Monday, January 28, 2013

Isi Ewu Head With Chilled Red Grape Juice

 a serving of isi ewu with chilled Red Grape Juice
Dear Diary,
In case you are tired of your husband and friends visiting that isi ewu joint
every saturday evening, set them up with this, and scatter their plans.
I have not seen a Nigerian man who can resist Isi ewu. Right from
the North, to the southern Parts, Eastern Nigeria where this dish originated from,
and even Southeren Nigeria, they all enjoy Isi ewu and find it irresistible.

For the palm wine drinkers, there is nothing they enjoy like Isi ewu with
 a keg or mug of palm wine. For your Father In-law, just win him over to
your camp with Irresistible Isi-ewu.

Funny enough, after I tasted this delicacy, I officially joined the men and
 automatically became a great fan of Isi-ewu. To make matters worse,
a goat head is the cheapest part of it's whole body.
This goat head I prepared for my family was bought for just #500.
If you buy more than one head, it gets even cheaper.
Bigger heads are a bit  expensive though.
I do not know if it's the aroma of the spices or just the crunchy biscuit bones in
a goat head that make isi ewu  irresistible.

Don't you think that, if he can get Isi-ewu at home on week ends, he may not bother
 visiting that Isi ewu joint?
 boiling the goat head with onion, pepper,salt and wrapped brain
Ingredients for my isi ewu:

  • 1Frozen goat head ( I had bought mine and kept in the freezer ahead of weekend. It is difficult to get them on weekends because restaurant owners clear everything).
  • Spices ( Sorry about not knowing the names, that's why I put the pictures)
  • Brain ( wrapped in a separate bag)
  • 2 yellow pepper
  • utazi
  • potash/ akanwu (optional)
  • 2 cubes knorr or maggi seasoning cubes
  • 1 small sized onion
  • salt to taste
  • 1 table spoon palm oil
  • water 

 the brain cooks in 12 minutes and is ready for pounding
Cooking Procedure for Isi-ewu:

  1. The washed meat is put in a pot with salt, ground pepper. chopped onion, one seasoning cube and some water. Allowed to boil for 12 to 15 minutes before bringing out the cooked and hardened brain for pounding.
  2. The roast and skinned nuts are  pounded before adding the brain, palm oil and a cube of maggi. Pound till smooth before adding to the boiling pot, stirr.
  3. Pound the melon type ingredient too and add, stirr, check for salt, seasoning and water/thickness and allow to simmer for about 5 to 7 minutes before adding the utazi vegetable. stir, leave for just a minute or two and turn off the heat.
  4. Serve with some chilled wine.
Enjoy, life has no duplicate jare!

 isi ewu spice nuts are being burnt for grinding
 the nuts skin roast well in the hot flame
 the nuts are well burnt
 they are allowed to cool off a little before removing the skin
 the burnt skin is removed with a sharp kitchen knife
 the nuts are pounded
 the boiled brain is pounded with palm oil, knorr seasoning cube and the ground nuts
 well pounded isi ewu ingredients 
 ingredients are added to the boiling pot of goat head

can someone please help us with the name  of this isi ewu and pepper soup spice, it is a thickener. I just pointed at it and bought without finding out the name. Now I don hook.
 it is pounded and added to the boiling pot
 utazi leaves are thinly chopped like okazi  (afang) leaves and added
 Enjoy lunch or dinner with isi ewu and chilled red grape juice or your sweet wine or even red wine
 Too good to waste even a piece of the isi ewu
 Some portion of the isi ewu has been eaten already
NOTE: Isi ewu cooks very fast once the ingredients are ready. It is best enjoyed with fingers, i.e.  if you can do without cutlery. I did not add potash to this dish.
This is not the season for utazi and red pepper. They are almost out of stock, however, you can replace them with hot leaf and red pepper. You will still  get that unique, great taste of Isi ewu.


  1. looolz aunty Ojay u won't put me in trouble
    Dis dish reminds me of last xmas and ma favourite joint in d villa Ama azaraza. d dish is best enjoyed with bare hands. I can prepare it very very well.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. Bonario, I mthink that you are very good in the kitchen. After your 1+1=1, please don't stop and abandon the kitchen. Just keep it up o.

    I ate mine with my bare hand too, and licked my fingers very well. No cutlery needed.

