Edikang Ikong Soup By Elizabeth Obaze

 edikang Ikong soup served with pounded yam.
Ingredients for Edikang Ikong Soup:
. 2 kg Assorted meat consisting of shaki (tripe), kponmo, cow leg and

goat meat.

. 2 large ripe plum Tomatoes

. 1 medium sized Onion to boil meat

. 1 teaspoon Hot pepper (ata rodo) or more

. 2 large red bell peppers (tatashe)

. 1 cup Palm oil

. 3 Knor cubes

. Salt to taste
. Locust seeds (iru) (2 teaspoons)
. 1 cup Grounded stock fish powder
. Smoked catfish fillets from 2 large dried catfish
. 1 cup Blended crayfish
. 1 small bunch Ugu
. 1 small bunch Spinach
. Stock from the boiled meats or just 2 cups water to start with.

 well cooked cow leg, shaki and kpomo
 goat meat cooking
 ground stock fish powder

Cooking Instructions:

  •  wash the goat meat and season with salt garlic,ginger and onion to cook in a pot.

  •  wash the kponmo, cow leg and shaki and season with salt to cook in a different pot as they take slightly longer to cook.
  •  blend the tomatoes, onion, hot pepper and tatashe and pour into a bigger pot to cook.
  •  once all the meat above is almost tender, pour them all in the big pot of ingredients cooking, add knor cubes, locust seeds, smoked cat fish, crayfish, palm oil and stock fish powder and stir. Leave to cook for 10-15minutes.
  • taste for salt and add salt if needed.

 all meat should be tender enough before adding your chopped ugu and spinach then stir.

  •  turn off heat after 2 minutes to retain crunchyness of the vegetables.

 can be served with rice, pounded yam, fufu, eba or amala. Enjoy.

 smoked cat fish fillets
 a serving of edikang ikong soup with pounded yam
I have served mine with some pounded yam.
Enjoy your Lunch!


  1. Lizzy, can you please give a few tips on how you made the cow leg this soft and succulent.
    I can't recall cooking cow leg this soft. The safest I did was forget about cooking cow leg myself.

    1. Anonymous15:31

      Aunty Eya, try using pressure cooker. It really helps.

    2. Anonymous16:44

      Cowleg can get as tender as you want it if cooked in a pressure cooker. Keep an eye on it or it'll get way too soft. Stock fish powder is sold in afro carribbean food shops here in d UK, I'm not sure if its sold in Naija. Its just grounded stock fish into a powder texture. It gives food stock fish taste even if you don't use visible stock fish. Lizzy

  2. Anonymous15:14

    Uhmmm... Dis looks delicious, can't wait to try it. But which one is fish powder?

  3. Anonymous16:50

    Anty Eya. Pls can u tell me how to make EFO RIRO,dat yoruba soup.I really like it but dnt know how to make it.

    1. I like it too, but have never cooked it myself. I wish one reader will take pity on us, cook and send pics so that I publish and we learn from there.

    2. Anonymous01:11

      Aunty Eya, this is this recepie is for yoruba efo riro.I thought edikang ikong contains water leaf?

    3. I really would love to with pictography and send but I need to know how I can directly get to the food journal so I can take stock of the recipes already there and then add mine.
      Thanks Aunt Eya

    4. Blog post categories has all the wives connection recipes. It's by your left on the blog.
      Send pics and recipes to my mailbox,I'll add and then publish on the blog.
      MAILBOX: cuulme@gmail.com

  4. Anonymous17:16

    HMmm Edikang Ikong? Pls let's look for another name for this dish,cos I really can't figureout what part tomatoes and tatashe would be playing in edikang ikong soup...This dish of ours looks delicious all the same!

    1. Anonymous17:37

      You can adapt your soup into what you want it to be. Add what you like and take out what you like as long as it you get the taste and look you want. As for me this is my edikang Ikong soup, thanks. Lizzy

    2. Who is looking for Lizzy's trouble here eh? Just imagine. This soup that me I'm planning to cook on Saturday, someone is here calling it a different name.
      Dear Anon, there are very many methods of cooking any particular dish.

