Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fashion Advice For Plus-Size Women By Debbie Denard

Hi Ladies, I got this very early this morning from Debbie Denard. She wants me to share with my blog readers. So, enjoy!

The face of modern fashion is changing, and the days of being forced into drab, shapeless garments are over for the plus-sized woman. Today’s full-figured fashionistas have a huge selection of styles,
patterns and options to choose from, leaving no reason for larger women to languish in a purgatory of plain clothing. These 25 bloggers understand a thing or two about plus size fashion, offering great hints, tips and advice along the way. Keep in mind, however, that the single most important and attractive accessory any woman can have is a surplus of confidence, so get your self-esteem pumping and rock any outfit you want!
Flattering Your Shape
Each woman has her own unique shape, regardless of her size. Full-figured women can be so consumed with finding “slimming” outfits that they forget to look for pieces that are cut to flatter their particular body style. These five blogs are filled with information about flattering your shape and size and can help you find the trendiest styles to suit your shape.
Properly Fitting Lingerie
Whether you’re in the market for a purely utilitarian bra that actually fits or hoping to find a full complement of fun, flirty lingerie for your full figure, sizing undergarments properly can be a challenge. That’s where these five bloggers step in, discussing several aspects of lingerie hunting for plus sizes.
Plus Size Fashion Dos and Don’ts
If you’re a style maven who’s determined to adhere to the “dos and don’ts” of the fashion community, these five blogs offer some interesting takes on what plus-size women should and shouldn’t wear in order to best flatter their bodies, as well as tackle some long-standing plus-size fashion myths.
General Tips
Sometimes you’re just looking for quick and dirty general fashion tips, as opposed to a long and highly-specific discourse on a certain trend, bit of advice or rule. These five blogs are centered on general plus-sized fashion news, advice, hints and a few helpful tips along the way.
Clothing Styles to Avoid
Ideally, full-figured women would wear anything they pleased without lending any concern to the opinions of fashion columnists. Most women, regardless of size, are dedicated to the idea of finding clothes that flatter them and avoiding the styles that don’t. If you’re in the market for some “what not to do” advice, these five blogs offer plenty of pointers.


  1. Your blog is so REAL! Thank you so much!

  2. Yea am a +size,and sure gonna follow this tips..thanks a bunch

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  4. I am gonna have the above dress for my and surely she is gonna be pleased.

  5. Nowadays trend of plus size fashion is increasing. There is nothing weird in plus-size fashion. Everybody deserves to have a great look. Size, body type doesn't matter.