Friday, January 18, 2013

Omotola Danced Better Than Them All

English: Omotola Jalade at a photo shoot with ...English: Omotola Jalade at a photo shoot with her son (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, I get a chance to watch "Omotola the Real Me." I had
longed for this chance for weeks now. I  read the reviews from a few blogs sef. After watching todays episode ( It may even be a repeat, LOL!), I beg to differ from some of us who wrote that she is not real or that she is acting and not being herself.

I didn't get to watch from the beginning because I had no idea it was showing this night. After shutting down and trying to get ready for bed, somehow, I just felt like scrolling through the channels, and, when I got to Africa Magic Entertainment, behold my long sought after reality show is on screen. I wiped my sleepy eyes and enjoyed it thoroughly. Because of how much fun I derived watching Omotola Jalade and her family, I decided to share with my readers before going to bed.

From where I met them, she is getting ready for Christmas celebrations with her family. The house is full of activities and it was all fun, just like Christmas in any  other house hold. They want to kill a goat for the celebrations and he  husband goes shopping for one. Although, I have said here that Omotola is real, I think that Captain Ekeinde is more real. He is the realest person I watched on that show today.

He parks his car and alights with a hat that reminds me of Kenneth Okonkwo the Nollywood actor, then he grabs his mobile phone and begins to blow Igbo language like no man's business. I had always thought that Captain Ekeinde is a Yoruba man, but, after listening to him speak Igbo language the way he just did, I am now confused. I need to Google him right now and find out.

After speaking good Igbo, he buys the goat or ram or what ever animal they are going to use for Christmas, the butcher gets down to work and demands for ten thousand naira as his fee. Here, the Pilot blew correct pidgin English by asking the butcher "abi you put juju for mouth?" It made me laugh out loud. He is so real. I'd  love if he  appears on every episode. It would be fun watching him just be the typical Nigerian man.

Back to Omotola, at home, she is a real Naija wife and Mother to her children. With the way she went about the Christmas celebrations and all. She provides alcohol for the butchers to roast the animal and made sure she supervised the cooking of her Christmas dinner. Although the chefs do the cooking,  she never leaves the kitchen.

Omotola starts to panic when at 5pm dinner was not ready. She had invited and informed people that dinner would be served at five and by 6pm, 6:30 pm cooking is still going on, and behold the Screen Goddess takes charge,  she is seen molding,  rolling and smoothening the fufu, and even  helping to set the table for dinner.
 Finally, at 7pm, everyone is seated and, even though she fears that someone could remind her of not keeping to time, no one remembers, and they all enjoy themselves.

After dinner, she hears noises from upstairs and rushes there to see what is happening. I bet you Omotola joined in the dance and she did very well. While the girls dance to the Music video and try to mimic the steps, Omotola beats them to it hands down. Her moves, her flexibility, her effortless hip sways and all. I just enjoyed watching her dig it.

While dancing, she realises that the girls are having a party while her dress is not appropriate for one, then, she dashes downstairs, changes, joins in the dance and still did way better.
Now I can go to bed. I have shared what I just saw on "Omotola The Real Me"
Good night!
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  1. Crap! This makes me want to see it so bad. And it's 'crap' because I don't have access to afmag.

    But the first episode was a bit tooo unREAL for my liking. So that alone is discouraging enoug

    1. Yes, from what I read about the first episode, I think she was unreal then, After that, she may have made some adjustments or may have started getting used to cameras following her every where . With this kinds of shows, I guess it gets better with time.

      Later episodes may even be more interesting, because then she'd have gotten used to the whole thingy and completely relaxed.

  2. Hi. I am a first time visitor but I must say that your blog is very interesting. Cooking is a hobby of mine and I love trying out new recipes. I totally dig yor blog because you are apparently based in nigeria and the recipes will be more realistic and ingredients accessible. Keep up the good work

  3. The reality show is soooooo fake & so not on point. Thank God 4 the few of u Eya, that enjoyed it not us. So u few might stay tuned & enjoy season 2, if there is one.

    Still waiting 4 the vegetable salad I requested. Thanks 4 the coleslaw, made it 4 my family, delicious. Amaka

    1. I will post both my vegetable and fruit salads I promise!
      Thanks for trying out the cole slaw!

    2. Ps: please can you help me delete the message I left in the reply column I.e the message between you and Amaka. I was actually going to leave a comment not a reply :) thanks x

    3. OK Spynaija, I'm going to remove it now.

  4. Pls do u have a twitter account?mavis

    1. Yes Mavis, @joyeya is my handle.

  5. I totally love ur blog especially ur cooking tips......nice work ur doing

  6. Sounds very interesting, I haven't to gotten around to actually watching it myself, maybe after this review, I might just watch it...thanks for sharing a positive one on it all i have heard are negative views. x

    Ps: hope you had a good night rest and didn't dream about the show. Lol


  7. Hi babe, I love your colorful food pics and it's fun trying out some of your recipes. I have watched Omotala's reality show on and off, but it is not something that excites me, or I'd stay awake for. Much as I know that it is not easy to live one's dream, but I am of the opinion that what is worth doing, is worth doing well. Maybe she should get better script writers or watch more reality shows to prep herself, but honestly, I do not see that show lasting, and I say it really carefully. I just don't feel the show. I would rather watch a Kardashian show with all their warped morality, because it is well produced, than an Omotala show. Still a lot of work for her to do, even though I'm still trying to figure out what that whole thing is about. Make una no crucify me o-a girl's entitled to her opinions, hehehehehehe.

    1. Dear I share ur sentiments,in d first episode I guess she was trying to copy Kimora,it lacked focus initially and I lost interest,for those who still follow it I pray its beta now.

      ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310