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How To Cook Naija Mashed Potato Salad, Serve With Chicken Pepper soup

Mashed potato salad with cream on top, served with chicken pepper soup

Dear diary,
you want great results with your mashed potatoes, next time, bake in an oven before you mash. This meal was so relaxing and refreshing. Because I did not
rush with the pepper soup, but reduced the heat and gave the chicken enough time to simmer till tender. We were chewing bones as if we cooked soft chicken.

Like I insisted with the girls, if you really want to enjoy this meal, then allow yourself to get done with eating your salad before eating the pepper soup. Do not try to eat the two together as if you are eating amala with ewedu soup. 

Imagine that the pepper soup is your dessert and eat it later. That way, you get to really enjoy the lingering taste of the well simmered chicken. 

 boiling potatoes in salted water
 boiling eggs for mashed potato salad
How To Boil Eggs
  1. wash eggs with detergent
  2. with a long spoon, drop the washed eggs in boiling water
  3. let them boil for 10 to 12 minutes
  4. remove from boiling water and immediately put in cold water. This helps when you remove the shells.
Tips For Cooking Eggs:
Before cooking eggs, drop gently in a bowl of water. Anyone that floats on top is bad.
Cook only eggs that sink under the water.
Do not break eggs directly into your food. Break into a separate container, ensure that they are OK, before adding to your cooking pot.
 crushing boiled potatoes with a fork. Lol!
 Just added eggs and some chopped raw onion while stirring and crushing the potatoes
Ingredients for Naija Mashed Potato Salad:
  1. boiled potatoes
  2. salt
  3. boiled eggs 
  4. onion ( Add onion sparingly, and make sure it is thinly chopped.)
  5. water
Ingredients in mashed potatoes depend on what you want. How smooth or rough it looks also depends on how you mash your potatoes. Greens can be added to make it more colorful.
Eggs and even onions can also be left out. There is no strict rule with mashed potatoes, it is how you, want to enjoy your dish.
 adding chopped onion and salt to washed  chicken pepper soup parts before boiling
Tips On Buying Live Chickens:
  1. Lift the chicken up and ensure that it is heavy
  2. Look at its legs, chickens with bigger legs tend to be heavier and fatter when dressed
  3. Before cooking, put parts with tiny hair over a naked flame to burn those remaining hair
  4. Peel any for skin left on the legs. The sellers rush to attend to other customers and so, do not really take time to peel off the legs or cut off it's beak and long nails.
  5. If you are using the legs for pepper soup, ensure that those nails are properly cut off.
Ingredients for this chicken pepper soup: 
  1. Chicken pepper soup parts from fresh chicken
  2. well washed bitter leaf
  3. seasoning cubes
  4. ground pepper
  5. onion
  6. salt water
 just added washed bitter leaf after ground pepper and seasoning
Cooking Steps:
  1. The washed potatoes are boiled. Add salt when it begins to boil
  2. When tender, drain water and mash potatoes
  3. Mean while, put washed chicken pepper soup parts in a pot, add salt and chopped onion
  4. Allow to boil before checking foe salt,  add ground pepper,  seasoning and then water.
  5. After letting it boil for some time, check again for salt and seasoning, then add well washed bitter leaf, sparingly. Cover the lid, reduce the heat and just allow the pot to simmer for as long as it takes for the chicken to get tender.
 cooking chicken pepper soup to serve with Naija mashed potato salad
 sewrving for three, a bowl of Naija Mashed Potato salad with chicken pepper soup

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  2. I like the peppersoup though with other veggie like 'scent leaf' or what Yorubas call 'efirin'. I love mashed potatoes too, but never tried it with eggs. Nice variety!

  3. I have never added eggs to my mashed potatoes, will try that out

  4. Hmmmn,wow!where have you been all my. Life,this is my 1st time here and I must say I'm impressed with all I've seen here,keep it up dear,you're doing a good job,you're going places!

    1. Thanks Barbie! Welcome to our space.

  5. Hmmmmm i cant wait 2 try ds. Nice 1

  6. Which cream are you referring to? After adding the egg yoke and egg white plus onion.do we steam further?

    1. I used Heinz Salad cream here. No, don't steam. It's ready for food!

  7. Pls you kinda rush ur pepper soup preparation,can Ʋ throw mor light on the steps eg what seasonings exactly are needed Ãήϑ can uziza be used..tnk you so much Eya,ur a life saver *winks*

  8. Eya nahhhh *sobs* Ʋ don't wnt to answer me ....

    1. Sorry, I answered yesterday, may be I didn't click on publish in my rush to go out. So sorry about that.
      The seasoning I used here is just 2 Knorr cubes.
      Yes, uziza is very good for pepper soups, you can use it.
      Today, I am going to post the pepper soup I made with uziza leaves, so, try and check out Today's posts.

  9. can we substitute yam for potatoes?