Monday, January 28, 2013

Unripe Plantain Porridge Cooked With Goat Meat

 cooking unripe plantain porridge with goat meat
Unripe plantain porridge is so healthy and energy giving.
 I can comfortably eat this as my breakfast, lunch or even dinner.
When cooked with goat meat,
unripe plantain porridge reminds me of how in my local community,
this is a traditional breakfast meal.
Cook this with bush meat and it gives another wonderful yummy taste.
With smoked fish, you just end up over stuffing your stomach against your wish.
 hot leaf (uziza vegetables)
 a boiling pot of unripe plantain porridge
 Ingredients for Porridge With Goat Meat:

  • 1kg Goat or ram meat (male)
  • diced unripe plantain
  • knorr or maggi seasoning cubes
  • Locust beans (optional)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • onion
  • palm oil
  • hot leaf
  • water
 porridge breakfast
Unripe plantain porridge thickens while cooking
Cooking procedure for porridge:

  1. Washed goat meat is put in a pot with some salt, seasoning, ground pepper, chopped onion and a little water, covered and allowed to boil.
  2. Check for salt and tenderness, add some more water to get to the quantity of plantain you want to cook. Allow to boil until meat is a bit tender.
  3. Add diced unripe plantain, palm oil and a little quantity of ground locust beans, cover and allow to cook. continue to check and stir the contents.
  4. Let oil cook and mix well, when plantain begins to get tender, add the washed and chopped hot leaf sparingly. cover and continue to check and stir until it thickens up to the consistency you like.
  5. Serve hot.
 a serving of porridge
 porridge breakfast is healthy and yummy with some thick sauce
Unripe plantain is so, so healthy that we need to come up with ways that can help us eat more of it. Diabetics especially eat unripe plantain a lot, and I hear it is good because, it is not yet ripe and has not turned into sugar.. Making it into porridge will help anyone eat plantain more frequently.
Enjoy and continue to eat  healthy!
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  1. Pls what is hot leaf?

    1. Ask vegetable sellers for uziza, that is hot leaf. Give me a few minutes to include the pictures of hot leaf Ok?

    2. I just included a pic of hot leaf. Scroll up and see.

  2. I always prepare plantain porridge with alota crafish so now we r adding goat meat shuld I do away with the crayfish???

    1. You can still add crayfish if you like. It's Ok, depends on how you want it.

  3. Looks nice, is it unripe plantain or green plantain? From Mo

    1. Green plantain is unripe plantain.

  4. Like goat meat!
    Will use partial ripe plantain for myself :D

    1. Partial ripe, I like it roasted with hot coals.

  5. Unripe plantain is really good for its iron nutritional value. This is also one of my native delicacies, made with either meat or fish. Like this!

  6. Pls instead of adding dry pepper y nt use fresh pepper to boil meat

    1. I guess you can use either fresh or dry pepper, whatever works for you. Mo

  7. Goooooood work Eya,thank u