Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fried Spaghetti With Egg And Sardine By Queen

fried spaghetti with egg and sardine
 spaghetti parboiled with salt and onion

I first parboiled the spaghetti,I usually add salt,onions n curry when I do that. 
Then I poured it in a sieve. I used another pot to make a sauce with the tomato. I did that by first putting a dry pot on fire,added groundnut oil,d sardine oil as well,I poured in onions,salt,pepper,fresh tomatoes,crayfish,knorr n a little curry again. 

I then added the fresh egg,allowed it to fry a bit on low heat. Then I added d spaghetti into the sauce,mixed it and my food was ready.. I didn't add the sardine cuz I didn't want it to scatter in d food.

Thing is,I'm usually not an awesome spaghetti maker but today,God was on my side cuz my brother(who usually yabs my spaghetti) ate all of it and demanded for more.

 ingredients for spaghetti with egg and sardine
 frying the ingredients
 a serving of spaghetti
Enjoy your lunch from Queen!


  1. Happy Sunday Eya. Another dellicious recipe! More grease to your elbow! Pls I want to ask some questions about baking cake with a stove. Can I put stones or plate in the pot under the baking pan? Should the flame be high or low? Do I cover the pot?

  2. Thank You D!
    1. Cover the bottom of the pot with a lil aluminium saucer.
    2. When the pot is heated, and you put in the cake, then reduce the heat otherwise the cake gets burnt.
    3. Yes, cover the pot and only open to check.
    Hope this helps, happy baking!

    1. Thanks, I'll let u know the outcome.

  3. I just made this meal now.the taste is so wow.thumbs up!

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2013

    Pls I need to learn how to ice cakes pls

    1. Search "how to ice cakes on wives connection"