Nigerian Vegetable Salads With Italian Dressing

 healthy,crunchy vegetable salad with peas, lettuce, red tomatoes and cucumber
 my breakfast salad
 a bowl of must eat salad, healthy salad breakfast 
 my wheel shaped salad ready for dressing and clearing
Dear Diary,
Red tomatoes and olives do not last long in my fridge because the kids won't let them be. To avoid over stuffing on these, I add other vegetables and just make simple breakfast salads for the family.
I love to serve these breakfast salads on days when they eat bread for breakfast. They just eat bread more than any other kids I know. They'd prefer bread to cooked food sometimes. This over consumption of bread does not really help when they use the bathroom. 

All I do is try to help, adding these easy to make vegetable salads to their breakfast, especially on weekends when every one is at home in the morning. Eating oranges also helps with their bowel movements but they prefer their simple vegetable salads.

My 5 year old can empty a basket of tomatoes in just 3 days if given the chance. When I add other vegetables, it becomes a bit heavier and she won't be able to eat that much.

Busy husbands also need these breakfast salads before leaving in the morning. They work so hard that most times they do not remember lunch. Giving them breakfast salads will ensure that they keep nourished and strong. A lot of men do not like raw vegetables, but, if you can discover the type of dressing they enjoy or can manage, it will make eating raw vegetables a lot easier.

Truth is, I serve hubby vegetable salads every morning even though I can't eat them all the time. Most times, after eating the breakfast salad, there is no more space for food, he is full and leaves the house feeling good with his vegetable salad  and Moringa tea. Sometimes, I just pour a few drops of olive oil on the vegetables with no other dressing.
 cucumber, lettuce and peas salad breakfast
When I serve them with their choice of salad dressing, I give myself the one I enjoy most, which is the Heinz salad cream in a long bottle. If we include vegetable and fruit salads to our weekly menu, I think we'll spend less on medications.
 a serving of breakfast salad
vegetable salad with Italian Dressing
 Mayonnaise, salad cream, Italian Dressing and Thousand Island for vegetable salads. Any of them is Ok for me . Italian dressing is lighter, so, I prefer it when I use lettuce

 red tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber
 Olives eaten like a snack or added to vegetable salad
 olives, cucumber and lettuce
Clean, healthy breakfast vegetable salad
 washing lettuce in salted water. Lettuce grows on the ground, wash with salted water to get rid of hidden worms.
Green vegetables just have a way of energizing our bodies even if we do not eat much through out the day.
 Can you share with us how you make your vegetable salads?


  1. I guess this is an healthy option. I can really enjoy this. It's nice that your kids enjoy veggies. I love the fact that your 5year old likes tomatoes, that's just like me lol

    1. You eat raw tomatoes? I can only eat when they are together with other veggies like in a salad preparation or something.

  2. Go easy on the dressings, lots of cholesterol there.


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