Saturday, January 05, 2013

Indomie Noodles With Chicken And Vegetables

 Indomie Noodles With Vegetables And Chicken Ready For The Dining.
The pictures for the indomie with shrimps are found here

 Hot Indomie Noodles with Chicken And Veggies

Dear Diary, 
This recipe  is same as here
I am not really Particular about noodles or pasta, but, I have to cook them because my family LOVES them! After a while I think I'm beginning to love them too. This plate of noodles on the microwave is getting ready to be transferred to the dining table for consumption. It looks yummy and healthy too. Indomie to me is the fastest meal to cook because in five minutes, it is ready for consumption. Once my noodles exceed five minutes in boiling water,  I lose appetite because they become sticky and uninviting. How did I prepare this?

  • Indomie noodles
  • Chicken
  • Shrimps
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Red Tomatoes
  • Water
  • Salt

  1.    The chicken is seasoned, in this case, I only used salt for seasoning.
  2. It is fried briefly in hot oil and put in a microwave oven to continue cooking. Why I fry briefly is to avoid over frying to the extent where the chicken becomes dry and too brown. I prefer to complete the cooking of chicken parts in a microwave oven as the oven retains the size and juice while microwaving it.
  3. Next is the shrimps/prawns, these are washed and put in a dry pot, a little salt is added while they cook. This way, the water and juice in the shrimps cook them. Stir continuously.  I do this for just three minutes as I do not enjoy over cooked shrimps.
  4. The indomie noodles is put in a pot of boiling water. The seasoning is added too. The water has to be very small if you do not want any sauce. I add a lot of water when I want the indomie pepper soup. Indomie should last for just five minutes in a pot of boiling water. While cooking the chicken, the carrots, onion  and tomatoes are chopped and kept. When the indomie has boiled for three minutes, you add the vegetables, stir a little and allow to cook for the remaining two minutes. Turn off the heat, add the cooked shrimps and chicken. Always remember to serve noodles HOT!.
If you need some greens in there, you can add some peas to the vegetables. Do not exceed five minutes from the time you add indomie to boiling water.


  1. I love noodles especially when made richer with veggies. But you just got me back to a very special one I made with lots of shrimps. The children loved it so much. Nice one.

  2. I love the little twists and additions you give noodles to make them have much more variety. Keep them coming, we're learning. nice job.

    1. Thank you HH! More are yet to be uploaded, just be patient with me pls.

  3. Aunty Ojay d definition of trouble is when I visit dis blog at midnite and find a mouth watering dish I can't cook at d moment. Lolz

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. Not to worry Bonario, midnight is just a few minutes to morning. Lol:)

  5. I love what am seeing i feel like jumping into d kitchen nd start cooking aunty joy i love ur blog

    1. Thanks for the love. You are free to cook this anytime!