How To Cook Healthy Coconut Spaghetti With Coconut Milk And Peas

milky coconut pasta/spaghetti cooked with coconut milk

Spaghetti can be boiled and eaten with stew,  boiled and served with chicken, beef or fish pepper soup, it can be cooked like fried rice and  can also be cooked in the form of jollof spaghetti. Quick, delicious and healthy macaroni can also be cooked this way. Macaroni may take a shorter time to cook.Here I went a
step further to cook coconut spaghetti just like we cook coconut rice. 

It was so tasty, full of coconut milk flavour and fun to eat. This meal was prepared after dinner time, as a result, everyone said it was too late to eat, and that they wanted something lighter. I had to leave it till the next day. The last picture and the serving in the orange plate show how it looked the next day after reheating.
Some ingredients for coconut milk
a serving of milky spaghetti
spaghetti, coconut milk can, fresh red pepper, sweet corn, kidney beans, peas, seasoning cubes and sardines
Ingredients For Coconut Milk Spaghetti:
  • Spaghetti 1 pack
  • coconut milk 1 can
  • sardines 2 tins
  • 3 red pepper
  • peas 1/3 can
  • kidney beans1/3 can
  • sweet corn 1/3 can
  • crayfish 
  • seasoning cubes 2
  • salt
  • soya oil
  • water
add milk and water to a pot 
add ground crayfish, roughly ground pepper, seasoning, salt, chopped onion
add spaghetti to boiling milk
spaghetti boils and cooks in coconut milk
add sardines to spaghetti and stir
 add peas, sweet corn, kidney beans when spaghetti is tender
cooked spaghetti (pasta)
a pot of  re-heated over night spaghetti
 Adding shrimps to this dish will give added pleasure at meal times. *After cooking, I realized that the coconut milk was too much. Next time, I'd use just half a can of milk for one pack of spaghetti or macaroni"


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  2. Anonymous2/27/2013

    nice one, i thot i was the only one doing this. since my colleagues think i take the coconut thing way too much.
    though for this mixed coconut jollof spag, i parboil the spaghetti for like 5 mins, keep aside and rinse wt lots of water so that the mushyness will not be much in the food,before adding it to the coconut water mixture.
    another one i do also is boil my spaghetti in coconut water like boiled white rice, then do mixed vegetable sauce using the coconut milk as my water for the sauce.

    1. Thank you for this tips dear, next time I will definitely parboil my spaghetti and also reduce the quantity of milk by half.

  3. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Local mac and cheese?
    Looks yummy!
    Wat if I add cheese and bake?
    I wonder how dat wud turn out!
    I wanna c how coconut tastes wif spag so ill try dis..
    Billie jean

    1. Me too Billie Jean, I wonder how that wd turn out. If you are going to bake, then don't cook it this soft.

  4. Yummy,nice one Aunty :-)

  5. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Nice one but try and parboil your spaghetti next it will taste better and less starchy.

    1. OK, I will. Thanks for the tip.

  6. It looks so milky. I like! I will try this on Saturday. Thank you Eya.

  7. Mrs E. T.2/27/2013

    This blog has really changed the temperature in my family. Since I discovered this blog and started trying out Eya's recipes. My husband's complaining about my food just stopped automatically. These days he asks for more. Now I fear he may put on more weight o. God bless you for this unique blog.
    Mrs E.T

    1. No Mrs ET, he won't gain weight, serve him smaller portions. Thanks for sharing, you are welcome.

  8. God Bless you Eya! I prepared the coconut spagetti yesterday and it came out so good that we have included it in our food time-table. Yuum. I however used coconut milk extracted from the coconuts I bought and grated by myself. Thank you for the tips.

    1. Thanks too Treasure, Thank you for sharing.

  9. Anonymous3/04/2013

    Hello eya dis style is splendid but when I want to prepare mine I will first parboil d spagetti so that d starch can go off and with dat it will make d mixture a better look....*winks*

    1. OK Anon, thanks for the tip.

  10. Just found this blog accidentally while researching moringa. Interesting recipes. Going to try them all. Well done.

  11. Anonymous10/03/2014

    Will try this. Please how do I receive updates and join this group?. I am not married but want to be familiar with different recipes b4 settling down.


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