How To Count Calories With Nigerian Dishes

Help With Calorie Counting!

I got this mail and actually sent a reply before it clicked that readers may have some useful ideas to share:

Greetings Eya. Keep up the good work. Is it possible to count calories with our Nigerian dishes? Just

Thank You.

Here is my reply below:

Hi O..., this question you just asked has been  bothering me too. I don't know how to count calories with our Nigerian foods. You know they are neither processed nor packaged. I try to help myself by eating smaller portions.

After clicking on reply, it dawned on me that someone on the blog may be able to help out. There are readers here who are so knowledgeable about these things and very health conscious too. I wish that you can help us out with some suggestions or what works for you.

I feel like you may have some ideas to share with  us (The Nigerian  Meals Calorie Counting illiterates).
Any suggestions will go a long way to help. Like I replied her, basically, what I do is eat smaller portions by making my foo foo small with a big bowl of soup. I try to eat larger portions of my vegetable soup and smaller portions of Eba, Semovita, Amala or Pounded yam.

Can you share ideas and suggestions with us? Please:-)


  1. Anonymous2/11/2013

    Your reply to O is what works for me too. Our local food has no calorie counting jor!!! Kp up d good work.

  2. I just discovered we can count calories with our local Nigerian Dishes. All thanks to Ogaga who sent me the link.
    My jaw dropped when I read that one big ball of pounded yam can contain over 1000 calories. Imagine eating and asking for extra. Oh my!


    Indomie instant noodles is a popular food among us Nigerians. Indomie contains a lot of calories. A packet of Indomie chicken curry flavor has 342 calories!

    For us, the adults, most of the time we are not satisfied with 2 packets, and we love the added extras. Some people even add oils to thier indomie. Of these 342 calories in each pack, 48 percent carbohydrates. Two packs is already 700 calories. In one sitting! Therefore Indomie is a meal rich in calories and also high in carbohydrates. If you are targeting weight loss, I advise you to please take healthier meals...African Weight Loss.

    For me, I think eating smaller quantities of carbs helps. We don't have to fill ourselves with the carbohydrates, add vegetables and proteins to help us get full with less carbs.

  4. For those of us interested in eating healthy and losing weight. I suggest that we follow African Weightloss on Facebook:

  5. This is d web Addy
    Mrs Eya , Ur Blog Rocks .
    Ild Love 2 Send a Post on Raw Green Thickies and Smoothies I've lost 50 pounds eating raw just so ur esteemed readers know its possible in Nigeria.

    1. Hi Ojay, you are welcome! I can't wait for the post. I am so in.

  6. Hello Mrs Eya, for sure you can count your calories on Nigerian meals, I have taken time to break it down here, hope you enjoy the article.

  7. Hello Mrs Eya, Yes we can count calories in our Nigerian meals, I have taken time to beak it down here.

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