Shredded Chicken Noodles Without Sauce

Shredded Chicken Indomie Noodles.
I just discovered on "African Weight Loss Facebook Page" that a pack of Indomie noodles contain about 342 calories. Now, we know that what the body needs per day is just about 1700 calories. I eat about one to two packs of noodles at
once ( I mean small packs o). This means, from just indomie alone, 684 calories enter my body within minutes. For those who eat more than two packs to get satisfied, multiply  the number of packs by 342.

If you subtract that from say 1700 calories that the body needs for that day. Noodles have already supplied more than half. Don't forget we still have to eat Eba, Rice, Bread and some snacks * I laugh in pidgin*
By the time we are eating dinner, we must have loaded the body with thousands of calories. Tell me why weight loss will not prove an almost impossible mission for most of us. What can stop the waist line from expanding? when we load it with double, and even  triple the calories it needs every day. Most of us do not even have time to go work out and burn some of those calories. They just get stuck in us and continue to blow us up like air does  balloons.

After that stunning discovery, I decide not to starve myself by eating half a pack which won't reach me anywhere. I decide to fill my system with the quantity it needs, BUT, stylishly reducing the caloric content. HOW?

I cook my shredded chicken indomie with so much protein and vegetables.What happened?  I felt full after consuming just 1/4 of the pot contents. That means the vegetables multiplied the food in the pot, made it look bigger. I filled my usual bowl and there was still like 1/3 quantity in the pot. After clearing my plate, I could not take more. What this means is that, I got full and satisfied with just 1/4 of a small indomie pack; Courtesy proteins and vegetables. I give God the Glory.

If I can do this to all my meals, stylishly reducing the calories, still giving my body the quantity of food it needs, without starving to lose weight, I am sure of reducing my waist line a little by the end of the month.
 I really don't want to hear that my zipper burs ted again. My body size must respect my wears.

Anyway, this long story should have waited till my next post. That is where I cooked the one pack for myself. Here is the three packs I made for other family members. I did not eat with them because I am not much of a sausage fan neither do I really enjoy dry noodles. I made mine with shredded chicken too, with some sauce to enjoy, but without sausages. Will post that later.
add noodles, seasoning and onions to boiling water


noodles with shredded chicken sauce and onions

  1. Indomie noodles 3 packs
  2. shredded chicken sauce I table spoon full
  3. carrots
  4. onions
  5. cabbage
  6. 1 long sausage
  7. green pepper 1 medium size
  8. water

add shredded chicken sauce
Cooking Procedure:

  • add indomie and its seasoning to boiling water
  • add onion and  shredded chicken sauce, allow to boil for about 2 minutes
  • add the chopped vegetables and leave to cook for about 3 to 4 minutes or as long as you like your vegetables  cooked
  • Serve hot.
mix shredded chicken sauce with other contents
 add vegetables and sausages
stir and mix vegetables with  noodles
allow noodles to boil for 3 to 4  more minutes


 well cooked noodles with vegetables
 healthy, crunchy and tasty indomie noodles ready to be served
a serving of healthy tasty noodles
 shredded chicken noodles without sauce
To see more of my Noodles Recipes, Visit HERE  For how to make shredded chicken sauce, GO HERE 
The taste of shredded chicken sauce in the noodles worked wonders. My five year old who likes to pick out all the green pepper before eating her noodles, did not remember this time around. She cleared her plate with all the green pepper, so, I won!


  1. I laughed so hard at the preamble to teh actual recipe. Thanks for this Eya cos I'm feeling a bit under the weather with cough and cold. My friend who is a caterer and diet consultant told me about the high calorie content of noodles ages ago. It is truly amazing that as small as the pack is, it packs so many kcals. Talk about small but mighty! Thankfully, I am not a big noodles fan and tend to eat only one pack. This recipe with the plenty veg is truly tempting me. Though I have decided to cook plantain porridge and moi-moi this weekend using your recipes, I just might try out this noodle recipe. Keep up the good work!

  2. mrs krixx2/14/2013

    Noodles definately contains a lot of calories. The super pack contains over 600calories.its written somewhere at the back of the park. In my diet days I would eat half a pack I.e d super pack with loads of veggies and I don't use d sure helped. Aunty eya this blog is trully a blessing. Kudos to u n other contributors.

  3. @Adele, sorry about the cough and cold. Hope you are managing them with medications?
    This recipe with shredded chicken is too good!

  4. Anonymous2/14/2013

    If one is trying to lose weight daily caloric intake shouldn't exceed 1200.
    1700 is probably to maintain your present weight.I try to eat between 1000-1200 cals a day so indomie is not an option for me except maybe once in 3months many healthy foods abound and yes is a wonderful a testimony.well done eya!

  5. Anonymous2/14/2013

    Am preparing coconut rice,shredded beef gravy and crisp chicken 4 le boo 2day,he's bin,jus thot 2share!thanks eya cos am using ur recipe 4all.pray it comes out nice.

  6. Welldone o, it has no choice than to come out nice.

  7. Anonymous2/14/2013

    Smiling Eya, you A̶̲̥̅̊я̥e̶̲̥̅̊ too much.

  8. Thank u so much.this is my first time here.and I love it.

  9. My first time here and am loving it.I love to cook and I knw a good meal when I see one.thank you

  10. Hi Eya. Sorry I have not be commenting on your posts for sometime. I am just not a food blog person, but the pics always look good to me sha.

    Keep enjoying and inspiring other women out there.

  11. Anonymous2/14/2013

    Hi Eya...ur blog. Has been helpfull. Ow can I make the shredded chicken sauce?? Tanx

  12. I am going to add a link to the shredded beef sauce.

  13. Anonymous2/16/2013

    Thanks a lot , i am loving it have cooked cocoa nut rice with that coated chicken. Everybody enjoyed it in my family. God bless!

  14. Well done. Did you coat with flour or bread crumbs?

  15. Anonymous3/08/2013

    Hi, can u help with oven roasted croaker recipe?

    1. OK, when I do, I'll post it.


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