    1. Eya,d isÍ ewu luks nice bt I prefer mine thick,so Iuse potash to mix d sauce togeda wit a local spice called 'ehuru' den little groundeÐ crayfish! Will make mine and send d pics,I add little ugba too

    2. We are waiting for the pics please o. Me, I can't wait to try your recipe, it sounds interesting!

  3. Chei eya! I officially love u......omg! I miss naija:( Bomsy

    1. Love you too Bomsy! Don't worry,one day na one day!

  4. Ah ya ya. This is how to make a person's day

  5. I love your blog, i cooked spaggetti with shredded chicken sauce for my sister today and she's already pleading for same meal tomorrow. Humm kudos to youu

    1. Thanks for trying out my recipe!

  6. God bless u aunty ojay n grant u all ur heart desires. I v bin lukin for d recipe for dis for ages! I spend 1500 naira evry two weeks to buy d already prepared one at resturants. God bless u again n again.

  7. Infact don't know what to say!
    But I think God spoke to u for mi,cos I was just wishing in my heart u knew d recipe for ISi ewu and post it here one day...and suddenly 'Voila!!
    For those spices,do I just ask dose igbo women selling food tings for isiewu spices?cos I don't tink I can point dem all on my own!

    1. Yes, ask the market women. They know all the spices!

  8. I know you said akaun is optional, but I will like to add it to mine, can you please tell me what point to add it? Also, I don't have a motar yet, can I use my grinder to crush the nuts/spices? And can I use that thing I use to mash potatoes to mash the brain? Will I get the same result as a motar?

    1. Thanks Anon 5:35,You can add the akaun together with the pounded brain. You need a small mortar to pound, the brain and palm oil cannot be mashed like potatoes.

  9. No my luv,u won't get d same result. D seed is too strong for ur blender, it might spoil it.

  10. hi, please where will i get the goat brain?

    1. The butchers will bring it out of the butchered head. Insist that they wrap it separately.

    2. ok thanks.

  11. Thanks for this, Eya. Will try this out after my akara flat episode. The burnt spices are called "Leete and Ehuru". Dont know abt the thickener, but will find out.

    1. Hahahahaa, You are just hilarious.
      Leete and Ehuru, OK, now we know their names. Thanks Luchi!

  12. Thanks a lot, I'll get a motar soon then I will surely try my hands on Isi ewu special

  13. Thanks for the recipe, you are really doing a great job, God bless you.

  14. The spice is called ehuru seed. Really enjoying our delicacies

  15. I call this steps to making husbands stay at home! Delicious. I ve always loved it, but never made it until now that you ve taught it in this class! Cheers!

  16. Aunty eya pls afang & okazi re dey d same type of leaves#tnx in anticipation of ur reply#

    1. Yes! they are one and the SAME.

  17. Aunty Eya,its called Ehuru seeds!!

  18. Aunty Eya, God bless you. I hope i get the preparation right, My Oga must stay at home.....enough of all those nights at *****'s joint.

  19. My mouth is watering....havent eaten isi ewu since I was a kid. Good thing I have the recipe now

  20. Better to use utazi leaf than ukazi. it gives it that bitter sweet taste.

  21. im 4rm d north abu zaria 2 b precise just dis morning my husband told abt isiewu dat he ate it at a restaurant in abj i neva knew i cld get it so easily 4 dat UR A DARLIN

  22. Dear Aunty Eya good job wt d recipie, now I know to pound d brain properly cos I usually just boil it wt d rest and smash everytn together but it somes out lumpy eventually, bt pounding will make it a smooth paste. Secondly, d potash or Akanwu shld be put in abt 2 cooking spoons of water and when it dissolves a bit, small amounts of d water is added to d palm oil before adding it to d brain mix wt d other spices. I love ur blog! Cooking is my passion.

  23. Thank you Chinwe, we share the same passion. Well done.

  24. @ Um Ammar, thank you! I wish you successful cooking of the isi ewu for him o.

  25. Aunty Eya I'm about to try ur recipe now wld snd u pictures....wish me luck...lol!

  26. hahaha, Ms Bhookey, I wish you luck o!

  27. ****Mufasa SaidMarch 06, 2013

    EYA I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U. KAI, U DONT KW D JOY IN MY HRT RITE NW. THESE ARE THINGS I NEVA TOT I COULD MAKE. THANX A LOT. WILL TRY ALL THESE OUT VERY SOON. pls feel free to advertise ur blog on oda blogs naw so that women will learn d art of keeping their men at home.

    ****Mufasa Said