. i love the long grains basmati rice it makes a wonderful presentation.


  15. Yummy delicious and finger clicking gravy, love to enjoy with a bowl of basmati rice.


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