      I know about 3 different methods of cooking edikang ikong. It depends on what and how you want it.

  5. People like to correct recipes unnecessarily, no one is asking you cook like this if you already have a way that works for you. Enjoy the pictures, cook your own or try a new way, and enjoy!

    Lizzy, this looks great! I will look for the stockfish powder in the African store here :)

    1. Anonymous19:20

      Thanks Myne, good luck with your search for stock fish powder. If you have no luck with it I can always post it to u. Ask sis Eya for my contact.

    2. Anonymous19:22

      Above comment from Lizzy.

  6. Anonymous19:58

    In as much as there are various ways of preparing a particular dish,it's also good to adhere to some necessary recipes if the dish must come out as it is known by its community.Trying new methods aint bad any day and time and also naming your trials new names wouldn't be as bad as totally missing out on what you intend doing.Pls if you want to follow Lizzy's edikang ikong recipe,then you are on a long thing.Eya and Myne,abeg una for ask her to put curry and thyme sef...yuck,lost ma appetite!

    1. Rhema01:09

      This isn't a nice comment c'mon!

    2. Shayor08:03

      I think i agree with dis comment tho! In as much as we all try to be creative with our meals so eating doesnt get boring, we shld remember that some meals are tribal, and too much tweaking here and there would make it lose its essence. This, no doubt is a good meal, looks nice and nutritious but its definately can NOT be called Edikang ikong - Spinach, iru, tomatoes, tatashe, c'mon! Dis is more like Efo riro only dt d pepper isnt fried... Let's keep more meals coming, only dt we shld get the names right so as not to mislead other people visiting for probably d first time. We shld bear in mind that there are people who visit dis blog with absolutely no idea of how to cook, thereby taking everything in hook,line and sinker. Let's encourage dem. Thank you.

    3. Well, thanks Ladies! At least Lizzy is proud of her cooking skills, proud enough to send them so other ladies and even men can learn.

      Rather than fight over the name of the soup, wouldn't it be more profitable if we just cook and send pictures of other Nigerian dishes that are not yet on the blog? so that we all can learn to cook even dishes that are not particular to our local communities?

  7. Thank you Lizzy, definately trying it out soon.

  8. Now we are fighting on recipe and ways to cook Edikang ikong...that reminds me, I need to visit my neighbourhood madam, been a long time I tasted Edikan ikong

  9. Anonymous11:35

    Me sef fear! I have nver cooked edikaikong or even know how to cook it, but I know this isn't edika ikong for sure, cos it lacks some of the ingredients like water leaf in it, its closer to efo riro as some1 stated just that the stew wasn't fried.. We should find more pleasant ways of communicating this rather than insulting some1's hardwork and efforts , Lizzy didn't av to share this, but she did anyways and we r grateful :)... Don diddy!

  10. Anonymous11:56

    Thank you all for your positive and negative comments. Like I already said I tried following sis Eya's edika ikong soup but I thot I should add extra bits n bobs to get d taste I desire. Perhaps I should have given it another name that is Lizzy's version. I couldn't get water leaf so I added spinach so wats d big deal, my hubby n kids loved it anyways. Sis Eya I'll suggest you take my recipe off your blog. I dey fear to put another 1 for ur blog sef coz crucification of ur followers 3 much. Lizzy

    1. Hi Lizzy,
      Good morning and how is the family? I am so happy that you posted on the blog. That is what blog reading is all about. People reading and talking, disagreements and possible fights over posts. I like the reactions your post generated. Apart from number of comments per post, It is so far the most talked about post on wives connection, so, you should be proud.

      Many of those who don't know how to talk/cook are the ones who are complaining. Why? The recipe is loaded with ingredients. It is too complicated for them. Many are just learning now that you don't need to follow a recipe hook, line and sinker. You have given them the opportunity to learn that every recipe can be adapted.

      Thank you for that talk generating post. At least now every reader of wives connection will remember the name Lizzy Obaze. hahahahaha!
      Please keep the recipes coming while we continue to challenge them to cook and show off too.
      Truly grateful to you.

    2. Shayor16:43

      Eya! After reading dis ur comment, i had 2 go up and read all d comments again. I see no insults/fighting. Nobody said its a bad meal. Read ur last comment again, if u dont think its unnecessary, den its all good. I still love you tho! And lizzy, i love ur version of Efo riro and i'm itching to try it..(Curious me).

    3. Anonymous16:50

      Lizzy darl pls and pls dnt get upset! We r all having fun here and learning new and hw to make better dishes,u posted a pic of ur dish nd sm pple liked while sm critised bt to tell u d truth d dish for sure luks nice and I will try it out! Let's all kip d recipes rolling and have fun! And aunty eya I want to let u knw dt u r training a lot of house wives here oh to be beta cooks! God bless u! Muaahhhh

    4. Well, Shayor, you have already shown us your cooking skills here and you are great cook. Just keep the recipes coming. There is nothing wrong with showing off one's kitchen skills naa.

  11. Anonymous16:59

    I av my own version of okro soup,made with kidney,shrimps,shaki,mushroom,etc! Very delicious! I'll post d pics and let me see what pple will have to say!

    1. Thank you! Send the pics to cuulme@gmail.com . I will post them to the blog.

    2. Anonymous18:23

      Sounds delish already. I'll look out for this okro soup. Post soon plz. Lizzy

  12. Anonymous09:14

    I have tried this. Lovely.

  13. jayne21:54

    Weldone lizzy,guess what?I went to the market today and I bought all the ingredients required for this soup except 4 d stockfish powder which I replaced with dry stockfish flesh(okporoko),I'm making it tomorrow morning before going to church,I can't wait to munch this delicious meal,do Ϟö† mind the ITKs here,I know they will definitely try it secretly,lol,please ladies we've all come to learn Ϟö† to claim MR right,so encourage one another.

    1. Anonymous08:11

      Thanks Jayne, I'm sure it'll taste great and I'm sure you'll go back for 2nd helping of soup. Lizzy

  14. @ Shayor, read anon 7:58pm comments, imagine yourself in Lizzy's shoe. imagine that you cooked this, took pictures, wrote the recipe and posted.

    If a reader leaves a comment that your dish is *yuck*just made them lose appetite, how would you feel? Considering that we are trying to encourage ourselves to cook Nigerian dishes and send pictures, is that comment encouraging to any lady out there that is contemplating sending pictures?

    I had to write and apologize to Lizzy.

  15. Nneka Nta Uche-Onwuka14:06

    Eya!! I read ur blog everyday but I ave never commented. But I think I have to comment today. Am an Efik woman!!(My mum is Ibusa) Delta. Which makes me a south/south woman. And all my life I have wacthed my grandma! My mother! Stepmum cook some of if not all of these soups. Never for one day did I see my grandma put tatashe or Iru in Edikaikong. So if one person raises an Objection to it! Pls let us not crucify her. When she said thyme and curry she was probably just being sarcastic because everyone was on her case. And it is not true that "it is d ones who do nt know how to cook that complain more".it is rather harsh. Thanks Lizzy for the receipe and I agree with you that probably you should ave given it another name. Wish I could post pictures and send receipes too (too lazy to do that). Keep up your good work Eya! Am surprising my family with the Sharwama this weekend.

    1. Thanks Nneka, I regretted those harsh words but didn't delete them because some readers may have seen them and it won't be nice changing. It is better to say sorry.
      So dear, I am sorry about the harsh words, didn't know what to do to save my Lizzy from all those tough comments.

  16. Nneka Nta Uche - Onwuka22:45

    It's ok Eya! We all learn everyday! Today has being slow o!! Please put up more receipes. I know it is not easy! But my God will strengthen you and bless you for this blog. Remain blessed sweets!.

  17. Anonymous11:02

    I'm so making this soup right away, it looks so WoW! God bless U Lizzy.


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